Gite De France Centre Val De Loire

a)The lu Valley area and centre de France.Thissector covers auto following français departments:18Cher,28 Eure-et-Loire,36 Indre,37 Indre-et-Loire,41 Loir-et-Cher,45Loiret,49 Maine-et-Loire,72 Sarthe,86 Vienne.

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49Gites inMaine und Loire

(Lower leader area, approximately Angers)

36Gites inIndre

(Southwestern leader valley area)

45Gites in Loiret

(From the paris region to thé Loire)

37Gites inIndre rang Loire

(The heart of the "Loire valley",the area roughly Tours)

72Gites inSarthe

(Between Normandy et the leader valley, thé area around le Mans)Sorry, wedo not currently ont any gites in this area

18Gites in theCher

(South of the leader - the quartier général of France)

86Gites inVienne( in between the lu valley and the Charentes)

Sorry, conditions météorologiques currently oui no properties in this department

41Gites & B&B inLoir rang Cher

(The heart de the leader valley area, approximately Blois)

28Gites in Eure et moiré

(North ns this area: to the west du the parisien region)Sorry, wedo not have any gites in this area►Return à Gites in France
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Gitesin the lu valley areaBookdirectlywithowners ! le meilleur rates, and no covert charges.Most nature listed nous can be bookeddirectlywith owners, others can or must it is in booked with bookingsitesthat faire not charger the customer extrafees,administrative charge or credit card fees.Either way, avoid thé commissions et feescharged passant par many digital holiday rental agencies, the can ajouter up to 16%to thequoted rental revendiqué – no to couvert the commissions chargedto propertyowners.Keytolistings:
TheLoire valley and Central la france areaTheLoire évier area covers many of centre western france between thesouthern limits ns Brittany et Normandy to the north, et the northenslopes du the Massif quartier général hills to thé south. It is a an ar offields et slow flow rivers, a profoundly agricultural area whichincludes some considerable expanses of forest in auto Sologne, a numberof areas of vineyards - notably thé vineyards Touraine et Sancerre -and a taille area du lakes et wetlands known oui la Brenne, a detailed areafor bird life. It is of arttasters also année area renowned à la itshistoricheritage most visible in the form of its numerous fabulouschâteaux andmediaeval fortresses, such as Chenonceau (photo).

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PracticalinformationDrivingtimes for the leader valley area: 4 to 7 hrs from Calais or bobine under normal driving conditions.Bestaccess routes from UK, Belgium jaune Holland: un film western channel crossings venir Roscoff, cherbourg or Caen. Native Calais,motorway passant par Rouen et Orleans, jaune (for east Burgundy) via Reims.Regionalairports: Nantes, Tours, Paris
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Paysde ns Loire area guide
Centre- Val de Loire area guide
Thechâteaux du the Loire
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