Grey s anatomy saison 15 episode 11

Grey"s Anatomy Season 15 episode 11 Review: the Winner Takes cette All

Something that Grey"s Anatomy has actually excelled at is stripping away auto hustle et bustle and focusing nous a handful of central and periphery characters to share stories. The séries has an enormous cast, and they regularly fail to put tous of them à proper use. 

With party episodes et things akin to them, however, they have the right to showcase the le meilleur of each person"s tremendous talent while enabling the histoires to breathe. Ce strikes the perfect emotional chord that way. 

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It"s difficult to choose a details standout performance in an hour like this because, through space et the writing, thé primary characters de this rate were able to bring their toutes les personnes and give nous something beautiful.


I would certainly be remiss no to couverts Debbie Allen when cette was sa hour. Elle embodied thé matriarch vibe and regardless of how you feeling about the character and some de her acte over thé years, thé impact et effect that elle has conditions météorologiques the totality hospital to be palpable.

Vous lisez ce: Grey s anatomy saison 15 episode 11

There isn"t a doubt that she, flaws and all, is a medical icon. There isn"t a doubt that elle is auto head of the Fox-Avery-Webber family et that she keeps lock together. There isn"t a doubt that she is Richard"s second or third chance at being the love of his life. 

She to be optimistic and trying à be upbeat parce que le her family, cible she was also terrified. There is bravery à owning and acknowledging auto fear. She exuded strength and grace. 

These deux pulled éteindre a miracle. Miracles aren"t always punctuation marks, marqué they are encore worth celebrating.


Her most special moment were those v Jackson. Castle tried venir keep fémoral light, and honestly, who didn"t lose cette a bit over their deal? Their family members is one du legacy, et that is always at thé forefront and comes through a plethora of issues, cible it likewise comes with something sweet et touching too. 

Catherine freaking Fox is a ceo lady. Du course, elle would uncover a means into the gallery of sa son"s tons surgery. Elle nags, et she critiques, et she does tous those jambe overbearing mother do, marqué she loves thé hell the end of her son, et she"s proud of him. 

They bonded end their shared love of listening jaune thinking about music to calm their nerves before surgery or during it. Naturally, ce was sweet ont ever the Jackson play her favorite song - the song that makes her happy and brave. Thé dancing in the jaune was cute. 


Like Catherine, cette wouldn"t be right to not speak about how amazing Jesse Williams was during this hour. Je love the in thé recent seasons cette is afforded more opportunity venir show éteindre his variety as an actor. Jackson was sauce soja desperate and helpless when trying à keep up a brave face for his mother. 

He carried Harriet to auto hospital à see her. Hey spoke about toutes les personnes the fémoral that they would aller when she got out ns surgery, and he didn"t want à entertain auto thought du his mère not making it out ns that surgical treatment alive and intact. 

Jackson"s nervous energy in that gallery et the lavénement comments about Tom"s capabilities to be enough à make je nervous parce que le him. Hey was pacing around auto gallery choose a caged wild cat prêt to pounce. Jackson to be a beautiful, heartbreaking mess. 

Catherine: i watched you. Jackson: ma first sur -- how did elle watch? Catherine: Child, please. I être Catherine Fox. Do you think there is a world where je wouldn"t sneak into auto gallery of ma baby"s first surgery? Oh, tu were a sight à see. I pari Harriet does auto same thing one day. Jackson: well I"ll be sneaking increase in the gallery with you someday. Catherine: Deal. Jackson: That"s a deal.

This hour walk a fantastic job of capturing the nuance de these unique bonds and relationships. Ce got to thé heart du them. What fabriqué the hour a success was auto strategic et careful way thé series chose which characters to utilize and how et when venir use them. 

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Maggie wasn"t prominent, and she didn"t need venir be, marqué she came in when she was supposed venir come in et provided the faire un don that was necessary.

First, she checked in through Richard in a sweet des moments that was profitable because the two of them don"t constantly have ont many scene together ont one would expect, marqué when they do, their closeness is transparent. 

In année hour about fathers and daughters, ce was a subtle, cible necessary scene. Then, Maggie went to be a appui to Jackson, and she comforted him et empathized through him, but she enabled that moment to be around him. 


Sometimes, tous you can à faire when a human is hurting is be there. Occasionally your existence is enough. Cette was Jackson"s meilleur scene du the hour oui he reflected conditions météorologiques his mother"s bigger than tons persona et how he can"t envision his tons without her. 

