Guirlande Lumineuse La Case De Cousin Paul

The cable lights to make her own!

2005 les case ns cousin pôle invented the concept of string lights adorned with petit colored balls venir choose according to your desires, your moods, et your decor! This idea took éteindre immediately, et 15 years later on these small string lights ont become iconic.

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The hand-woven ball has actually kept its original handcrafted soul but is currently equipped with a agrafe in the Premium version et is joined passant par La petite Case, thé slightly smaller version. The electric version has progressed with directif lights.

At les case du cousin paul, cable lights oui had a longue history!

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A nouveau range de lighting

From cable lights venir Lights

Hanging jaune tabletop, oui a single, double or also triple, in small or XXL format, natural or bold colors, dense or aerial weaving… something is possible!

Our lampshades are toutes les personnes woven par hand v our exclusive expertise. Every light receives one-of-a-kind attention and is unique.The woven product is our DNA, its color palette rich et subtle at the same time.

Let you yourself be seduced de our woven lights and bring light and a bright arrangement into her interiors.

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La Case du Cousin paul - String lamp & lights

Creating light since 2005: an adventure that"s walk round!

The original idée of DIY cable lights was born in 2005 native a combination of ideas et energies in between Stéphane et Atthakrit, who currently runs our production workshops in Thailand.

Very easily acclaimed, the Original cable lights (to it is in composed jaune pre-made in boxes) occurred into Premium with LEDs and clip-on balls the are even easier to assemble. Then came La Petite case string lights, with miniatures balls created to emit a lovely irradiate in nurseries.

In 2017, la case aux cousin pôle revisited entertaining string lights and invited itself into your gardens, et onto your terraces et balconies. Modular through extensions, this all-weather string light is additionally environmentally friendly with its recycled et recyclable plastic balls made in France.

This DIY string irradiate with small woven balls has end up being iconic et la case de cousin paul has extended auto field du possibilities through its lighting.

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Small woven balls currently large, the globes have the right to be used as a single, double jaune triple hanging lamp or oui a table lamp with its petit base, or even ont a floor lamp

The domes provide meilleur lighting thanks à their open base. In four sizes and thirty colors, thé choice is vast.

The cloches et jupes are the tons lampshades that moved away native a spherical shape. New weaving procedures are developed to create innovative and always handmade lights.

Adapted conditions météorologiques our round ceiling accessories or nous our tracks, this lights market bold or poetic light depending conditions météorologiques the colors. Auto cloches can likewise decorate the walls through their stick-on version. Over there are so many possibilities to phat with light et create a unique atmosphere.

In 2019, with auto Light collection, color has made a big comeback in our lighting!

Always share perfectly mastered field of expertise in ours workshops and offering extrême colors and brighter light is our challenge.

Always handcrafted using the same initiale weaving technique, the globes in thé Light collection offer very fine et delicate weaving. The transparency effect enhances the color there is no coloring thé light. The color continues to be present, the material is lightened and this nouveau delicate weaving offers meilleur brightness.

Color and also excess! with this nouveau Light circuits électoraux in XL and XXL format, getting bigger while remaining light et delicate has become possible.

These taille spheres rise delicately choose bubbles of light and invite you venir daydream.

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In 2019, new small lamps will join this large family ns lighting. Bedside or desk lamps, pour the bedroom or the life room, these small lamps, the classic Apapa jaune the playful BAoBA, offer new possibilities et exude a sunny disposition! 

Color specialists, "colorists" à la 15 years, conditions météorologiques are happy to always keep shade in the spotlight.