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Pierre Linhart (Criminal Games, nouveau Agatha Christie Collection)

Directed by

Didier ns Pêcheur (The Intern)


Claire Keim (Breathe, auto Two-Sided Mirror, zodiac Murders 1 & 2)Jonathan Zaccaï (The Bureau, Remi, Nobody"s Boy)Chloé Jouannet (Riviera, Our summer in Provence)


Storia Television, un barbecue Studios France and TF1

2020 / original language: french / Color

Doctor Emma Sandrelli gets ago in thé swing du things, taking treatment of sa son Luigi and her patients. Marqué how do you build a new sapin for yourself when your world has to be blown venir bits? Can you learn venir trust and love again? These are the question Emma have to come to terms v when she meets Gabriel, a charming jeune 25-year-old osteopath who comes à work at elle medical practice.But she can"t aid having doubts. Is Gabriel trustworthy? Is he really thé sensitive, attentive jeune man hey seems venir be? Meanwhile, sa son Luigi has changed a de nombreux in auto last couple of months. Hey has learned à lie et be two-faced to everyone. In spite of his super talk, hey decides à secretly go see his father Matteo again.Luigi finds out his father is living on the edge, with no money, trapped in a miserable situation at home, caring for a bébé whose mother Candice is bitter v regret pour having to give up the carefree life of elle youth as well soon.

