Grey s anatomy saison 16 episode 8

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I love ce when tv showrunners cram your entire actors into one room. It’s like we somehow score a VIP billet to auto hottest reunion in town or a chair at thé Golden Globes. It’s even more glamorous as soon as everyone trades increase his or sa scrubs parce que le appropriate entreprise attire.

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As Meredith affronter the medical board venir learn auto fate of her license, every doctor we know and love spectacles up to support the rock-star surgeon. Meredith’s attorney commands her to continue to be seated, with sa lips zipped. This is dubbed foreshadowing, people. Allow the prendre note show the Meredith will neither stay seated no one zip any type of lips.

Why? since one ns the surgeons conditions météorologiques the panel, auto row de people who will decide if Meredith is ajuster for a clinical license, is Dr. Castello. Does his surname ring a bell? it should. He’s the homme who eliminated Derek Shepherd.

Meredith is livid. Particularly when he doesn’t seem to recognize her. Seulement looking at him bring back all the emotions of that day. In a separation second, nous see Derek lying on a gurney through Dr. Castello looming over him. The image pains Meredith. Cette pains me too, et anyone else watching who loved McDreamy. Unfortunately, si they dismiss Castello, it will be 6 months antérieur à the hearing have the right to be rescheduled. That’s unacceptable in Meredith’s eyes. Bring nous the witnesses.

Bailey is tons to swear in et delivers elle answers choose a cold, heartless robot. Who cares that Meredith named her child after Bailey? she reminds auto audience et panel that Meredith is no longer elle chief of general surgery. Thé opposing counsel, Ashley, piles on a divers items conditions météorologiques Meredith’s disciplinary record, and once again conditions météorologiques see snippets du Cristina, George, Izzie, and young Alex cutting LVAD wires, performing surgery conditions météorologiques interns, et instructing young residents à remove mind tumors.



GREY’S ANATOMY – “My Shot” – Meredith visages the medical board as her future as a medical professional remains uncertain, and she’s forced venir reckon with her past in some challenging ways. Meanwhile, thé interns are placed to the test as they are each vying venir be auto most successful nous their respective des boites in the absent of some du the attendings conditions météorologiques “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, NOV. 14 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Kelsey McNeal)ELLEN POMPEO, devika PARIKH
DeLuca is increase next and appears smooth, until his connection comes right into play. Castello wants à know si the syndicat is consensual. Both DeLuca and Meredith role their eye at this obnoxious question. Climate Ashley asks DeLuca why cette applied à la a transfer once upon a time? (Cue Alex beating DeLuca venir a pulp.) DeLuca shrugs and states that hey changed his mind. Ashley squints sa eyes and says, “Dr. Grey fabriqué sure du that.”

And then there’s Schmidt. After randomly telling auto entire room that hey was a human blood banque that one time, Schmidt sings Meredith’s praises. Ashley inquires about Gabby, noting that Schmidt was conditions météorologiques the case. I m sorry means he would oui checked elle ID bracelet, which check out Ellis Grey. Didn’t cette notice?

Schmidt melts into a puddle, explaining that he thought cette was a mistake et that auto hospital made an error. So he took it to Dr. Bailey to destin out. Currently we sait the one who ratted Meredith out.

Is that a mauvais thing? Meredith was breaking thé law. Should nous be foolish at Schmidt like tous the différent interns?

This nouvelles sends everyone right into a tizzy, causing the panel à offer a 15-minute break. During this time, DeLuca and Meredith sit on a bench overlooking thé water. Elle thinks the end loud that this could be elle last day ont a doctor. If that is auto case, elle projects the she and DeLuca won’t make it. If hey can cut et she can’t, they are done.

That’s a harsh burn and a au sens propre uncalled for, right? Didn’t this dude aller to jail for Meredith?

Hunt and Webber take auto stand. Both fail miserably because this Ashley person is so good at sa job. Webber straight-up lies and proves that cette bends auto rules in favor de Dr. Grey. Also Webber’s old assistant comes in and shares the Meredith was never matched at Seattle Grace. Richard Webber had to make a call.

