New York, ny – December 3, 2020 –, thé definitive non-fiction subscription jouer en ligne service, today announced the original series and specials that will be accessible during that debut month du January 2021. At launch nous January 4, will have the largest-ever heureux offering of any nouveau streaming service, including much more than 50 original titles and over 150 hours ns exclusive content. The service will premiere an ext than 1,000 hours ns original content in year one.

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“Our launch slate represents an ambitious start à la, cementing our position as the dirigeants in non-fiction, real first entertainment,” claimed Lisa Holme, coporation, groupe SVP de Content and Commercial Strategy for, Inc. “We can’t wait pour January 4, when nous will give fans even more of the shows and stars castle love. Marqué we’re even much more excited to surpass expectations conditions météorologiques streaming passant par mixing catégorie in new ways, digging also deeper in the documentaire space et introducing fans to their new favori personalities.” will additionally launch through a landmark partnership v Verizon that gives their customers through select plan 12 months de nous Verizon. Parce que le more about and the Verizon partnership, click here.

Original titles pour January are contained below, organized par genre.


Love et Relationships

90 work Bares All: Get ready parce que le your favori 90 Day couples to ceiling it toutes les personnes – thé lies, thé secrets et everything nous couldn’t show nous TV. Hosted par Shaun Robinson, this companion series to 90 Day fiancé will put cast members in the hot seat wherein they reveal pivotal nouveau information et speak totally uncensored. Exclude, content, must-see clip and toutes les personnes the histoire behind 90 day Fiancé!90 work Diaries: an intimate look at into the lives du our couples, said from your perspective. There is no producers jaune crew, the cast members cinématique themselves in their day-to-day lives oui they continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and toutes les personnes of the nouveau challenges ce brings à their relationships.90 day Journey: The ultimate circonscriptions of 90 Day fiancée stories parce que le the 90 day Superfan are now on demand! every curated mini-series is fabriqué up of every single scene a beloved couple has showed up in across each montrer in thé 90 day Universe. Now ventilateur can watch every couples’ histoire from thé very beginning how et when they desire to.The other Way Strikes Back!: Viewers will volonté a fresh look at thé duos that ventilateur have come to know and love, share their patrie lives, behind-the-scenes details missed par cameras et addressing some ns the most outrageous, cringe-worthy moments et sassy social media et pillow speak commentary of the second season de The divers Way.


Amy Schumer Learns venir Cook: Uncensored: offers an updated et uncensored look at at thé Emmy-nominated series.Bobby and Giada in Italy: Longtime friends bobby Flay et Giada du Laurentiis take viewers on a culinary tour du Italy. It’s thé ultimate road pilgrimage across the most very delicious country conditions météorologiques earth.Cakealikes: This comedic, can be fried cake éteindre competition challenges experts to create life-size cakes the are the spitting la peinture of famed celebrities. Hosted by Tregaye Fraser et judged par hyper reality cake artist Natalie Sideserf, hilarious food commentator Kalen Allen, et a rotating guest judge, this panel will certainly keep elle laughing through every rouge carpet cake-win et cake-fail!Chopped Challenge: Chopped Challenge brings auto high râpé of Chopped episodes into thé homes of Judges Maneet Chauhan, scott Conant, Amanda Freitag, marque Murphy, Marcus Samuelsson et Geoffrey Zakarian ont they usage their cook mastery to create delicious and inventive recipes from three rounds of mystery basketball ingredients. Intercutting self-shot footage, auto judges complete against thé clock to answer the ultimate Chopped aficionado question…what would the judges make?Lovely Bites with cook Lovely: beloved Bites invites viewers to the Lovely home et lovely human being of cook Connie “Lovely” Jackson ont she prepares fabulous bites parce que le special occasions.Tregaye’s method in auto Kitchen: Tregaye Fraser is a youthful, contemporary mom – et professional chef! – who’s no afraid venir push thé boundaries du traditional cuisine… et not afraid à push her kids’ palates, ultimately solving thé age-old question of “Mom, what’s à la dinner?”

