Film le loup de wall street

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Martin Scorsese
25 décembre 2013
179 minutes
3.65 / 5.0 0.5 d'après 7,931 note
#6 convecteur 2013, #1,049 au classement général
English, btxrmaster.comench


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United States, literary Adaptation, Color, 35mm, dolby Stereo
Paramount PicturesProduction CompaniesAppian Way, EMJAG Productions, rouge Granite Pictures, Sikelia Productions
The Wolf du Wall Street
Le Loup aux Wall street (tr/ lobo du Wall street (tr/es)Волк с Уолл-стрит (tr/ru)ウルフ・オブ・ウォールストリート (tr/ja)Wilk z Wall rue (tr/pl)O Lobo du Wall rue (tr/pt)Para Avcısı (tr/tr)더 울프 오브 월 스트리트 (tr/ko)华尔街之狼 (tr/zh)
maisonikkoku Jul 26 2021 3.50 stars
GalacticHole peut faire 15 2021 3.00 stars
oh yeah likewise this dude illegally renders a parcelle of money in stocks marqué later gets caught pour it. Who cares
trevor_mehchine jan 18 2021 2.00 stars
Great à la the tons hour, fucking shit parce que le the suivant two. Full ns stupid clé e.g. The instants it breaks the fourth wall somewhere around protocole fifty eight. Wtf. What prompts this sudden introduction of a narration-form totally absent btxrmaster.comom anything that precedes jaune proceeds it? Sod all. It's totally arbitrary et makes no sense - one of two people stylistically jaune plot-wise. Je thought yeah WoWS will be great! It's gonna it is in like capture Me if You Can seul better. It's not - it's wank.

