année ongoing war du words in between Abdellatif Kechiche, director de Palme doré winner “Blue is the Warmest Colour”, and Léa Seydoux, one du its stars, reached a optimal this week. Is ce a clash of egos jaune something deeper? la france 24 takes a closer look.

On may 26, manager Abdellatif Kechiche and actresses Adèle Exarchopoulos and Léa Seydoux clutched each other in tearful triumph once their film, auto three-hour lesbian romantisme “Blue is thé Warmest Colour” (“La vie d’Adèle”), won thé top Palme jaune prize at Cannes.

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What a difference four months makes.

In an interview published in français magazine Télérama nous Wednesday, auto renowned 52-year-old French-Tunisian film housing is quoted ont saying: “In ma opinion, the cinématique should no be released. That been too tarnished. Auto Palme jaune was a fleeting instant du happiness; due to the fact that then, i have felt humiliated, dishonoured, garbage – as if i’m cursed.”

Kechiche’s remarks refer venir a torrent de negative type that he et his widely – also rapturously -- praised cinématique have received since its Cannes premiere: allegations that thé notoriously prickly et demanding director mistreated crew members during auto shoot; allégations from the author of the graphique novel nous which the film is based, oui well oui a few critics, that thé movie’s lengthy, graphique sex scenes to be gratuitous bordering nous lascivious; and, above all, auditeur comments par the film’s deux leading females that lock would never ever work with Kechiche again.

In année interview v US nouvelles site The tous les jours Beast at thé Telluride cinématique Festival, whereby “Blue is the Warmest Colour” screened previously this month, Seydoux called elle experience making auto movie “horrible”. Elle specifically quote one incident in i beg your pardon Kechiche “burst right into a rage” after shoot 100 takes du the same moment, et another in which hey demanded that thé actresses repeat, plenty of times, a violent fight step -- even after Exarchopoulos had injured herself and was bleeding.

Talking to auto press in los Angeles later on that week, Kechiche fired back at Seydoux, one du France’s many sought-after actresses and the granddaughter du the chef de la direction of major français production entreprise Pathé.

“If feuilles hadn’t been frontière with a silver spoon in her mouth, elle wouldn’t have said those things,” cette retorted.

In the interview in Télérama this week, Kechiche continued venir slam auto actress, saying that Seydoux’s challenge getting right into character was among the henn problems during the shoot. “I suggested, oui early ont 20 days into filming, that nous end our collaboration,” Kechiche recounted, including that he was ready to replace sa with sarah Forestier (who starred in one ns his previously films, “Games du Love et Chance”) or mélanie Thierry (whom he called “an accomplished actress”).

According to Kechiche, Seydoux’s complaints room “worse 보다 biting the hand the feeds you; a lack de respect à la a profession ns consider sacred”.

The director likewise wondered: “If she really endured je vous demande pardon she raffinement she did, why did elle come to Cannes and cry et thank me ?”

Anglophone press dismayed, amused

Indeed, auto disconnect in between the image of a united and affectionate triple ensemble at Cannes et the subsequent vitriol has left many puzzled – specifically in the US and the UK, whereby airing of dirty laundry before a cinématique hits théâtre is rare.

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“I"m curious around why castle couldn"t have figured the end that lock loathed every other avant making that hugs-kisses-and-tears appearance conditions météorologiques stage together,” affichage Harris, a influential American cinématicien historian, told france 24.

Harris likewise voiced an increasingly common concern: that auto toxic buzz swirling roughly the cinématique will cast a cloud end its eagerly suspect stateside release nous October 25 – et chase away potential American viewers.

“It"s unprecedented for a movie with soja much advance acclaim to oui its reception sabotaged de the rancor de its an innovative team,” Harris noted. “It"s a longue movie in a étranger language through controversial content, and some personnes who are nous the fence may take tous the an adverse noise as permission venir skip it. What"s particularly damaging is that, because the movie is sexually explicit, it was important to sell thé idea the nobody involved felt hurt, exploited jaune mistreated. That fight is pretty much lost.”

If auto film’s behind-the-scenes drama overshadows je vous demande pardon will for sure be an enthusiastic an important response, us distributor Sundance Selects/IFC film may find ce hard à follow with with planned d’oscar campaigns pour Exarchopoulos and Seydoux in thé lead et supporting actress categories, respectively. (Neither the french nor American distributors of “Blue is auto Warmest Colour” responded to a request parce que le comment.)

But at the very least a couple of us journalists oui expressed a sort ns half-facetious drdre for thé candor displayed par Kechiche et his actresses. “The bitterness back-and-forth is particularly unusual because cette comes during oscar season, when filmmakers and actors temporisation to… over une another et box tales de what a blast they had working together,” wrote steven Zeitchik and Mark Olsen in the los Angeles fois earlier this month. Auto take-no-prisoners bluntness ns the “Blue is the Warmest Colour” team could be thought about “refreshing”, castle concluded.

‘A Tunisian manager attacked passant par a white français aristocrat’?

Still, countless more cinématicien journalists have taken to Twitter to montré disappointment et annoyance. “I don"t care comment much mauvais blood there to be behind the scenes <…> The film is done. It"s wonderful. Why not just keep quiet?” tweeted variety critic guy Lodge.

In perhaps auto most provocative assessment du the events, one American critic understood Kechiche’s rage at Seydoux through auto prism of français racial tensions. “I à faire think elle need à factor in auto politics of a Tunisian director gift attacked passant par a white français aristocrat,” sam Adams, a haut editor at popular cinématique website Indiewire, tweeted.

Though some can think Adams is reading too frais into a usual clash du egos in between artists, his take on the debate is echoed in some of Kechiche’s statements.

“Léa Seydoux is part of a system that desires nothing to aller with me,” thé filmmaker called journalists in los Angeles in at an early stage September.

And in this week’s Télérama interview, Kechiche again hinted at his volatile partnership with auto “French cinema family”, as industry insiders appel téléphonique it here, i m sorry Seydoux, in numerous ways, represents.

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“Because of mien economic et ethnic background, I’ve had actually a hard temps getting people to judge je as année artist,” he said.