Directed byRelease dateRuntimeRYM RatingRankedLanguage genre
Gilles Grangier
2 September 1960
92 minutes
3.22 / 5.0 0.5 indigenous 30 ratings
#129 pour 1960

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Aspect RatioDescriptorsProduction Companies
France, Italy, couleur noire & White, Mono
Cinétel, Cité-Films, Fiduciaire d'Éditions de Films, Terra Film, Titanus

DukeOfPrunes Jun 06 2009 4.00 stars
A must-see comedy, possibly more parce que le French people who ont already mettre grumpy sixty-year-olds. It is the "farce" at its greatest level, with an epic trio de elders who fabriqué me laugh out loud countless times. "Du foutbale, oué mon personnes !"
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voodookat 3.50 stars

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IgnisNiger 5.00 stars
ADROSOU Owned4.00 stars Very an excellent
mklaph 3.00 stars


Aspect RatioDescriptorsProduction Companies
France, Italy, black & White, Mono
Cinétel, Cité-Films, Fiduciaire d'Éditions du Films, Terra Film, Titanus

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