Garmin fenix 7 date de sortie

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Amoled Touchscreen? – Image-based on venu 2 touchscreen

Expectations – What nous want à see

There is ne sont pas denying auto Fenix 6 is a great watch. Marqué if we’re honest, there are a de nombreux of features that nous would amour on this recent device. We’ve shared our sommet picks in auto hope that they will shortly be a reality when the watch is launched:

New and thinner design

One de the present realities of being a Fenix clock wearer is that tu cannot it is in accused ns being at auto cutting edge of style. A truth that nous are keen to see change with the newest device. Reducing the bulkiness ns the Fenix et giving cette a fashion-focused watch will increase its appeal. Ce could likewise attract a whole new market.

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New optical heart rate sensor

Another sure thing. Auto Garmin Elevate v4 sensor, i m sorry debuted with the venu 2 et is additionally included nous the Forerunner 945 LTE, will be contained in thé Fenix 7. It’s a foregone conclusion.

New dual-frequency GNSS chipset

Garmin has had actually a year à test and adapt auto chipset à its new modèle since it has been on the market parce que le a year. It’ll only be a matter of time until we see ce in the new models that will be released in auto near future. And, to be honest, thé Garmin Fenix 7 is auto ideal foundation à la becoming the life Garmin venir employ it.

What are thé advantages ns dual-frequency technology? Dual-frequency systems rise positioning in mise where agree is difficult. This is increasingly important in endroit such as woods et cities where signals bounce éteindre buildings. The system can distinguish between actual et bounced signals by obtaining informations from many radio signals from every satellite.

We will have meilleur satellite les données recordings if we use ce (obviously at a bigger battery usage). It’s not only that we’ll ont prettier piste after synchronizing ours activity; both speed et distance will be an ext dependable throughout the exercise because ns fewer agree failures.

Cheaper option

There’s little chance of Garmin providing a budget version ns the new Fenix 7. But we would amour to check out one conditions météorologiques offer! When amie consider that thé current Fenix the town hall come in at above sexcuser Watch prices, then ce leaves nous wondering even if it is Garmin is pricing us out of the market. Also though cette will be top-of-the-range, nous would want venir see it as année affordable choice.

Solar oui standard

As Garmin continuellement to expand thé capabilities the reside onboard its out watch, attributes like solar charging and battery saving, and power administration modes have helped improve battery performance. Cette may be time to complement that tough, high-quality body with a more appropriate display.

As the solar versions ns the Fenix 6 oui been so popular, we would love to check out each Garmin Fenix 7 device volonté solar charging ont standard. The current solar offering really does make a large difference et will impress consumers who la ruée having venir plug in regularly.

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Touchscreen improvements

Garmin has avoided installing a touchscreen nous their gadgets up until now. Marqué we feel the the new Garmin Fenix 7 have to offer this capability to make ce easier to use, similarly à the venu 2. We know that buttons are significativement to ensure that there are no slips once tracking activity. But, a touchscreen dépense would certainly be a welcome addition.

Garmin has actually shown cette can create a des sports watch with a shade touchscreen screen that lasts an ext than a coupler of job with the release of the Venu and Venu Sq.

Although there has been ne sont pas hint that Garmin would aller this path with auto Fenix, Garmin has presented that cette can administer a an ext vivid display nous its watches. It may be seeking to expand this to its divers product lines.

If cette introduces a Fenix through a color display, it must guarantee that cette can toujours provide thé battery performance la honte that let ce last weeks without charging fairly than days.

Better display

It’s to be speculated nous several times, et it surfaced again with thé release de the Garmin je suis ici 2 and tous of Garmin’s work nous the user interface.

The rationale would be en raison de to the pressure applied de smartwatches such as the sexcuser Watch, rather than technological requirements. Many personnes want a watch v a high-resolution display and sports functions like auto Garmin Fenix. And, based conditions météorologiques the adjustments Garmin has made to attach IQ4 in terms of AMOLED panels, thé range will certainly not be restricted à a single model.

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It’s not a question of si it will venir or not; it’s a question ns when cette will. Although, mostly parce que le battery life reasons, ns believe it is encore too early parce que le the finish Fenix séries to feature année AMOLED display.