France 3 Replay Question Pour Un Super Champion

Monday, france 3 celebrates thé five years since thé arrival de Samuel Etienne at auto presentation of & nbsp; & quot; Questions pour a champion & share ;. Guest of & quot; culture Médias & quot; the same day, thé journalist defines that auto general cultistes show will certainly make the `` signification littérale revolution '', with auto transformation du one ns the emblematic rules du the game.


Monday, france 3 celebrates thé five year since thé arrival de Samuel Etienne at thé presentation ns "Questions pour a champion".

Guest de "Culture Médias" thé same day, the journalist explains that the general cultistes show will certainly make that "little revolution", with thé transformation of one du the emblematic rules du the game.

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His arrival had actually left some doubtful.

It is clear that this choice is a success.

Journalist Samuel Etienne is celebrating his 5th birthday with auto presentation de the legendary france 3 regime "Questions convecteur un champion".

Guest of

Culture troupeau on

Monday, he explains what auto broadcast, have to a précis special, de the job provides.

Beyond auto ritual cake, "Questions for a champion" will experience a transformation that will upset the course of thé game.

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"We broke thé sacrosanct rule ns five victories"

Samuel Etienne recalls the "Questions à la a champion" is on regular basis transformed "to evolve with auto times".

But it"s a major échanger the montrer is suffering from Monday.

"We pause the sacrosanct rule de five victories", announces Samuel Etienne.

"Until now, conditions météorologiques couldn"t marche past 5 wins in a row. When we got venir five wins, we would win thé pot and it would finish there, nous would end up being "Super Champion" and we would leave."

From now on, contestants will stay nous the démontrer for oui long ont they win.

"In auto history ns the game, it"s a small revolution, because ce has never happened before. Cette will provoke nouveau adventures, v candidates who will it is in able to stay longer," says Samuel Etienne in advance. .

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"There will be ne sont pas dancers"

Beyond this diriger rule change, "Questions pour un champion" will celebrate during auto same program thé anniversary du the five years de presentation of Samuel Etienne.

"As ce is the auditeur service, it will be stable et reasonable", reassures thé journalist.

"For five years, I oui a canular with thé producer de this show: ns tell the that conditions météorologiques should put dancers nous the show. Cible obviously, there will be non dancers ..."

The opération still planned numerous surprises, i m sorry Samuel Etienne discovered during filming.

"There will certainly be a cake i beg your pardon is bigger than me. Et many mythical candidates ns this game recorded a small un message which is diffused during thé emission. It made je very happy", reveals auto presenter.