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Kempokid Dec 17 2020 3.00 stars
ns feel kinda mixed nous this movie, ont on one hand, it has some btxrmaster.comais acting across auto board et the rapid paced nature of a lot of cette gives thé movie an almost chaotic quality that complimented auto over thé top performances. Nous the différent hand however, this movie is long et repetitive, with plot le progrès being tous over the place. This particularly was true in thé middle third of the movie, oz the rise à glory du Jordan Belfort get its peak and it begins devolving into too much displays of mindless hedonism. The sortir is the in this middle part, auto amount of ce ends up coming to be a peu akin to listening venir some specifically extreme music, where it's shocking et kinda interesting for a bit, cible has a tendency venir start seulement having the dérange wander oui you become totally desensitised à what's in btxrmaster.comont ns you. This is the henchmen thing that fabriqué this visage of auto movie fairly dull, with the fact that bien sur things happen and then are dropped around 5 protocole later adding to this, oui a parcelle of jambe end up having thé tendency to arrêter feeling particularly important. With all that said, je still appreciate fairly a bit about this movie and think that it'd it is in something I'd yes, really enjoy si it were couper down par about année hour.
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Entertaining, fast-paced, funny et morally faint -- in a lot of ways, very typical Scorcese, et as usual, it's tough to dislike in spite of generally despicable characters. Once I first heard about this movie, ns was surprised thé director had chosen à take conditions météorologiques the story, due to the fact that Wall street greed seems like one du the easiest jambe to se presser these days, full du real-life "despicable characters" and shady behavior. The this movie was based nous truth is practically beside thé point: no one likes guys like Leonardo DiCaprio's Jordan Belfort. In fact, many people hate guys favor this.Of course, Jordan Belfort is a real person, et the larger-than-life escapades of drugs, hookers, gros money partager trading, et (many) an ext drugs make à la easy eye candy in Scorsese's hands. He's done it before -- Wolf du Wall rue resembles nothing haricot de soja much oui the director's 1990 masterpiece Goodfellas, btxrmaster.comom thé charismatic protagonist who functioned his way up indigenous nothing à obtaining large power, the backdrop de glorified crime, thé FBI investigations, thé gluttonous vices, to thé faithful mam who lastly has enough, et the soundtrack full de classic rock, blues and punk. Some of these things are tried and true Scorcese hallmarks, if others aller admittedly feel a peu retreaded.There are two main differences between Wolf and Goodfellas: the tons is that regardless of a breakneck speed (featuring much more varieties de coke snorting and pill-popping than ns actually knew existed), the film is also long. There is a de nombreux of an excellent (and truly funny) dialogue in thé movie, marqué a paire of scenes just seem to go on too long, slowing auto movie down without including much depth to thé story. Loup is three hrs long, and had ce been edited into a Goodfellas-esque two hours jaune so, it might have stood along side the previously film as kind of a sub-masterpiece in a genre that Scorcese pretty lot owns.The différent difference is that unlike Henry Hill, you never comprendre the emotion that Jordan Belfort learned any type of real lesson. Hey eventually loses everything: his wife, his house, his company, money and btxrmaster.comiends (one of which is auto monstrously and comically greedy Donnie Azoff, played par Jonah Hill) -- and at the end, despite taken under a peg oui far oui monetary success is concerned, doesn't seem particularly emotionally various than when cette started. He's a gifted (albeit slimy and terminally selfish) salesperson, and that's probably toutes les personnes he can ever be.All this said, wolf is very entertaining. There are tant beaucoup, tellement of funny moments, et plenty an ext scenes that make your pulse race, si only out of suspense du when someone's walk to ont a heart assault btxrmaster.comom doing soja many drugs. It does maybe glorify the lifestyle of these traders, cible at thé same time, it's hard venir come the end of cette thinking you'd ever before want venir be a part de that world. Scorcese, perhaps better than any kind of filmmaker in history, again demonstrates comment success/failure et good/evil space nothing an ext than sides of a coin, et one's reaction à Jordan Belfort and the est différent wolves conditions météorologiques Wall street could an extremely well be down venir where une stands at thé end de the commerce day.
manicure Jul 02 2020 4.00 stars
"The Wolf of Wall Street" is année excellent example de perfectly executed, pure over-the-top entertainment. The cinématicien teaches no lesson marqué is seulement on de nouveau league in terms of direction, writing, et cast. Ce surely isn't as groundbreaking as "GoodFellas" was 40 years ago, marqué it's impressive how a manager in his seventies could make one du the btxrmaster.comeshest, most irreverent films of this generation. Three hours could be a peu too much for a black comedy, but none de the scene felt unnecessary. It's together a fast-paced series ns memorable moment that it felt almost one hour shorter. The only problem with je was that the film starts nous a high note, keeps it until auto end marqué has no climax or impactful ending. Cette just starts nous a high note, keeps going parce que le three hours, et simply ends. Je wasn't feather forward à some sort of moral lesson about thé empty American rêver to spoil auto fun, marqué the critical series de events seul felt a bit flavorless.

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Scorsese's sordid exposé on bourgeoes neoliberal decadence oddly sufficient rings true venir that de Salò o ns 120 giornate tous Sodoma , with Pasolini's basis on the Marquis du Sade being instead that de Judd Apatow; the analysis of how the aristocracy is effectively exempt btxrmaster.comom any form ns punishment and the debauchery that results btxrmaster.comom the privilege is at the center of both works. Belfort peut faire very well be auto most despicable Scorsese protagonist, not to couverts one of the most aperçu character études in his œuvre.
There's a beaucoup to say about this film, about auto exposition, auto morality, the société commentary (or lack thereof), thé acting, the structure and pacing. Let's leave all that behind parce que le now because I'm tired et overwhelmed de intellectual pursuits. Ns just ont one question:Why être I left touched, nearly tearful at auto end?Maybe I'm going with some stuff. Cible there's one thing ns know. I've helped toutes les personnes recently.I don't want à qualify that further, jaune justify my gloating. I'm just telling auto truth.Belfort is a thief et a liar, unscrupulous with few exceptions. He's a manipulator et a ensemble artist, and in his mind, hey always comes first.But that amongst nous cannot say the same about themselves?My mettre en ordre is: Belfort helps people to help himself. Marqué he does aid people. Et that's kind ns sad to me, this balance of self-help and good will. Survive is what it is. Ns want venir survive. And that will to survive, that's touching. Even here.

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This cinématicien entertained me. That's toutes les personnes I want in media. Ce just happens à take a beaucoup sometimes.
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