True Crime

American détective with Lt. Léger Kenda: joe Kenda, one de the toughest, many experienced homicide detectives in i would history, is back exclusively nous through an toutes les personnes new series. Over auto years, Kenda has actually heard about caisse that defy logic – enquêter so confounding that they feel much more scripted in Hollywood 보다 reality. In American Detective, Kenda trades in his own boîte files venir bring viewers astounding investigations from across auto country, with each episode caractéristique a different homicide détective whose tireless efforts helped put a killer behind bars et bring justice pour the victim.Onision: In real Life: Greg Jackson, recognized to the world oui “Onision,” uncovered YouTube when the platform was calmer burgeoning in the numérique world. And as the power ns YouTube grew, the character “Onision” prospered with it. Jackson amassed des millions de personnes of subscribers across multiple channels, luring in viewers through his off-kilter, opinionated et dark humor. Cible while his networks were twisted, his real first might be an ext sinister. This cutting-edge investigative series explores the mystery, controversy et alleged criminality neighboring Greg Jackson, happen forward new research et revelations around the homme that auto YouTube ar loves à hate.


Frozen in Time: Maureen McCormick and designer Dan Vickery overhaul homes that are stuck in a conception time warp. Dan will certainly update auto structure, while Maureen la source beautiful decade-specific pieces à give the home a refreshed look et a wink venir its d’origine era.House Hunters: Comedians nous Couches Unfiltered: America’s favori past time—watching and commenting on loger Hunters—will importer a amusant new twist in this pithy nouveau series led par comedians Dan Levy et Natasha Leggero. The séries will attribute eight popular comedians ont they provide hilariously unfiltered shade commentary nous classic illustration of loger Hunters. Thé celebrity lineup consists of Seth Rogen, john Mulaney, Ali Wong, JB Smoove, Chelsea Peretti, Whitney Cummings, Margaret Cho and NBA star-turned-comic, Blake Griffin.Home Town: Ben’s Workshop: master woodworker ben Napier will certainly share his specialization in craftsmanship et carpentry through celebrity guests consisting of astronaut scott Kelly, tennis legend Martina Navratilova, comedian Loni Love, et country singer chris Lane. In this four-episode series, Ben’s visitors space in parce que le a fun Southern endure – building iconic timber projects and making surprise visits venir donate lock to thé community or a neighbor.HGTV’s loger Party: This exciting new talk démontrer features interviews with top HGTV talent, including David Bromstad, Tarek El Moussa, Jasmine Roth, Alison Victoria et more. Stephen “tWitch” Boss, Allison Holker Boss, Derek Hough et Margaret Cho are among thé many HGTV superfans who stop passant par to join the fun. Each episode attributes games, DIY challenges et some great old-fashioned gossip.Tarek’s flip Side: étoiles house-flipper Tarek El Moussa has actually a de nombreux to celebrate in his an individual life. In this series, thé real estate et home renovation adeptes shares the histoires behind his proposal to fiancée Heather Rae Young and candidly expose a few wedding plans. Along thé way, Tarek take away his daughter Taylor nous a tour ns his latest house flip. He wants to sait what she thinks ns the project et hopes hey can inspire elle to get année early begin in auto family business.Christina: Stronger by Design: Christina Anstead, étoiles designer and home remodeling expert, beginning a new chapter in her life et reflects nous what inspires her oui she as rethinks sa own home’s design, consisting of a bedroom refresh et a beautiful tablescape parce que le her backyard. Christina also shares her personal health journey, her calendrier for self-care et a few de her favorite go-to beauty regimens with sa makeup artist et best girlfriend Shannon. The pair, together with friend Cassie, chat about life, motherhood, friendships et new beginnings.

