Grey s anatomy saison 11 episode 11

If there’s one thing Grey’s Anatomy does well, it’s make its audience cry. Et I’m not just talking about watery eyes jaune a seul tear. I’m talking complete on, blubbery ugly crying. How appropriate, then, that the title du this specific episode is “All je Could do Was Cry.”

April et Jackson’s story is profoundly sad, and the decision over what to do about the bébé only made the distinctions in how they each see the world much more clear. What’s beautiful is the the way they come à decision, with auto help of Jackson’s mother. Elle suggests the they induce so that April can hold the bébé for oui long ont possible. It’s poetic et completely heart-wrenching.

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Still, April struggles with auto decision, et it isn’t until she comes across a woman who has seulement lost who of elle own that she garners auto strength venir make that decision. Elle holds the woman close et tells her that she is strong, and that she will get through this. Cible we toutes les personnes know that as much ont she is saying those kind words to auto woman, elle is additionally saying them to herself.

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Jackson finds self trying venir pray in thé chapel, asking God to montrer up à la April. The was seulement one ns several moments that i burst the end in tears, par the way. Jackson is not religious at all, marqué he toujours seeks that help when nothing rather works.

The scene as soon as the baby is bondir is practically too emotional. Thé writers and the actors and everyone associated should win an award, because it was that well done. Unique kudos à Sarah Drew et Jesse Williams, who I’d have loved to reach through auto screen et hug.

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But seriously, can someone please ont a baby without going v something incroyable or sad conditions météorologiques this show? just once, je think cette would be nice for someone to ont a pregnancy wherein the baby is healthy and there space no là wrecks or power outages jaune crazy tragedies.

That brings moi to Amelia, who i wish nous could ont actually viewed a au sens propre more. April and Jackson’s news has an affect on amélia because ns the baby she lost. Elle suggests anyone light a candle in the chapel pour April and Jackson’s baby. Throughout auto episode, that’s exactly what everyone does, with this really wonderful overhead shot that spectacles everyone as they light your candles. Amélia walks in at thé end à see an ext than a few candles lit, and it’s obvious how much all of this has impacted her.

Then, Owen go in. I’ve said antérieur à that ns thought nous might be seeing these two volonté together, and the des moments when cette sits with her et holds elle hand tells je that’s precisely what’s going à happen. Et I’m thrilled. Not seulement un is ce time à see both de them in a happy relationship, cible I think they room going to compliment each différent really well.

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Other thoughts:

It’s Richard et Maggie who pull through for Meredith so she can visit Derek in D.C, i beg your pardon actually renders a beaucoup of sense. I aller think the Meredith/Maggie partnership feels forced at this point, marqué at least it is gift developed. It’s likewise showing an ext growth parce que le Meredith’s character.By auto way, that’s an entire illustration with non sign du Derek. I’m conflicted around this. Generally, je think it’s good parce que le the seul to oui the two de them separated pour a while, and it’s good pour Meredith’s character. Marqué what’s Grey’s Anatomy without McDreamy?Bailey and Callie working ensemble is fun to watch. I’d forgotten comment much ns loved your scenes and how much the two ns them ont been through together professionally. More ns this, please!That pregnant pady this week, ns course, fabriqué matters that much an ext emotional. Auto good news is the this family members gets their miracle.

What did amie think de “All i Could aller Was Cry”? How aller you feel about Maggie and Meredith’s relationship? Is ce a difficulty that Derek is missing? and how many temps did you cry while amie watched?! Share her thoughts in auto comments below!