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The Qatar Prix du l"Arc du Triomphe, thé world’s greatest horserace, celebrated its 100th edition in 2021!You to be able to attend an exceptional show, in année explosive atmosphere where the le meilleur horses had actually a rendezvous v History.

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Germany’s Torquator Tasso wins auto 100th edition of the Qatar Prix aux l’Arc ns Triomphe!

See you in 2022!

Germany’s Torquator Tasso wins auto 100th edition of the Qatar Prix ns l’Arc ns Triomphe

The 100th edition ns the Qatar Prix du l"Arc ns Triomphe offered rise venir a huge surpris following thé victory de the German poulain Torquator Tasso. Ridden passant par 34-year-old Rene Piechulek, that was riding this race pour the sapin time, Torquator Tasso came from la fin the pace venir pip thé favourite Tarnawa, ridden de Christophe Soumillon, with thé two Godolphin representatives, tempête Lane and Adayar, finishing third et fourth respectively. Sealiway was the sapin home ns the french contingent in fifth.Torquator Tasso had earned his ticket to complying with his success in the Grosser Preis von baden on September 5.It marked thé third success at group 1 level parce que le the Rene Piechulek et Marcel Weiss team.Marcel Weiss, thé horse"s trainer, had previously worked for Torquator Tasso"s owners, auto Gestüt Auenquelle, auto racing concern of Peter michael Endres and Karl-Dieter Ellerbracke,for 14 years. Cette only ended up being their trainer in November 2019, having previously acted as assistant venir Jens Hirschberger. This is the sapin Group 1 outside ns Germany pour this historicstable. The last German success in the french feature came in 2011 par Danedream, who an in similar way had also won auto Grosser Preis von baigner before going conditions météorologiques to greater glory at

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The race of the century – auto crowning du the world’s meilleur racehorse.

On Sunday le3 October 2021, auto world’s best horserace commemorated its 100th edition!

You to be able to attend année exceptional show, in année explosive setting where the le meilleur horses had actually a rendezvous with history. Auto opportunity to comprendre together venir experience a historic et festive sporting moment, in année exceptional setting!

FOR the 100th RUNNING, thé RACE de THE year BECOMES auto RACE de THE CENTURY!The Qatar Prix ns l"Arc du Triomphe lends its name à a an excellent weekend caractéristique 18 equine races, including an exceptionally high concentration du 10 group 1 races, the highest level in the world du flat racing.

These races, which are run over evert supprimer from 1000 venir 4000 metres et are open venir every generation, from two-year-olds, à three-year-olds and four-year-olds and older, are often seen oui the finals in auto world du racing conditions météorologiques turf.

The weekend"s high high quality racing is worldwide renown and every owner in thé world dreams about having actually a starter in one du the gyeongju during thé two days.

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Ever since ce was developed in 1920, auto “Arc” has been recognised at one de the highest possible rungs nous the sporting ladder et its winner is crowned auto year’s best racehorse. This competition, i beg your pardon boasts a purse of 5 million euros, making ce the many richly-rewarded race in France, is thé Holy Grail pour flat racing professionals.This legendary race is transfer in 50 countries et brings together 50,000 spectators inside thé racecourse.The Qatar Prix ns l’Arc du Triomphe was named the best horserace in auto world à la 4 ns the previous 6 year (2015, 2017, 2018 et 2019) par the Longines human being Racing Awards.


5 des millions EUROS

The highest prize-money à la any gyeongju in France, thé Qatar Prix de l’Arc aux Triomphe additionally features amongst the richest gyeongju in in the world. In 1920, the total purse à la the cours was 150,000 Francs. Due to the fact that 2008, the gyeongju has been worth 5 million euro thanks to a partnershipwith thé Qatar Racing et Equestrian club (QREC).

2" 24" 49

Record: 2mins 24.49 secs thé fastest winning time. Auto German filly Danedream, winner du the Qatar Prix aux l’Arc ns Triomphe in 2011, holds thé record for this race. Native the des moments she left thé stalls she clocked an average speed du 60 km/h.

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Eight horses oui won the révérence twice, marqué no steed has ever before won it three times: : Ksar (1921 and 1922), Motrico (1930 and 1932), Corrida (1936 et 1937), Tantième (1950 and 1951), Ribot (1955 and 1956), Alleged (1977 et 1978), Trève (2013 et 2014) and Enable (2017 and 2018). Numerous horses have tried the treble without success.