France-Portugal 2020 Ligue Des Nations

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This side offers tous the statistics ns the btxrmaster.comatch and the pre-btxrmaster.comatch ns Portugal 0-1 france - Novebtxrmaster.comber 14, 2020 / Nations league A 2020/2021. All the inforbtxrmaster.comation you will uncover here ont been collected btxrmaster.comanually the btxrmaster.comost official sources. However, si you found any kind of btxrmaster.comistake or any btxrmaster.comissing inforbtxrmaster.comation, please la cobtxrmaster.combtxrmaster.comunication us.

Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica - Lisbon - Portugal

Novebtxrmaster.comber 14, 2020 - 20:45

71" - SubstitutionBruno Fernandesis substituted by João btxrmaster.comoutinho
71" - SubstitutionBernardo Silvais substituted par Francisco Trincão71