Grey s anatomy saison 16 episode 10 diffusion

Welcome venir the tons Grey’s Anatomy episode de the abc drama’s post-Justin Chambers era.

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The Season 16 midseason premiere, January 23’s “Help je Through auto Night,” picks up practically where November’s cliffhanger left off. After the rescue dattaquer in Station 19, auto Emerald city Bar customers injured in the car crash start showing up at Grey Sloan in ambulances — including four residents, Simms (Devin Way), Helm (Jaicy Elliot), Parker (Alex Blue Davis), et Brody (Vivian Nixon).

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Simms et Helm are thé worst injured: Simms has fractured visage bones, et Helm has actually pelvic pain. Parker, meanwhile, has actually a palpable scalp hematoma et needs a brain scan. Brody is seulement banged up, so Bailey (Chandra Wilson) enlists sa help. Schmitt (Jake Borelli) is unscathed cible suffers a panic strike in a supply closet. Bailey gets him back nous his feet and puts him à work, too.

Even so, the hospital is short-staffed, haricot de soja Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) call in reinforcements: Richard (James Pickens Jr.) and Owen (Kevin McKidd). Bailey begrudgingly gives auto two Pac north docs short-term privileges at Grey Sloan. Bénier (Jason George) pulls Richard aside and asks him à keep an eye out pour Bailey, especially because she just suffered a miscarriage.


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Simms needs his fractured facial bones bolted back into place, et Owen and Jackson (Jesse Williams) scrub in, v Brody assisting. Oui they operate, Brody makes an unwitting comment? ou quoi about auto chemistry in between Teddy (Kim Raver) et Koracick (Greg Germann), not realizing that Teddy is with Owen now. Owen confides venir Jackson that cette wants to propose to Teddy but doesn’t know comment to faire a proposal super enough to make up for tous their lost time. Jackson speak him to pop the question sooner fairly than later: “If she’s somebody you feel like you want to be v forever, the should include now.”

They operate nous Simms effectively — and gruesomely, parce que le us viewers — cible just ont they’re about to close, Owen notices that Simms’ brain is leaking fluid. Castle patch auto leak, and Koracick later on thanks Owen pour saving his mentee’s life.


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In autre O.R., Meredith prepares à operate conditions météorologiques Helm, that is still drunk from Jackson giving her whiskey at the bar to numb sa pain. Elle tells Mer that she’s encore mad at Schmitt, who’s likewise scrubbing in, marqué her rant turns right into a declaration of love. “He obtained the love of my sapin fired,” she tells Mer. “Which is you. Surprise! i love you, Meredith Grey. Et I à savoir it’s stupid et I should get over it, and I will if ns ever accomplish anyone else. I’m starting venir think ns never will. I’m embarrassed now, haricot de soja I’m going to go prep myself.” Meredith laughs et thanks Helm, cible just then, Schmitt passes out.

Don’t worry about him, though: the “broken heart syndrome.” In other words, his stress gave Schmitt all the symptoms of a heart strike without année actual heart attack. Hey wakes up v Nico (Alex Landi) by his bedside, et the two boyfriends cuddle. Also better, Mer tells Schmitt that elle forgives him parce que le ratting her out.

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No, amie should be an ext worried about Helm, who goes hypertensive et tachycardic nous the operation table. Richard et Bailey do année exploratory laparotomy et discover a bleed, marqué Richard needs sa chest cracked to find thé source ns the bleeding. Bailey hesitates with her scalpel poised, haricot de soja Richard takes over. He finds auto bleed et saves Helm’s life. Schmitt later on visits sa to apologize, but she doesn’t need him to. “You’re my meilleur friend at this place,” elle tells him. “If i don’t oui you, I’m done for.”

As for Parker, amélie (Caterina Scorsone) and Teddy take it him for his brain scans. As they wait à la the results, Teddy asks amélia if she thinks si Owen feeling trapped de a feeling of obligation to her, and amélia replies that si Owen was emotion trapped, cette would oui proposed longue since. Teddy appreciates thé reality check. “You are incredibly kind, amélie Shepherd,” she says. Amelia, however, looks coupable — more than likely because she hasn’t said anyone that elle incoming bébé is most likely Owen’s, no Link’s (Chris Carmack).


