Having been originally revealed in june 2020 et launching in quel will be auto series’ 25th anniversary, Gran Turismo 7 is virtually here after a 2021 game stations Showcase informations dump.

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Following nous from GT Sport, GT7 will certainly be an expansive racing game that builds upon Polyphony Digital’s famous PS4 release. It’s likewise released rather soon. So, without additional ado, laissez-nous dig into the trailer, screenshots and details released so tarif to provide amie with the henchmen highlights.


Gran Turismo 7 will certainly be released conditions météorologiques PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. Initially thought à be seul on auto newer console, currently those who oui not been able to get hold du a PS5 will certainly also have a brand-new Sony-exclusive in their hands soon.

All footage released so tarif has only been captured nous PS5 sauce soja far, we’ll have more about thé PS4 version ont we near the release.


Release date

The release date for Gran Turismo 7 is fourth March 2021.

Typical, elle wait four years pour a nouveau Gran Turismo and then all of a sudden it feels choose a mad rush conditions météorologiques the run-up to launch. This is frais earlier in auto year than numerous had anticipated.


Variable time ns day et weather conditions

Something the many ventilateur have to be asking parce que le some time, a dynamic weather system is within Gran Turismo 7. Rejoice!

Wet weather was on bien sur tracks v GT Sport, cible the conditions were set. Currently they will change through an event.

From the game trailer et some screenshots released de Sony, conditions météorologiques can see thé tight Japanese track du Tsukuba et the Circuit du la sarthe located in les Mans, france both propelled in auto rain. In the caisse of thé latter, in auto rain et at night all at once too.


The screenshots démontrer both piste at various various stages de weather progression. The static shot de Tsukuba’s revolve 7 shows it in auto rain, then in auto bright sunshine, but crucially an in-between overcast phase where there appears to be a dry racing heat appearing.

Likewise, there are three image of Circuit ns la sarthe across auto start/finish straight and even in auto dry, sunny, image, there’s still a hint of dampness.


Oh… et then yes the small matter ns the Nordschleife, likewise featured during the new trailer nous a wet German evening. Nailing a clean lap is going to be an exceedingly rewarding challenge.

This looks à be a far-reaching step forward pour the GT franchise, however, we aller not know si this is on selected venues jaune all. Conditions météorologiques can inform tu that the Polyphony digital team used academic databases ns NASA à la meteorological observation, because of course lock did. This is the company that accurately recreated auto moon in Gran Turismo 6.

The pokémon of car games

One ns the appeals du previous GT games has been thé addictive la nature of purchase vehicles. This, thankfully, returns in thé seventh numbered instalment.


It’s no in thé trailer, but an official photo has revealed auto Used car Dealership. In vault GT titles, this would update on a tous les jours basis, soja not toutes les personnes cars may be available à you ns each visit, with thé roster to ride bicycle through and some cars gift harder to find 보다 others.

On top de this, the Gran Turismo le café – yes, it is a thing supposedly – will carry out a metagame where elle must collect cars from a set menu. Cheers, Luca. In auto example, the aim is to buy three compact cars, which nous assume would be from auto early stages of the game.


We likewise see in thé footage that auto rare, collectable and historic cars are within a ‘Brighton Historics’ storage location, akin à a real-life car collector entreprise or auction house.

This is completely different venir GT Sport, where elle would just browse all cars in thé Brand Central et should carry out a much more engaging évolution through the varied vehicle types. (EOP1)

Licences space back

That renowned countdown noise. Gift asked venir brake within a box. Lacking out nous the jaune medal par one-thousandth of a second.

Strap in, auto frustration is about venir return. There’s no footage de this yet, marqué a series ns entry-level work are shown within a menu graphic.


From this d’image we can see there will be five licence to acquire: intérieur B, national A, internationale B, international A and a formidables Licence. Bring ce on.

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Multiple progression threads

Alongside the le café for car collecting and the revenir of licence tests, this look venir be an unified with auto level progression ns GT Sport. Nous paper, ce provides the best of both worlds.

At the top ns the UI-based images, tu can see année overall level, à la example, 7. Next to this is how many experience points you need à progress à the prochain level. In GT Sport, thé level cap was 50 and as who who has actually played it nearly every la semaine since launch, I’m still only on 47 – thé grind is real.


Having auto experience points prochain to thé level is simpler than before, ont it used venir be covert with a menu.

You can likewise see the the du quotidien Workout returns. Protocole into auto game, complete 26.21 mile of steering in any type of game mode each day and you will obtain a free, arbitrarily car.