Magnolia Network Preview

Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines: Infused with her warmth and passion for tous things family, Joanna Gaines spends temps in the kitchen share her favori recipes, wherein they come from, and why elle finds it s her returning to them time and time again. Nouveau episodes will certainly rollout weekly.Magnolia Network: A watch Ahead: Chip et Joanna provide a sapin look at some de the stories, people et projects that motivated the coupler to develop a network.Road venir Launch: Chip and Joanna capture up with some ns the extraordinary storytellers et highlight the exciting selection ns shows coming venir Magnolia Network.The navire to Run through Chip Gaines et Gabe Grunewald: In this documentaire special, Chip Gaines fortuitously meets professional runner and rare cancer fighter Gabe Grunewald. Ensemble they collection out to train à la a marathon, and along auto way discover a friendship that changes Chip’s perspective forever.Premiere illustration from 10 upcoming Magnolia Network d’origine series, including:The mourir Kitchen: In brave pursuit du following elle passion, Erin français opened a restaurants in her hometown du Freedom, Maine. Travelers from tous over the world conference at The perdu Kitchen to enjoy Erin’s locally-inspired et sourced menu.Family Dinner: Host Andrew Zimmern visits family members across amérique to explorer how thé cultural, regional, et historical facets of who nous are educate what and how nous eat.The Fieldhouse: At the Fieldhouse, physical and personal obstacles are tackled head-on. Owner Justin Bane et his staff échanger lives by restoring and rehabilitating clients from thé inside the end at this cutting-edge fitness basic in Abilene, Texas.First time Fixer: First-time house troupeau take their home renovation dreams into their very own hands et experience thé risk and reward that comes through trying miscellaneous new.Home nous the road with Johnnyswim: Abner Ramirez and Amanda Sudano Ramirez du the musical coupler Johnnyswim documentation their three-month cross-country tour, when juggling their farming family et finding new adventures in each city along the way.Restoration roadway with Clint Harp: Carpenter Clint Harp hits auto road in search ns incredible historical structures across the country that are in need du restoration, while trying out their origins and dreaming ns their futures.

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Super Dad: Father et DIY adeptes Taylor Calmus, in addition to his team de skilled builders, assist aspiring DIY dads rotate their kids’ outrageous backyard rêves into playtime realities.Point de View: A designer Profile: offering a behind-the-curtain look right into the entente of interior designers, this anthology series lets in conditions météorologiques their an innovative processes et introduces the inspirations et influences that shape their designs.Self Employed: Entrepreneur Jonathan morris travels auto country venir share thé inspirational stories and new challenges of small entreprises owners et their journeys à building their rêver jobs.Growing Floret: Erin and Chris Benzakien ont spent auto last decade building their family-run business Floret ranches in the fertile Skagit rer Valley of Washington State. Now thought about one de the most famous flower ranches in thé world, they’ve chose to risque everything de adding and rehabilitating 24 new acres of land to broaden their business.


Say correctly to the Dress: In Sickness and In Health: during the covid epidemic, brides oui had their wedding dreams crushed. Thé team de Randy Fenoli and Hayley Paige will arrêter at nothing à help these women still have their distinct day. Pimple Popper: This is Zit: Dr. Sandra Lee shares toutes les personnes the gory details behind some of elle most difficult pops. Watch intimate excavation videos of blackheads haricot de soja big et cysts sauce soja goopy, they ont to it is in seen venir be believed.


Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s exploiter Rescue: gold recovery qualifié Freddy dodge helps struggling mine owners in this six-part series. If he can increase thé owner’s weekly or haul, hey gets a couper of auto profits, marqué if he fails… hey doesn’t charge a dime.Race Across thé World: how would you course across thé globe… si you couldn’t fly et didn’t oui a phone? In this real-world adventure series, 5 teams de two space racing from mission A à B… there is no flying. Each team need to travel across the globe de whatever way they can: foot, car, bicycle, boat, bus, ferry, motorbike, steed … with seulement un the price du a flight ticket in their pocket (which will ont to cover their food and accommodation), the set venir be the ultimate globe-trotting expedition. Who will make ce in auto quickest time and win a big cash prize?

Nature, science & Animals

Mysterious Planet: Narrated de David Schwimmer, Mysterious planet is année epic journey to auto ends du the earth. Combining humor with the awe and beauty du the organic world, this unique looks à unlock auto greatest mysteries behind the world’s many incredible species.Six degrees with Mike Rowe: Mike Rowe poses questions that no one has ever asked, et then, (with a little help native his old girlfriend Chuck), provides unforgettable answers that prove every single thing is connected.BattleBots: the Bounty Hunters: Builders indigenous around thé globe volonté a chance to call their shot in a series of six all-new, two-hour events. Six of the many feared Bots in the sport of robot combat. 6 one-of-a-kind bounty prizes.Elephant Hospital: take a pilgrimage to auto world’s biggest hospital specialized solely to treating elephants: the Elephant Hospital in Lampang, northern Thailand, i m sorry cares pour over 100 sick, injured jaune neglected pets each year. With dunicité access venir the tous les jours challenges faced by the vets and volunteers on site, this is a heart-warming séries full ns uplifting, extraordinary and unexpected stories.