It to be a moment that je can"t créé him sharing v anyone else at auto hospital throughout that moment because ns his closeness v Maggie in enhancement to elle understanding the in-between stage du being afraid of sa mother"s state, and she was fermé to sa mother oui well. 

Jackson Avery crying is something the shouldn"t happen. It hurt ma soul see him choose that.

He was sauce soja raw and vulnerable, et he was every bit like a child. I loved the autorisation he fabriqué between how when Samuel died cette felt favor his human being exploded (a feeling du a parent losing a child because that child is your entire civilization the second it"s born), and the fear of losing his mère reduced him to that of a helpless, scared child. 

Jackson: Now, je can"t imagine what a pièce would even feel choose without sa in it taking up all that space. Elle know cette was different, shedding Samuel. The was more like my world collapsing around me, you know? and this is. Ns feel choose a scared little kid. Maggie: favor nothing is safe. Like the world is upside down et nothing makes sense anymore. Jackson: Yeah. Maggie: Yeah. Jackson: je don"t like. ns don"t like it.

It to be a an effective scene et moment. 

But then, Richard was thé embodiment de strength et calm. He was a sturdy et solid absent throughout the entire ordeal. Has Richard ever been shown this strong? 

This Richard has gone through hell et back, and he"s seasoned, wise, and mature in a method that point his growth ont a character over the years ont well. Pour Richard, cette was simple. He would remain as close to his wife as he could physically be since that to be the promise they fabriquer to une another.

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From stepping into his place oui leader of an AA grouper to being auto quiet strength during Catherine"s experience, to him offering pearls of wisdom throughout his brief but profound moments with his "daughters," Richard was auto ultimate patriarch throughout this hour. 


Richard shared a moment with Maggie and encouraged her to it is in there à la Jackson choose a great paternal personnage would, et Bailey, his protege, elle was there venir offer her mentor, friend, and father figure the support that hey needed. 

Meredith, de course, to be determined venir be there pour Richard, cible in the end, the meilleur way that elle could honneur him and herself was par respecting the wishes of her real father by seeing her birth father in his final days. Marqué more nous that in a moment. 

If those characters and those moment weren"t enough, the séries also had actually the duo of tom and amélia to bring the feels, too. Ns apologize si this is redundant, marqué Greg Germann has been a breath ns fresh aéronautique on this series. He"s the meilleur addition to the series in recent years. 

Tom is such a complex character because cette is easy venir write him éteindre as année arrogant asshole, marqué he has sauce soja much passion, pain, and heart. He"s incredible. 

Tom doesn"t get rattled or frazzled. à m is a rockstar neurosurgeon and confident à the point of ad nauseam, but Tom loves Catherine. He worships and adores her, et he loves her so profoundly that no one else deserve to ever fully understand the nature of their relationship. 

He credits her à la saving his life and his soul, et that frais of loyalty and devotion transcends labels, amie know? We oui never witnessed Tom as terrified et frazzled ont he to be channeling his nervous power into stratagème of operation jaune doubting self before et during surgery. 

Tom: Catherine Fox is an icon, a magician et a giant among men, and not just pour the reason elle think. She"s saved more penises in elle OR than any type of surgeon nous the planet, and tous I can imagine is the dozens of homme without work penises doomed to habitent out your sexless resides if je botch this surgery. Amelia: That"s what you"re worried about? Men et their junk?Tom: That and if i lose elle ... I"ve lost enough. Amelia: then let"s keep elle alive. Tom: Let"s keep her alive.

The beauty du his saut with amélie is that elle is à him what cette was venir Catherine. It"s a cycle ns fantastic mentors cultivating amazing proteges who in a sense become their legacies.

The amelia and tom scenes were everything; ce was hard not to comprendre misty-eyed when hey was also overwhelmed at thé sight ns Catherine nous the table, so amélie stepped in venir cover à la him. 

Tom doesn"t say lot nor go he get serious often, marqué when he does, hey only needs a sentence or two to volonté you in auto feels. Tous he needed à say for amélia to comprendre it was that cette couldn"t lose anyone else. 

They removed most of Catherine"s cancer and used Richard"s device to help save her life (I amour the means their projects are incorporate). Catherine survived, isn"t paralyzed, et she"ll require chemo et radiation for cancer that will remain. 

Tom is calmer upset that hey couldn"t remove cette all, and he couldn"t view that cette performed a miracle at first.

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I want him to take Teddy increase on elle offer. Thé two de them would certainly make a hard couple, but he essential that instants in the chapel venir speak to his son. 

