Grande Galerie De L Évolution Paris

They nothing speak, cible they appel you everything about life. They are auto 7,000 incredibly lifelike specimens in the super Galerie du l’Évolution. A mythical place renovated in 1994, wherein modernity des stands alongside history et science to appel us auto great adventure de biodiversity.

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Free diving!

On the ground floor, amie are greeted de two marine mammal skeletons - auto gigantic southern right whale and the blue whale. Additional along, Wheke auto giant squid waves his tentacles. Toutes les personnes around you weave shoals de tuna and mackerel. You have entered auto world du silence. View how tons flourishes in thé darkness ns the abyss, comment coral reefs are formed et how coastline species live with auto ebb and flow ns the tides et the phases du the light.

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From one pays to the other

Terrestrial types adapt ont well. Nous the first floor, auto elephant heads auto caravan de animals from the African savanna. Super mammals et their predators monitor closely. Buffalos, bubals, gnus, giraffes and zebras, hyenas, wild dogs et cheetahs - guess that eats who.

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After thé savanna, it’s la fin to southern America. Perhaps you’ll recognise auto tenants ns the high metal pièce which reproduces thé layers of the rainforest. At thé bottom are the tapir, anteater, armadillo, anaconda and jaguar, and higher up are the sloths, thé blue macaw and the Margay cat.In différent latitudes, auto Saharan animals (dromedary, gazelle and Fennec fox) seem to ont nothing in usual with those de the Arctic et the Antarctic (polar bear, emperor penguin and Greenland seal). Individuel from their extreme living conditions!

The evolutionary adventure

On the upper balconies, elle will discover out more about varieties diversity. How? passant par understanding thé history du living organisms et the journey de the naturalists who deciphered it. Currently it’s temps to watch into thé mysteries unveiled de anatomy, fossils et molecules. Get to sait Lamarck, Darwin et Mendel. Discover thé key le concept for expertise life - thé theory du evolution, genetic laws, family members ties and the classer of species…

And wherein is homme in tous this?

His dominance over nature is marked passant par technical alters altering his way de feeding jaune moving around, such oui gathering, hunting, the domestique of species, transforms in thé landscapes, pollution et so on. Moreover, from auto time cette appears, transforms are no longer measured using auto geological temps scale, cible in decades. The seconde level ns the gros Galerie du l’Évolution takes amie into auto realms of nature conservation.A design template which is continued in one ns the many moving rooms - the room pour endangered jaune extinct species. Thé dodo from the island of Mauritius is no more, cible the Sumatran tigre can still be saved…