Blair, determined to ont her queen status at college, starts her first day at NYU in addition to Dan et Vanessa. However, Georgina, that was assigned oui Blair’s roommate, set out to ensure that elle does no retain her title. Serena gets ready to move into sa dorm at Brown, marqué has a fight v Chuck avant hand. This leads elle to search out Chuck’s enemy, Carter, to help her importer even through him. Meanwhile, Nate et Bree’s relationship continu to grow regardless of the tension their partnership could raison between your families.

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Serie: Gossip Girl

Director: normand Buckley

Guest Star: Ben Rauch, Benita Robledo, Cathy Trien, chris Riggi, Connor Paolo, Elena Hurst, JoAnna Garcia, Michelle Trachtenberg, Natalie Gal, Rachael Hip-Flores, Sebastian Stan, Zuzanna Szadkowski






An emotional thrill journey through the day-to-day chaos ns the city’s many explosive hospital and the courageous team of médecins who hold ce together. They will tackle unicité new cases…

The complicated first of a modern-day sapin generation Indian American teenage girl, inspired par Mindy Kaling’s very own childhood.

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Dee Dee Blanchard is overprotective of sa daughter, Gypsy, that is trying to pour échapper à the toxic relationship she has with elle mother. Gypsy’s quest à la independence opens up up a Pandora’s…

Explores a dark mentorship the forms in between Deborah Vance, a legendary ras Vegas comedian, and année entitled, outcast 25-year-old.

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The winner de 6 Emmy prix including Outstanding dramma Series, countryside is année edge-of-your-seat sensation. Près de la mer Sergeant nicholas Brody is both a decorated hero et a significant threat. Cia officer…

The Belgian Federal police finds itself conditions météorologiques the track of one de the world’s biggest XTC networks, which has actually been under thé radar parce que le years. The Dutchman ferry Bouman is…

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