On Thursday, the actor et singer inaugurated auto exhibition dedicated to him.

Vous lisez ce: Gregory fitoussi et sa nouvelle compagne 2016

From December 2 à 11, thé exhibition Punk Funk Hero dedicated à JoeyStarr be organized at the Gallery ArtCube of Paris, in thé trendy district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Nous the occasion of this unique cultural event opening, the french actor et singer could count nous the presence of several personalities, all came toast in his le respect Thursday, December 1st. In an excellent shape, one that has additionally released November 10, his livre Thoughts, replicas et other tac-tac (Editions du Cherche-Midi) et is prepare a new album appeared in a large black cloak to réinstallation in front of the atelier . Glasses screwed nous his nose, thé young dad then discovered the société of his friends et colleagues. Laurie Cholewa , Tomer Sisley and Sandra Zeitoun ( engaged pour just a couple of weeks ) or Hapsatou mercredi and actrice Alice Belaïdi had actually assured the trip. Accomplice and cheerful, auto band has also crossed routes actors Grégory Fitoussi and his brother Mikael, Maximilien Seweryn, auto painter marié Field, photographer renaud Corlouer, actors Patrick Bouchitey, Jean-François Dérec and Stéphane Ferrara, boxers franc Tiozzo and Fabrice Benichou, presenter agissant Thomas Misrachi, auto writer Tristan Banon (coming to thé arms du his companion roche Lefevre) cible also auto host et photographer Nikos Aliagas . Positif on social networks, JoeyStarr had not hesitated to do some advertising nous his facebook account, thé eve de the opening ns his exhibition. Auto most seasoned ventilateurs should be at the rendezvous!


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