Amelia"s decided during elle AA rencontrer was necessary for her. Amelia"s growth, while controversial in auto way cette came around (TUMOR!), is remarkable. Finally, amelia is in a fantastic carré in her life, et she"s going to be okay. 

ns operated nous a freaking legend spine today, and it to be terrifying, exhilarating and imperfect. Mostly terrifying due to the fact that she"s not seulement a legend, but she matters sauce soja much to haricot de soja many people that ns love. Most du my life I have been chasing auto kind ns high that i feel ideal now. I gave a surgeon back elle hands today. I gave a husband his wife, a le sien his mother. And I un m so extremely grateful to be sober, à be present enough to ont felt every terrifying, exhilarating, imperfect moment.


Initially, when Richard said Meredith around Thatcher, ns was as unfazed as Meredith was about thé news. Typically, it"s annoying when some outside character encourages un autre to make amends v someone who has actually hurt them seulement because that human is dying. 

Nevertheless; par the end of the hour, the peace the Meredith found was moving et cathartic. Auto trajectory of Meredith"s character from the beginning of the season venir this point, a decade et a fifty percent later, is extraordinary. 

Jeff Perry et Ellen Pompeo to be extraordinary. 

They lugged up Lexie, amie guys. Did your heart seulement burst v feelings? 

Thatcher was an imperfect man. It"s always drôle because in numerous ways hey was sympathetic. Ellis walk treat him favor crap et cheated conditions météorologiques him, marqué in est différent ways, he was far from cette because he bailed nous Meredith, started un autre happy family, et then cette bailed again, and again, et again. 

He took année actual piece of Meredith et then left without a word and the empty promis that they would certainly reconnect. Cette turned out hey found himself again in Zimbabwe and via travel. 

nous weren"t perfect. Nous weren"t also happy tous of auto time, but I would certainly marry her tous over again for that night, that laugh, and you. And this. I"d do it tous again parce que le this.


He live a great life, et much de that was en raison de to Meredith. Cette also let sa know that also though cette didn"t speak to her directly throughout some of her most complicated times, cette was there. The craziest thing around their speak was finding the end that he and Richard maintained in contact and spoke of Meredith often. 

Thatcher was there at the funeral as soon as Derek died, et he couldn"t bear seeing his daughter through that familiar vacant watch in her eyes. He didn"t want elle most devastating moments to be around him. 

You could parlez that cette loved Meredith with all that he had and spoke fondly of elle to anyone that would listen. Hey was retained abreast de her life via Richard, cette had des photos of sa everywhere, and he gushed about her to his aide. 

He even acquired some presents from his travels parce que le his grandkids de whom he never had a relationship. Meredith required that closure, and so did Thatcher. Lock aired the end their grievances, expressed their sides and let fémur go.

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They additionally reminisced on those des moments living v Ellis. She was likewise a failure person, and Meredith came venir grips v a de nombreux of fémur since elle mother"s death. There was some comfort in understanding that she was the parental who stayed. 

Age brings wisdom, et so walk experience and distance from thé past. Ce allowed Meredith à look at things differently when elle thought about elle mother, et it allowed elle to à faire the very same when she was speak to sa father. 

Thatcher was soja at peace. Cette was seulement thrilled the Meredith verified up pour him. He was at peace with Lexie"s death despite missing her every day. Cette was at tranquility with his marital relationship with Ellis et everything that come with it because cette gave the Meredith.

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He doesn"t remorse marrying Ellis because of Meredith. The histoire about Ellis going right into labor to be intimate, revealing, and touching. Cette also had actually the best reaction venir learning about Maggie"s existence. 

Thatcher: ns miss Lexie. Je miss her so much. Meredith: moi too. Thatcher: I"m i m really sorry you perdu her. Je know comment much it meant venir you having actually a sister. Meredith: i have de nouveau sister. Thatcher: cible you et Molly, you were never ever close. Meredith: elle name is Maggie. She"s brilliant and kind. She"s the best of Ellis and Richard. Thatcher: her mother et Richard had actually a baby? At least something an excellent came from toutes les personnes of that.

It to be only une episode, cible it felt prefer some du Meredith"s wounds to be healed throughout those moment with her father. The critique moment where she held his face et spoke haricot de soja lovingly about elle children (despite her troubled childhood et unstable parents, she has broken auto cycle), cette was sauce soja poignant, tragic, and beautiful.

By the time Meredith sat under with her kids and shared their presents from Grandpa v them, she seemed freer. 

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Over à you, Grey"s Fanatics! Whose performance blew you away auto most? Are you surprised the Catherine survived? how did you feel around Thatcher"s return?