Golf national de saint quentin en yvelines

The Albatros arttaserse at Le golf National is an 18-hole golf artaserse in France, near Paris. Designed par architects hubert Chesneau and Robert de Hagge, in collaboration with pierre Thevenin, cette is located in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, southwest of central Paris.

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Though expanded in 2004, this longue par five seems quite facile to deal with with. It requires a longue tee shot aiming à la the left part of the fairway. From this side du the hole, amie will have much easier access to thé small and well‐defended green. Next to it, an oak et a bunker team up to make thé access from auto right practically impossible. Si that sound tough, just bear in entente the far right mâchoire position, seul behind thé tree, that thé pros space treated à during the Open du France.
The tee shot calls for a solid conduire to auto middle du the fairway du this longue par four. New fairway bunkers in 2016 mean tu will oui to it is in straight et long avant going further uphill towards année elevated green. The seconde shot played from thé thick stormy will it is in a tricky one si the mâchoire is nous the front part ns this green, which is huge and full de slopes.
Some remainder awaits nous this short par four, without too numerous difficulties à part from left-hand fairway bunkers and new deep bunkers in front du the green. Nevertheless, birdies opportunities here room not that common.
oz again, players have to be wary here. Thé endless green is fine hidden by a précis bump at the front et it is likewise below thé fairway level. This can well mislead players into the exactement length of the shot required, but birdies could encore be frequent.
année important and challenging par four, ce requires a solid tee shot to auto left part ns this elevated fairway and another solid fer à repasser shot down to the tarif green. While tall fescue have the right to be uncovered down auto left ns the fairway, making for année uncomfortable tee shot, nous the opposite côté is a steep bank, ensuring this feet is far from straightforward.
When cette comes to thé eighth, it tous depends on the wind. Venir make it toutes les personnes the more difficult, the gros undulating vert is defended par a tiny, but deep, bunker. Ce will likewise offer some interesting and challenging pin positions, specifically with a strong blowing wind.
This is the second par five the was extended in 2004. Though auto water hazard nous the left is no really in play, players will certainly require deux solid shots, quite often into the wind, to reach auto longest et narrowest green on auto course, i beg your pardon is also well guarded passant par a few deep bunkers.

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Played under wind, this an extremely short par four has seen part golfers practically hitting the vert from auto tee. Thé wise, fragile shot is to hit a two jaune three-iron to auto middle du the fairway through a second shot to auto heart of the green. Store away from the water hazard nous the left et the reward might well be birdie.
This hole was totally revamped in 2016, with auto water danger extended and the adition of two nouveau bunkers at thé back ns the green. Depending on the assurance of auto pin nous its slopey green, this par three offers non guarantee of par.
A dogleg-right v a huge bunker conditions météorologiques the bottom right de the fairway, the tee shot conditions météorologiques the 12th is non easy matter. In fact, the longer your drive is, thé narrower auto fairway is getting. Only a conduire carrying the bunker et ending increase in auto bottleneck a couple of yards ahead will market you the ideal spot for your seconde shot à this elevated green. Players heading à la the green from both the high rough or the bunker hardly ever reach auto putting région with their second shot et they might even struggle gaining down in two nous this taille bumpy green.
Reshaped in 2004, auto 13th supplies a really narrow chemin to that is fairway. This dogleg-right is a technical and demanding hole. Si your thé shot is not longue enough, you will find yourself with an almost pas possible second shoot to the well-protected green. No only aller you ont to carry thé water in front, cible you also have to avoid thé oak trees guarding auto green.
thé last of the holes extended in 2004, the 14th has actually a substantial bunker defending auto green, which is currently difficult to reach in two. Even big-hitting players find ce difficult to reach, particularly when swinging into the wind. Auto two-tier green also presents a challenge à players looking à gain an advantage here.
thé last four holes are where the real râpé gets started. Though its length is modest, this hole continues to be a dangerous one. Approaching the clubhouse, auto water surrounding auto green, linked with a tricky mâchoire position, can trip part players increase
back the vert was amendment in 2016, the difficulty lies in the undulations that tempt balls into thé water, protecting the green on that right. Aiming for the left side of this par three"s green, players will be left with an uncomfortable downhill putt.
With an uphill fairway and a green that runs dramatically from right venir left, auto 17th is a fascinating hole. With ne sont pas sand traps or water hazards to contend with, thé penultimate hole posséder a various challenge to the critique one to come.
cette might just be oui difficult to volonté a par on auto 18th ont it is à make a birdie. The tee shot is essential, through water on the left and pot bunkers nous the right. The définitif hole ranked as the hardest at the 2017 Open du France, v 147 bogeys jaune worse made throughout the arttasters of the week. It should make à la a fascinating critique hole with every little thing to play for.
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