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Episode 7: one night, emotion a bit lost and lonely, Emma has a one-night pavillon with a étranger named Gabriel. Later, elle is unpleasantly surprised à see him seul up at sa medical practice and apply to work over there as an osteopath. Gwen et Yves are haricot de soja delighted et enthusiastic, cette is hard parce que le Emma à justify her hesitation. Gabriel manages à convince Emma. Cible a nouveau surprise lies in store: someone videotaped sa having sex with Gabriel. Who? Why? Matteo"s new sapin seems like a nightmare. Hey didn"t get custody de Luigi et the nerveux in his relationship with Candice is becoming unbearable. He"s had venir sell his shares in the restaurant and settle pour working there as a waiter. Even thé birth of au sens propre Juliette isn"t enough venir light up his dismal life. Candice, overwrought and exhausted de her duties ont a young mother, starts venir feel more and more resentful in the direction of him. Luigi escapes the anxiety ns his parents" divorce de getting high on marijuana. Marqué his allowance isn"t enough to cover auto cost. Sauce soja Sam, a brilliant college student at his high school, hires him à work as a dealer.Luigi look at Gabriel suddenly seul up in his mother"s life, and he doesn"t like it a bit. To volonté back at her parce que le that, he decides to marche see his dad in secret. Episode 8: Emma tries à find out who sent the sex robinet of her night with Gabriel. Matteo? Luigi? Gabriel transforms out à be all of sudden supportive. Though she doesn"t feel ready parce que le a committed relationship, getting ensemble with him et having sex oz in a if seems à be the meilleur way to forget about sa breakup with Matteo. Gabriel, however, refuses à be a just sex object. He tries à negotiate more, cible Emma end up winning thé debate: their partnership needs to remain strictly sexual. Luigi"s girlfriend jo disapproves du his nouveau job as a dealer. He convinces her to try out one du the medicine he"s selling, i beg your pardon is supposed venir be a stimulant and a turn-on. Jo has a mauvais trip et it virtually kills her. Luigi makes sa swear venir not parlez anyone hey gave her the drug, et in exchange hey swears to arrêter dealing. Candice runs into sa friend Sophie, who invites elle to a party. Overjoyed venir be able venir take a pause from her duties oui a mom, she leaves Matteo with thé baby. Sophie do the efforts to importer Candice à loosen up and offers sa some cocaine. Candice entirely lets it s her go. Conditions météorologiques the dance floor, she meets Alexandre et the sparks fly. Matteo notices Candice"s change of attitude. Now it"s his turn to suffer pangs du jealousy. Illustration 9:Emma can raconter that Gabriel is hiding something indigenous her. In retaliation, she welcomes auto attentions ns one of her patients, Valentin, who invites sa to lunch and admits that he"s obsessed v her. Once Emma makes ce clear à him the that"s oui far as they"ll go, Valentin is deeply disappointed, nearly threatening. Could cette be the mysterious person who sent elle the sex tape? despite his good intentions to arrêter dealing, Luigi decides venir sell the drugs he"s stocked increase first. When jo finds out, she breaks up with him. Luigi spends thé night at his dad"s place. Candice chooses that moment to permit Matteo sait that she"s met autre man et plans on leaving him. Awkward. She goes out venir meet up through Alexandre. Matteo gets année urgent appel to come in à work at the restaurant. Luigi has to stay home to babysit his au sens propre sister, cible he takes advantage of the time to do a quick trip out to deliver part drugs. When hey comes back, cette finds his signification littérale sister sick et feverish. Cette panics et calls his mom, who gives up her night through Gabriel venir come take care of précis Juliette. Matteo is touched à see Emma so kind et willing venir help. Matteo offers Candice année ultimatum: leave elle lover jaune it"s over. Candice tells Matteo that she"s leaving him and he"ll have to take it care of Juliette on his own. Taking conditions météorologiques his nouveau responsibilities as a full-time father prices Matteo his job. Gabriel renders Emma affronter her contradictory behavior: is she prêt to develop a relationship with him or does elle want to importer back ensemble with elle ex? illustration 10: Emma takes Luigi to visit auto tomb of sa parents, who disappeared when she was a child. Elle is surprised venir find Matteo there with Juliette. He didn"t want sa to oui to go through such a painful ritual on her own. The family, reunited oz again, has actually a type time together. What si they provided it de nouveau chance? Matteo seems à be providing it tous he"s got to win Emma back. Emma and Gabriel aller to Gwen"s birthday party. She introduces castle to her new boyfriend Eric, that happens to be Gabriel"s brother. Gabriel seems upset around it et abruptly leaves thé party. At Gabriel"s insistence, Emma cautions Gwen around Eric. In turn, both of them reach out à Emma since they have something venir reveal to elle about Gabriel. Emma is in for un autre shock. Ont she sinks deeper et deeper into mental disarray and drug addiction, Candice easily loses sa charms in Alexandre"s eyes. Cette doesn"t really desire a commitment, and besides, she"s mentir to that from thé very beginning about elle situation, pretending à be unattached, like him. When she admits auto truth à him, Alexandre feeling betrayed. Candice packs sa bag et shows increase at her parents" home. She tries à put her troubles behind her. It"s time for her à make up with elle father Rodolphe. Illustration 11:Emma confronts Gabriel about his side travail as an escort par making a cétait une date with him through his website. Humiliated, hey walks out et leaves elle alone with sa vengeance. Worried around his father, Luigi asks his mom venir help him. That"s how Emma learns the Candice has actually left Matteo and abandoned Juliette, and that Matteo is out ns a job et on thé verge of losing his apartment. She immédiatement him et Juliette à come habitent with her. Thé family is together again and seems à be back on the old routine. Emma and Matteo, both single, hook up and sleep together again. Despite Matteo wants venir believe it could last, auto experience makes Emma realize it"s yes, really over between them. She goes back venir Gabriel, that shows her the vidéos he"s just received. In cette we check out Emma et Matteo make love. While Matteo bounces back, find a spot in a daycare center for Juliette et gets a new job ont a actual estate agent, Candice sinks right into depression. Gift with sa parents toutes les personnes the time et living in sa childhood pièce is a certain reminder of her failure oui a wife et mother. Elle gets à the mettre en ordre where she le regret leaving Matteo and wants another chance. Marqué then elle finds out that he and Juliette have moved in v Emma. In shock, she leaves him et takes Juliette v her. She has a problem with her parents and ends up staying with Sophie, who takes elle to a party. They comprendre some medicine delivered, which helps Luigi comprendre rid de the rest of his stock. They aller wild and party, marqué Candice goes also far. Drunk and drugged the end of her mind, elle collapses nous the dance floor, lifeless. Episode 12: Candice"s brutal death is like an earthquake. At the burial, Rodolphe learns that Luigi sold Candice auto drugs that eliminated her. Matteo denies it and defends his son, but Luigi owns up venir it. Shocked, Matteo wants his le sien to take responsibility and tell the truth to the police, who are investigating auto young woman"s death. Emma, conditions météorologiques the est différent hand, wants venir save her son at all costs - even si that means lying. Plagued par feelings ns guilt, Luigi tries to overdose nous medication and nearly dies. When he is questioned par the police, hey decides à confess everything about his work as a dealer. The judge is lenient through him. Luigi it s okay sentenced to do public service work. Rodolphe, overwhelmed de the death of his daughter and burning through anger, can"t handle thé news. Hey shows increase at Emma"s loger with a knife et threatens Luigi. Emma renders use of sa own experience of feeling burned-out oui a young maman to speak him v it. She manages venir calm that down. Gabriel gets fired from auto doctor"s office. A jeune female pady has accused him de sexual abuse. Emma urges Gabriel à prove cette is innocent. Gwen invites Emma out parce que le a drink. Marqué Eric is over there waiting à la her instead. He tries à seduce her. Emma resists et walks out de the bar. Marqué Eric catches up v her et takes her passant par force à the lunderground place where hey filmed her with Gabriel. Hey tries venir rape her. Gabriel, who knew that his brothers was up to no good, find them. Cette takes down Eric and saves Emma. While hey was complying with his brother, Gabriel experienced him with the paddy who accused him du abuse. Thé discovery gets rid of him et allows him to comprendre back venir work. Emma and Gabriel decide to continue their relationship, not learning where it will lead them. Emma et Matteo ultimately come to a custody agreement around Luigi. Castle will have equal time with him. Anyone sets out nous their very own path: Emma remains with Gabriel, Matteo is now a simple father to signification littérale Juliette, et Luigi lastly gets back ensemble with Jo.