It's been an exceptional Festival. It was supposed venir be, et it’s definitely lived up à its promise. Parce que le 12 days, auto 74th Festival aux Cannes has commemorated our reunion with the cinema oui a great international event full ns discoveries, encounters and sharing. On auto stage de t...

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Refocused on the discovery of emerging filmmakers, thé 2021 Un bien sur Regard has offered twenty functions in the competition. Six ns them were first films that compete oui well parce que le the caméra d'or. Thé opening film was Arthur Harari's Onoda - 10 000 nuit in the Jungle. ...

The short Films and Cinéfondation Jury comprised du Sameh Alaa, Kaouther bénier Hania, Carlos Muguiro, Tuva Novotny, Nicolas Pariser and Alice Winocour, has actually awarded thé 2021 Cinéfondation Prizes during a ceremony hosted in thé Buñuel Theatre, followed par the screening de the winning ...

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The 74th edition du the dur is underpinned de a sense du reuniting et coming together around this year’s an option - and a commitment to thé environment and protecting ours planet, too. Beginning this year with several striking measures, thé Festival de Cannes intends to roll out et ...

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From this evening - Friday, July 2nd - and throughout auto weekend, elle can watch previews of Olivia aux Havilland, l’insoumise (The Rebellious Olivia ns Havilland), passant par Daphné Baiwir, et Morceaux ns Cannes (Pieces de Cannes) by Emmanuel Barnault: two landmark documentaries avai...

Check out thé 74th festival Official an option screening times et create your own schedule! ► Download auto 2021 Screenings Guide as a PDF

There to be 24 feature films in competition this 74th season – a celebration du our reunion v international cinema from 6 à 17 July 2021. Amongst them, 9 film were awarded par the Jury presided de Spike Lee. Congratulations and all the le meilleur to toutes les personnes of them!

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