Combining experience points, levels et daily workouts with the licences, là collection and Menu books should mean you are never left there is no something venir aim for.

This is climate laced within an all-new hub, i m sorry is a in-depth 3D map of a seemingly fictional coastal town that likewise features a day/night cycle.

Finding your inner artist

A detailed image mode has actually been a staple du the Gran Turismo series since thé fourth iteration, released in 2004 – much more about that deserve to be uncovered within our History de GT video.

The UI watch to oui seen a series of small tweaks in the seventh game, cible the gros addition at this stage is the num of scapes included.

Scapes room scenic areas that elle can place a là within and photograph in-game. Nous one menu screen, it states 2,671 scapes are easily accessible in far-flung locations such ont Tahiti, Morocco et Madagascar. That’s a 150 per cent increase in le volume when compared to GT Sport.

The hit Livery Editor also returns, enabling you to create and share your own paint schemes. The système is already very robust permitting you venir search for and download user-generated icons et logos, for example.

There are currently even much more options, offering greater flexibility. In auto example video and accompanying screenshots, a Lamborghini Huracán GT3 is modified. Options include auto ability à alter windshield banners, wing mirrors, windows et decal texture plus the movement and magnification option look venir enable an exact application.


GT auto is autre feature returning from GTs ns years past, et that method vehicle tuning. You’ll be able à purchase turbochargers, brakes, upgraded suspension et weight reduction, alongside a slew of visual items such oui spoilers et wheel rims.

The parts dealer ‘Understeer Engineering’ – amour that fictional name – offers four levels du performance parts: Sports, société Sports, Semi-racing, Racing and Extreme. It’s those under auto Extreme tab that’s ns the many interest venir us, could it be a full racing transformation for some cars?


It’s unclear at this phase if tous cars will have visual customisation unité to purchase, however, cible the instance Honda NSX has been serious upgraded et there’s also a ‘wide-body’ option. Auto classic 50 credit car wash likewise makes a return. I hope the musique is suitable bizarre.

Classic tracks and cars

Every Gran Turismo ventilateur will it is in delighted venir hear that we oui plenty du GT greats returning to both thé car et track rosters.


Let’s start with the tracks. The big reveal right here is the return of High vitesse, vitesse Ring, which has been a séries staple since thé very life Gran Turismo game. A relatively facile layout, there’s a scan banked corner to start thé lap, and a sharper banked turn venir end the lap, with four corners in auto middle.

In GT7, this has been extensively updated because its critical appearance in GT6, with a huge grandstand about the final corner, a visually spectacular, a dam in the infield and new green asphalt run-off.

Trial mountain makes another appearance, following its 2020 reveal too. Ce appears that the new version of this classic surveiller has viewed some changes made to the final chicane. It doesn’t watch quite as fun in a chaud lap case at tons glance, cible will likely provide better overtaking opportunities. Je mean castle can’t specifically claim cette was changed pour safety reasons…

Interestingly, no new tracks pour the series oui been presented at this stage, haricot de soja we will oui to save our ears on the ground pour more news on the front.


As for the cars, the TOM’s Toyota Supra appearing in the fourre-tout sent shivers down thé spines ns every original Gran Turismo fan. Conditions météorologiques also see the return of the 1998 Mercedes CLK-LM GT1 that originally stole auto hearts de Gran Turismo 4 players. Eagle-eyed viewers may ont also recorded a glimpse du the DTM Alfa Romeo 155 that tons appeared in Gran Turismo 2.

As parce que le new cars, or je guess elle could say en vigueur cars, the Vision GT Lamborghini, Jaguar vue Gran Turismo SV and the Porsche 917 life Legend concept have been promised for some time now, so ce was a soulagement that tous three featured heavily in auto GT7 trailer. It’s likely there will certainly plenty more nouveau cars à sink your teeth into, oui well as further Gran Turismo classics, toutes les personnes revealed in due course. 


So, over there is a brief look into thé world du Gran Turismo 7. Cette certainly feels favor Polyphony numérique is standing passant par its words native the original announcement trailer in 2020, “Gran Turismo is, well and truly, back”. Modern-day technological capabilities combined with classic et universally revered content et features. The is a cocktails I would certainly order, and I can’t wait à taste auto nostalgia.

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What aller you parcelle think du GT7 haricot de soja far? Does ce look like the game you have been wait for, or will amie be sticking through GT Sport? let us sait in the comments below.