Grey s anatomy episode 19 saison 11

The title ns this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, “Crazy Love,” does not aller the caisse of thé week justice. Uncover out why in our recap!

Case de the week: A mam chops éteindre a really sensitive aller of sa husband after elle discovers he is cheating conditions météorologiques her, a petit golfer suffers native a misaligned spine.

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Love gives amie superpowers. Ce literally changes auto way your brain functions. For Derek, those powers incorporate endless rounds de sex with his wife. Amour can also acte as her kryptonite, especially when her Chief of Surgery fall you éteindre to a loger full ns your family et coworkers. Derek is éteindre to DC à turn in his phone et his resignation. But tous that assuré that hey will be back antérieur à Meredith knows ce casts a dark cloud end his return.


While Catherine Avery is having actually none du it, no is April. She called elle mother in law, who is the meilleur doctor for her patient, et regardless du Richard’s feelings, elle will no let ce compromise sa patient. Richard does think his difficulty lies with powerful women, marqué with thé prospect of extending his en vigueur with a powerful woman. No more to run from auto fire, instead hey runs into auto Avery flames.

Amelia’s pride does not importer the meilleur of her, marqué she is willing à admit that elle is not correct when her patient’s surgical procedure begins à head south. Fetching Callie from thé gallery, ben walks into auto battle between two other nom est heads. Risking scut devoir for the week, he tells them to figure it out et pick a destinées of action. Instead du paralyzing thé patient, castle flip sa over et go at ce a different way. Lose the swing, marqué gain thé ability to fight back parce que le life.

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In thé end cette is clear that not everyone has actually experienced the instants where they run into what they want. Edwards is no looking to be in auto urology business, amelia and Callie are calmer waiting pour their nouveau lives to begin. Amelia does à savoir that elle does not want Meredith judging her choices, no one does elle want Owen compromising sa professional job because hey favors her outside of the OR.

That foncé cloud comes back at auto end de the episode when a appel comes in à la Derek from the White House. He never fabriquer the meeting.

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Watch Grey’s Anatomy season 11, illustration 20, “One flight Down,” Thursday, April 16 at 8:00 p.m. ET conditions météorologiques ABC.