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The hits seulement keep coming. Alex defends Meredith’s recklessness marqué stops short when Ashley inquires si Meredith’s fostering (with Zoe) was held up because elle was fired from the hospital. Alex sees no reason à bring kids into thé picture. Castello tags in et both wonder si insubordinate actions is a marche of first for thé Grey household?

Meredith can’t take ce anymore. She unzips elle lips and lays into Castello. Elle kids are la fin limits, especially for the coward who stood over sa dying husband, refusing to order a CT scan. Blips du that redoutable night bombard the screen and we are forced à watch Derek die all over again. It’s gut-wrenching and very effective.

Castello’s entire affronter drains ns blood. He’s horrified de the jambe Meredith is shouting. Then he collapses to the floor and starts seizing. Lucky for this guy, he’s in a room full ns doctors. Meredith is first to help. Oui Amelia, Teddy, et Link whisk that away nous a gurney, Meredith’s voice deserve to be heard over the commotion: “Get him a head CT.”

This call for autre short intermission. Nous find Webber et Bailey having a frosty conversation. She calls him out for lying under oath et chastises him pour covering for Meredith. AGAIN. Webber’s defense? Meredith is family. She’s precious it.

Bailey mister back. Was it worth it? à m Koracick is sa boss. Elle lost elle hospital et her best surgeons because ns what lock did. Elle was betrayed! Webber transforms to face à face Bailey and says, “I stuck my neck out for her because ns thought you’d faire the same parce que le me.”

Meanwhile at Grey Sloan, Koracick finds amelia checking Castello’s mind scans. Guess: v what? The mec has a huge tumor and amélie can’t operate due to the fact that this homme is the une who killed her favorite person conditions météorologiques the planet. I often forget that Derek to be Amelia’s brother. Of artaserse seeing Castello is hard parce que le her too. V tears, elle asks Koracick to step in. Cette does, marqué Castello dies conditions météorologiques the table. Although amélie is certainly not giddy about Castello’s death, she’s very proud de herself à la not shoving a lance in the guy’s brain when she had thé chance.

Back in the courtroom (read: hotel banquet hall), thé panel decides the best form of mouvement is venir postpone. Marqué wait! Alex suddenly storms the lobby with a accent of personnes who have come to speak on Meredith’s behalf. It’s a who’s who du Grey’s Anatomy patient from days du yore. Moreover, Alex has letters from Crystina, Arizona, Torres, Kepner, and Addison Montgomery. Thé gang’s tous here, sort of!

If the wasn’t enough, Bailey comes back to admit that even though Meredith is a thorn in sa side, and that she deserves to lose sa job et pick up trash, non one should des questions Dr. Grey’s license. She’s seulement too good. And with toutes les personnes that Meredith has survived, it’s made elle a better person.

Well, of course the panel agrees to let Meredith keep elle license after tous that pomp et circumstance. Bailey even gives Meredith elle job back. Look at at whatever falling into place, tied up in nice, neat précis bows!

That lasts the length du a publicité break. Maggie is drunk at the hotel bar, tormenting herself (and the bartender) parce que le Sabi’s death. Jackson takes her home et the deux process through elle emotions. Nous think they are going to start making out, marqué Jackson pulls back et Maggie kicks the out ns the house just as Meredith gets home.

When there’s a hit at auto door, Meredith expects à see Jackson, marqué DeLuca is standing there looking tous debonair in his suit. Hey wants à talk.

Meredith apologizes pour what elle said and DeLuca laughs, learning that she meant every word. He tells elle the very same thing ns was thinking: ns went venir jail à la you because je love you! That’s what you do for her partner.

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Only DeLuca is not sa partner. Cette can never live up to the la passion she had actually (and toujours has) parce que le Derek. Meredith respects Derek et considers him et equal. DeLuca will constantly be less. How will cette ever par rapport to the legend? (Spoiler: hey won’t.) DeLuca asks Meredith to personnage out what she wants and let that know. Je personally think Meredith is going to choose thé OR.



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