Even if i find "Nashville" to be auto superior film, it's not surprising "One Flew over the..." steamrolled auto 1976 Oscars: it's really much an actor-driven picture, anchored by what most likely remains jack Nicholson's finest hour in thé rascally role elle might say cette was frontière to play, et its story of the free-spirited separation, personal, instance pitted versus a restreindre System will most likely never arrêter appealing to American audiences.

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Brilian N Trismienantha

This one isnt really mien personal favorite. But i like thé way the film tells elle about insanity et stuffs. Je heard that the book is pretty an excellent aswell

Paco Oestreich Simoni

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Another movie in the list of things that i think je saw also young. At thé time, ns could seulement un hold onto the basic of the puissance dynamics et not understand thé broader statements it was trying à make around how an unhealthy culture creates poor psychiatrique health. What je was left through was a profound sadness, particularly parce que le a few of the characters. Not sure comment grown up je would read auto film. 12 année old je was super sad.

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Given the reputation, ce comes oui a surprise comment unpretentious the whole movie turns out to be. In the goodhearted spirit ns refined new Hollywood, Forman finishes his master thesis on institutional be suppressive build nous manipulative person nature, following comparable topics in his earlier Czechoslovak films. Flying over American cuckoo's nid filled ce with a sense of helplessness and escapism.

Nicholson is inspired by Daffy Duck here. Et that's not année insult, that's one ns the greatest praises je can give. Comment else are tu meant venir portray a nut job except through auto power du loony tunes marqué McMurphy doesn't steal thé lime light, everyone right here gets année individual highlight du their performances et illness but Nurse Ratched... Cunning, evil and wants nothing marqué routine et stability, the perfect villain.