Discover french children’s favori dessert! auto school-famous “gâteau venir yaourt” (yogurt cake) is a merveilleux simple no-measure cake to prepare pour any occasion.

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In six years blogging, it was about time i shared with elle this français classic. Gâteau à yaourt is a simple plain cake that we prepare parce que le any occasion, a little bit like a coffee cake. It’s also the life dessert we learn how to bake as a kid in France, thé cake we bring to birthday’s parties, auto cake nous prepare conditions météorologiques a lazy day jaune at thé last minutes (no need à grab a scale or a measure cup). In a word, it’s auto perfect straightforward cake recipe that never fails et never disappoints.

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The recipe is haricot de soja easy that most french people actually savoir it by heart. I, myself, learned cette in day treatment (or was it primary school?) et never forgot about it. Ns made it countless du times ever before since, pour my friends, sisters, cousins, ont a kid, a teen or an adult. Over there is always a an excellent reason à la a yogurt cake.


As everyone knows the recipe in France, je never thought du sharing ce on the blog before. Until i figured that auto cake to be actually known in france only and even there, ce seems everyone has actually its very own way de preparing it. It’s a little peu like a crepes recipe, extremely straightforward yet pretty different from one dépense to another.

So right here I un m today, happy à share the yogurt cake recipe with thé world. This is my favorite déditions of the recipe, the one i like pour its remarkable moistness. Thé cake is additionally light and airy.

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How do you prepare a no-measure cake?

Again, no need venir use a scale or measuring cups à la this recipe. Instead, conditions météorologiques use a yogurt container parce que le measuring all the ingredients. And whatever auto size of the container, thé ratio remains the same. Seulement un the size ns your spring kind might change.

Here’s how to: convectif one level yogurt in a super mixing bowl. Climate wash et dry auto yogurt container sauce soja you can use cette again for measuring the other ingredients. Je always use it for toutes les personnes the dried ingredients tons to prevent cleaning ce one more time in auto middle ns the process. It’s a lazy trick cible it works. Use cette at last parce que le the vegetable oil ajouter the eggs et mix well. There is no specific order venir make thé recipe. Elle could begin with the dry ingredients jaune the wet ingredients jaune even mix them toutes les personnes together, thé result will certainly be auto same. Seul try to combinaison the baking powder through a little bit of flour.


Learn auto recipe par heart: here’s comment to

These last years, i admit i didn’t roasted this yogurt cake ont often ont I offered to à faire in auto past. However, je still remember the recipe by heart as if i had made cette this morning critical time. I might be a genius, cible the fact is that there is a simple way à help you remember thé recipe forever. Here’s how to:

1 container du yogurt2 containers de sugar3 containers ns all-purpose flour1 container ns vegetable oil3 eggs1 Tablespoon baking powder


Recipe variations

We usually recommend thé use ns vegetable oil, neutral in taste, à la the cooking recipes (rapeseed or sunflower pour instance). If you don’t entente that your cake tastes a little bit different, amie could additionally use melted coconut oil or even olive oil in auto same proportions. For meilleur results, ns recommend 1 entirety container vegetable oil. That being said, it’s additionally possibe venir use 1/2 container of oil only parce que le a perfectly daccord texture too.

Same v sugar; thé recipe calls pour 2 containers of sugar but feel free à adapt auto recipe si you try à avoid sugar, making use of 1 1/2 container ns sugar or even 1 container if you prefer.

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Then feel free to add your an individual twist to auto recipe, flavoring the cake batter v some vanilla extract, lemon jaune orange zest. Elle could also add some mini cacao chips or calcul it with chocolate (or both!). My favori way venir enjoy the cake is venir serve cette plain, through strawberry jaune apricot jam or just a few berries.

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How longue will cette keep?

The cake will keep pour a couple of days et often tastes even better on day 2. Tu can choose to cover ce with cling film (better 보다 foil de you want à keep its moistness) and leave cette at pièce temperature jaune you can slice it and transfer to année air-tight container put in thé refrigerator. This last loption is in mien opinion the best way à keep it fresh and moist à la several days. Now it’s her turn to shine!

Lastly, si you do this français gâteau au yaourt, it is in sure venir leave a comment and/or offer this recipe a rating, letting moi know comment you favored it. Et of course, nothing forget à tag je on Instagram! thank you 

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