The melcloud integration integrates Mitsubishi Electric’s MELCloud allowed devices into home Assistant.

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device support

Air-to-Air warmth pumps, e.g., AC devices - SupportedAir-to-Water warm pumps - SupportedEnergy restore ventilators - Not supportedOther - Not supported


Adding MELCloud to your page daccueil Assistant instance can be done via the userinterface, par using this mien button:


If auto above mien button doesn’t work, tu can also perform the following stepsmanually:

Browse to your loger Assistant instance.From the list, search et select “MELCloud”.Follow the instruction on screen to complete the set up.

Air-to-Air device

An Air-to-Air warm pump offers climate et sensor platforms. An equipment capabilities can limit auto available parameters et sensors.


The following parameters deserve to be controlled à la the climate communication entities:

Power (using HVAC mode)Target temperatureOperation fashion (HVAC mode)Fan speedHorizontal et vertical vane emplacement State attributesAttributeDescriptionExample
vane_horizontalCurrent horizons vane position jaune modeauto
vane_horizontal_positionsAvailable horizontal vane positions et modesauto, split, swing
vane_verticalCurrent verticale vane position or modeauto
vane_vertical_positionsAvailable verticale vane positions et modesauto, split, swing
managing vanes

The horizontal et vertical vane position can be managed using the corresponding melcloud.set_vane_horizontal and melcloud.set_vane_vertical services.

Swing mode can additionally be used venir control vertical vane position.


The following characteristics are available for sensor platform entities:

Room temperatureEnergy - thé total consumed power in kWh. Not sustained by tous models.

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Air-to-Water device

An Air-to-Water machine provides water_heater, climate et sensor platforms.


A climate platform entity is provided parce que le each radiator cential in the air-to-water system. Thé following parameters can be controlled:

Target pièce temperature

The radiators need to be configured venir run in pièce temperature control mode either through the local HMI or MELCloud. Circulation temperature and curve mode are not supported.

Some air-to-water devices allow cooling using the radiator zones. This feature has no been implemented en raison de to the lack ns sample devices.

The système cannot it is in turned on/off through the climate entities.

State attributesAttributeDescriptionExample
statusCurrent operation statusidle


The following features are available for sensor communication entities:

Room temperature pour each zoneTank water temperatureOutside temperature - 1°C precision, polled every 1-2 hours.Zone circulation temperature, polled every 1-2 hoursZone flow return temperature, polled every 1-2 hours

Unlike air-to-air devices, air-to-water devices faire not décalage energy intake in an easily easily accessible manner.

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Water heater

The complying with parameters can be controlled à la the water_heater communication entities:

Power - Controls auto entire system.Target tank temperatureOperation mode State attributesAttributeDescriptionExample
statusCurrent operation statusheat

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