Christopher Willard/ABC

Parker spouts nonsense oui he it s okay his scans, saying there was a bomb et asking si they’re in the vert zone. Turns out, he has a temporal lobe contusion it is exacerbating his PTSD native his armed forces service. As amelia and Teddy talk, he vanishes from auto scan room. Amélia and Teddy scan security caméra footage and find that in auto hyperbaric chamber, which cette believes is a bomb shelter. They volonté Parker out of the chamber, et it seems like cette too is en route to a full recovery.

After the drama has passed, Owen finds Teddy, pulls her into année on-call room, it s okay down on bended knee, et brandishes a ring his mom gave venir him once Allison was born. “Theodore grace Altman, will you–” cette says, cible Teddy interrupts, worried around him repeating a pattern. “I’m not repeating a pattern,” hey insists. “I’m beginning a new one: love you, love our household with ma whole heart. That’s ma new pattern.” elle happily accepts his proposal.

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Elsewhere in auto hospital, amélia tells link there’s something she needs à say, et we volonté the feeling she’s about to tell him the paternity news. Castle interrupted, however, de Owen and Teddy, who share your happy news. Koracick overhears et looks dismayed. After Owen et Teddy bound off, attach asks amélie what the nouvelles is. Amélie says that she found out she’s expecting a boy. Link is overjoyed and asks si they can name that Scout, to marche along through his first name, Atticus (from To kill a Mockingbird).

Speaking de Koracick, cette didn’t desire DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) venir see his other residents in distress, so hey sent the to the CCU venir watch over Elliott Calhoun, auto aortic valve replacement pady from critical episode, since the guy’s heart hasn’t yet restarted. Under DeLuca’s watch, though, Elliott’s love starts pumping par itself. “He no die,” année astonished DeLuca tells Elliott’s wife. “He seulement had a yes, really terrifying nap.”

As parce que le Jo (Camilla Luddington), she’s encore hoarding thé Safe Haven baby, et Link urges sa to take the signification littérale one to thé hospital before she’s arrested pour kidnapping. She can’t even insurance claim that he was acquisition the baby to comprendre checked out par Alex (Justin Chambers), after all, since he’s toujours in Iowa with his mother (where supposedly he’ll stay).

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Jo relents and takes the bébé to Grey Sloan, where she meets Alex’s replacement, Dr. Cormac Hayes (Richard Flood). They catsp about auto Safe Haven program, et Hayes asks si the hospital has a “baby hatch,” which is “like a mailbox parce que le babies.” ce sounds terrifying, but Hayes saus it’s an incubator v a direct relier to thé ER. He also expose to jo that hey has two teenage boys. Anyway, jo ends increase handing the baby over to a société worker, et Link invites elle to hang through his and Amelia’s kid anytime.. Ont long oui she doesn’t ont kidnapping on sa mind.

Richard speak Bailey that toutes les personnes the inhabitants are going venir be fine, and she realizes that elle oversaw jaune delegated the treatment of each one. Elle starts crying, saying she couldn’t save sa unborn child. “I un m not fine,” elle tells Richard in between sobs. “She no fine. Et I can’t also hold her in mien hands or put sa in who else’s hands et have lock put sa back together again. She seulement was, and now elle isn’t. Et I can’t do anything but just pavillon here, pavillon here et lose her.” Richard later on brings Mer to Bailey’s office, et Mer commiserates with Bailey over donuts. “I had actually a heritage once,” Mer explains. “I never ever felt soja lonely.”

Meanwhile, DeLuca visits Maggie (Kelly McCreary) at chez Grey venir tell her the news about Elliott.. Et to tell sa that he’s concerned that he pushed Meredith away by giving elle space. Maggie has bigger fish venir fry, though, et not seulement because she quit her job critical episode. Ont she talks to DeLuca, she gets served: She’s being sued à la the wrongful death of her cousin, sabine Webber. Seems favor we’re walk from thé operating room to thé courtroom again, people. Check out you next week!