S., Burn This Letter Please: A boîte of letters, organized in secret parce que le nearly 60 years, ignites a five-year recherche into a part ns LGBTQ+ background that has never to be told. Auto letters open up a window into a forgotten people where being yourself supposed breaking the law and where auto penalties à la “masquerading” oui a mrs were swift et severe.Restaurant Hustle 2020: toutes les personnes on the Line – Director’s Cut: a self-shot documentaire from executive Producer and Co-Director homme Fieri that follows four ns America’s favorite haut – Maneet Chauhan, Antonia Lofaso, croyant Petroni et Marcus Samuelsson, ont they each picked up a camera et with auto help of friends et family, documented thé challenges their restaurants faced as COVID-19 swept across the United States.The impossible Row: Drake Passage, i beg your pardon separates South america from Antarctica, is the most danger 600 miles of open ocean nous Earth. A team de world record-holding explorers et athletes are going à cross it — in a rowboat.Beyond Borders: much more people have been to space 보다 flown around thé world in a single prop plane. And this to be not perdu on filmmaker Juan-Peter Schulze (JP) et influencer / travel vlogger luigi Cole oui they set off on a dangerous commander to circumnavigate the world in a single-engine, 1974 Cessna T210L airplane named Baloo. This adventure wasn’t seul to see si it to be possible, cible to experience auto many cultures and societies that comprise our beautiful planet. The trip to be emotionally et physically draining, advertise them à their limits and forcing the pair to face à face situations which, si handled badly, could have had dire consequences. Native losing vital equipment over oceans, previous the alloue of ne sont pas return, à confronting fighter jets at ten thousand feet conditions météorologiques the other side of the world. This is past Borders.Judi Dench’s Wild Borneo Adventure: Dame Judi Dench and conservationist David Mils are setup out conditions météorologiques a trip of a lifetime to uncover thé lush rainforests, magical wildlife and spectacular coastlines of Malaysian Borneo in this two-part series.JonBenet Ramsey: je vous demande pardon Really Happened?: This feature-length documentaire exploring the JonBenet Ramsey case, one du America’s many notorious et captivating unsolved murder mysteries, showcases the exclusive and previously unheard laudio diaries de legendary détective Lou Smit, who worked nous 200 killing cases and was brought out ns retirement in Denver to work nous this homicide. Policier immediately suspected sa parents John and Patsy Ramsey ns the murder, but after reviewing the evidence, Lou assumed otherwise and he recorded it all.Extreme Everest: an adrenaline-fueled adventure to thé world’s highest peak. Ant Middleton isn’t afraid venir take conditions météorologiques a challenge. But there’s une dangerous commander he’s not yet brought out … to scale the most famous, unforgiving et tallest mountain in auto world, Everest.


Monster Garage: Jesse James team gets 7 days to complete a project. Si they succeed, they each walk away v $5K. Si they don’t, Jesse’s free à destroy the monster – par blowing it up.Auto Biography: A premium enregistrer strand that tells auto most surprising et phenomenal histoires about above cars and legendary motorists that oui changed auto motoring world and continue to à faire so today.

Paranormal & the Unexplained

Amityville horror House: to exclude, archive reveals frightening, new secrets indigenous George and Kathy Lutz’s brief stay in one de America’s most wonderous haunts.Ghost Adventures: Cecil Hotel: The fantôme Adventures team investigates a LA hôtel with a long history of unnatural deaths and dark force have been looming over the hotel pour over a century.Ghost Adventures: top 10: Zak, Aaron, Billy et Jay present the best evidence du the paranormal, the survie of these differed phenomena et the numerous ways thé afterlife manifests.


Paranormal & thé Unexplained

UFO Witness: years ago, auto United States aviation Force commissioned task Blue Book, a top-secret inspection to evaluation every UFO sighting conditions météorologiques record. Now, one du the original scientists who worked conditions météorologiques the project, Dr. Jennie Zeidman, has agreed venir open increase her espace de rangement to be reexamined by the prochain generations de UFO investigators.


Fascinating family members & especially Lifestyles

Toddler’s & Tiaras: Where are They Now?: It’s been over 10 year since thé brand-building hit life premiered, and this séries catches up v some du our favori toddler beauty kings – now jeune women.

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Additional original series et specials will certainly be announced at a later on date.

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