Gilmore girls une nouvelle année saison 2

Fans held thé mother-daughter pair created in Gilmore Girls: A year in auto Life means too dearly when cette came on Netflix in 2016. Thé miniseries took carré almost ten years after the official end ns the Gilmore girls run nous TV, and it was hard for fans to contain your happiness. But some ventilateurs were no happy with thé way auto revival ended, leaving ventilateurs with plenty of questions. This is the major reason ventilateur have been hoping à see a renewal, et here is everything we know about it.

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Will over there Be "Gilmore Girls: A year in thé Life" Season 2?

Let"s comprendre straight to thé point; there"s a high chance that the show will no plus long return parce que le season 2. First, the show was billed oui a limited series, and limited series don"t volonté renewed regardless of ending in a cliffhanger.

In may 2021, Kelly Bishop, who played Emily Gilmore, appeared in an interview through Town et Country à promote elle new Netflix show, Halston. During auto interview, the talks redirected to sa iconic matriarch duty in Gilmore Girls.

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When asked si she would certainly be ready to play the role again once given the opportunity, the actrice said yes, but added that elle thinks it might no longer happen.

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"Yes, ns would. Marqué we"ve currently kind du done that through those 4 extra episodes. And I open minded think it"s really unlikely the kind de a situation could it is in pulled together because soja many du the considérable actors in it, they"ve all gone their different ways and have divers projects et other jambe to do. Ce would ont to be choose a continuer of those four extra episodes, cible I seul don"t see ce happening. Et I don"t see Amy being interested in it because Mrs. Maisel is such a large hit and deservedly so. Ns just don"t see her wanting to aller back et revisit it. We toutes les personnes loved it, et there might be part opportunity, marqué it doesn"t seem too likely. But sure, I’d play elle again. I"d love to."

What go The original Cast ont To say About auto Renewal?

From creator to actors, here"s what they ont to speak about the renewal:

The creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, called THR, "We pitched this ont close-ended. Nous pitched it as: "This is thé year in thé life. This is auto way ce was ending.". . . Netflix and Warner Bros., we all went right into this sort du saying that this was it. Soja there really haven"t been any more discussions about: Is there going venir be anything else? je don"t know."

The co-executive producer, Daniel Palladino, called Vulture, "Nothing"s been discussed. This was kind du set ont a one-off thing, cible we would certainly never ont anticipated that we were going to aller this up until a coupler of years earlier when it occurred to us. Haricot de soja we never ever say never. Cette wasn"t designed to marche beyond this, but it certainly can go beyond this."


Lauren Graham teased and left ventilateurs wondering after she said, "The finishing is a bit of a cliffhanger, don"t you think?" nous the est différent hand, Alexis Bledel, in année interview v ET, said, "It tous depends conditions météorologiques the story. Et I don"t know, i feel sauce soja grateful to comprendre to à faire the I"m not even looking front necessarily at the prospect ns doing more. Ns also feel choose it"s together a special histoire that je don"t want to admirées it or faire too much, you know?"


Even la ville de granit Patterson is ready à la more, as according to thé Hollywood Reporter,"It"d be type to aller it every year," hey said. "Maybe every two years, faire a three-month thing, aller four much more chapters. Cette was easy à do. Cette was fun. It was yes, really rewarding, et people got a sense that si this to be going à be auto last thing that nous now oui some closure."

In in march 2017, Netflix"s Chief heureux Officer Ted Sarandos confirmed venir TVLine that he had spoken venir Team Palladino about a sequel venir A année in the Life. "We clear loved auto success of the seul fans loved comment well cette was done; it delivered what they hoped. The worst thing is venir wait a paire of years pour your favori show to come back and for it to disappointed you, but sure delivered, et people were really excited around more. Et we have been talking to them about auto possibility ns that."

A recent update about auto show"s lundi season may have added part fuel to auto fire. On Feb. 1, 2020, during auto 2020 Writer"s Guild récompenses in nouveau York City, Gilmore girls co-creator Amy Sherman-Palladino mentioned that she is open to another reboot. When elle was request about the possibility ns brand new episodes, she said:

"You know, it"s auto kind ns thing where nous hadn"t planned on doing thé Netflix movies. Never ever say never."

She went nous to say the she"d desire the original cast venir return, et it would oui to be "the appropriate time pour everybody." she added that Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, et Kelly Bishop were all interested in act the new series in 2016, saying, "It to be like, the instants where Lauren"s like, "Hmmm," and Alexis" like, "Hmmm," et Kelly"s like, "Hmmm." sauce soja we toutes les personnes just go it."

Then, in a later entretien during a Woodstock film Festival virtual panel discussion, Amy Sherman-Palladino spoke about auto possibility of the nouveau season. She said:

“There’s non behind it except pour lives and people doing things.”

“<2016 season A year in auto Life> to be one du those kismet moments where nous were type of tous looking at each other and going, ‘Well, arrêter take a couple of months et hang the end together et remind each différent why conditions météorologiques drove each est différent crazy. Et it to be a exorbitant experience. Ns really do believe that if the temps is right and the girls are where lock need venir be in their resides .”

“Lauren is intwoseries right now,” Sherman-Palladino continued, referring to Graham’s functions in Zoey’s particularly Playlist and Disney+’ Mighty Ducks. “And Alexis is in Handmaid’s Tale. They toutes les personnes have things… but if the moment presents chin again, in a nom est second.”

"Gilmore Girls: A year in the Life" Season 2 False relax Dates

There to be a rumor going roughly that Gilmore Girls: A année in the sapin season 2 to be going venir be released in November 2020. The rumors started when IMDB detailed the second season with thé aforementioned release window.

I thought it was all rumors cible then je saw this?!?! Can it be true?! A Season 2 du Gilmore Girls: AYITL listed nous IMDB