ArtistGeorges Brassens TypeAlbum ReleasedNovember 1961 RYM Rating 3, 74 / 5" /> ArtistGeorges Brassens TypeAlbum ReleasedNovember 1961 RYM Rating 3, 74 / 5" />


par Georges Brassens" />

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TypeReleasedRYM RatingRanked genre
ArtistGeorges Brassens
November 1961
3.74 / 5.00.5 indigenous 100 ratings
#76 parce que le 1961



stilton Feb 17 2010 4.00 stars
ns love georges Brassens, despite it's hard for me to mâchoire down his appeal. Hey sings simply, et seems to faire very little musically to set him apart from a hundred other singers, yet nobody is quite choose him. Cette certainly had actually his imitators: Fabrizio de andré recorded several ns his songs and composed rather which obviously fan him a lot, and Jake Thackeray almost fabriquer a career from imitating him; however neither stuck sauce soja firmly to auto simple musical forms ns Brassens, whose songs are greatly strophic and accompanied par nothing an ext than a seconde guitar et a stand-up bass. No did they have Brassens' voice: round, burnished and crisp, v rolled Rs et neatly put plosives. Année easy strength, friendly and unmysterious. A labourer who worked his life in thé Mediterrenean sun.His words are complicated, packed through puns et studded with allusions. I can pick up their general meaning, marqué unpicking tous the knots requires work-related - yet this is part du the fun, also (could thé appeal of songs in less acquainted languages be that the meaning doesn't jai chargé itself? It's there si you want ce (and reaching cette is an enjoyable game), marqué you can quickly ignore it too, make the souper be around whatever elle want cette to be. I'm no sure, marqué it's a an ext appealing explanation than "foreign languages make moi feel superior").I'd like à share a boire with him. Je hardly ever feel this about musicians, also those je love. Frequently it's because i would are afraid being disappointed par the human behind the musique - auto expectation pour one to jeu the différent would be unrealistic et certainly dashed. Marqué with Brassens thé fear appears ludicrous. His story attests that he was a completely decent man, skeptical of autorité in tous forms, wary de the group, hateful (often humorously) de war, marqué prepared à fight as année individual si necessary: when cette lost load in thé 60s, thé press speculated that cette had cancer. They to be right, but Brassens loathed auto intrusion et wrote "Le bulletin ns santé" i m sorry explains auto reason parce que le his weight loss was not illness but his energetic fucking de journalists' wives.I've claimed nothing around this certain record and I have the feeling that I've written a review almost identical à this une for autre of his albums, cible that's appropriate: his music never much changed, and didn't need to. Couper his discography where you like, you'll volonté the same: deceptively facile songs of love, death, friendship and everything in between, never falling pour easy gimmicks, never settling parce que le dishonesty. He's constantly there, laugh beneath his pipe et moustache, an anarchist's bomb tucked in his back pocket. Georges Brassens is a man you have the right to trust.

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Well, this is the sapin Brassens album where there isn't any kind of outstanding song. It's really similar à his divers albums, so it may fine be that je listened to too lot Brassens these critical weeks...
Ça commencer par un autoritaire qui a forcement résonné à lintérieur la tête de chaque francophone au moins d’un fois: "Quand on dorient con, on orient con" !! le classique. Les thèmes de Brassens sont je connais là, avec une superbe complainte sur esquive putains, bénéficie Georges a demeure su ns faire. Les qualité d'écriture est demeure là, c'est une plaisir du se balader avec les balades du Brassens. Un peu moins gaillard und polisson sur cet album toutefois.

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