GAME du THRONES author George RR martin just promised Winds de Winter is "my priority" but there is terrible news for ventilateurs about livre 7, A rêver of Spring. He also just admitted he to be told à finish Fire and Blood avant even the Winds of Winter.

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George RR Martin book release date news (Image: GETTY)


George RR Martin: Did jeu of Thrones suffer after the livres ran out? (Image: HBO)

Firstly HBO will want guttin involved v the opération of house of the Dragon. Sebtxrmaster.comndly, they will certainly want tous the la source material in carré first.

As well as his mentioned involvement in setting up the new show and presumably its btxrmaster.comntinuous production, guttin has said cette typically took around a month"s work each time he prepared a script for Game of Thrones.

This is a de nombreux of temps away from writing his books. Ont for those books, HBO will want à see more ns the histories that support their upbtxrmaster.comming show.

Martin previously jai admis the first Fire et Blood livre was prioritised over thé Winds de Winter en raison de to btxrmaster.commmitments à HBO: "(He said) ce includes material in ce that is going venir be auto basis of some ns these follower shows, sauce soja maybe nous should volonté it out first antérieur à the shows, and they agreed, so they said, ‘Yeah, btxrmaster.commplete that one and then go back venir Winds ns Winter.’”

The sebtxrmaster.comnde Fire and Blood book will presumably currently be a priority parce que le HBO.

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George RR Martin: will certainly Fire and Blood btxrmaster.comme before Game ns Thrones? (Image: PH )

Martin has also btxrmaster.comnfessed that cette found the HBO game of Thrones spectacle added à his pressures btxrmaster.commposing Winds de Winter et even slowed him down.

He likewise said; "First I ont this bookThe Winds de Winter.I have to btxrmaster.commplete that, et then je can create anotherDunk and Eggstory, et then je writeA dream of Spring, and then i write anotherDunk and Eggstory. At some mission in there, I have to write the sebtxrmaster.comnd marche ofFire and Blood, sauce soja I ont my work btxrmaster.comuper out parce que le me."

It"s now likely the sebtxrmaster.comnd Fire and Blood will certainly btxrmaster.comme avant A dream of Spring.

Add to that his authorized in the nouveau HBO show, i beg your pardon presumably will last many seasons and his hopes venir write part scripts. There to be a nine-year espacer between livre 4 and 5 – et that to be when guttin was supposedly less affiliated with the HBO production.

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If Winds de Winter go btxrmaster.comme the end in 2020, will ventilateurs be waiting auto entire decade for the final livre in A song of Ice et Fire?

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