The Wolf"s Call

2019France1h 55minDirected by: Antonin BaudryCast: francis Civil, Omar Sy, mathématiques KassovitzUK release: 6 December 2019

Chanteraide (Civil) is an acoustic warfare analyst working in french submarine surveillance, and he and D’Orsi (Sy) i found it a conspiracy aiming to start a human being war. Muscular, absorbing, gung-ho french thriller through some good action, grounded in plausible person drama.

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De reconnaissance Belle

20171h 39min12Directed by: Anne-Gaëlle DavalCast: Florence Foresti, mathieu Kassovitz, Nicole Garcia

Happy End

2017France / Austria / Germany1h 47min15Directed by: michael HanekeCast: Jean-Louis Trintignant, isabelle Huppert, math Kassovitz, Fantine Harduin

The story du a powerful, privileged bourgeois household living near Calais cible seemingly oblivious venir everything vallonné on that is doorstep. It’s bleak et pitiless, and doesn’t quite ont the hypnotic intensity du previous Haneke btxrmaster.coms like Amour and The blanche Ribbon.

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2008US / France1h 30min12ADirected by: math KassovitzCast: vin Diesel, Michelle Yeoh, mélanie Thierry, Lambert Wilson, marque Strong, Charlotte Rampling, gérard Depardieu

Post apocalyptic thriller en francais with Diesel oui Russian mercenary Toorop who is escorting a really special woman (Yeoh) venir China. This mrs carries inside her the possibility ns a spiritual émergence for all mankind. Silly, derivative et clearly hacked up par the studios, this potentially amazing sci-fi is a frustrating…

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2001France2h15Directed by: Jean-Pierre JeunetWritten by: Jean-Pierre Jeunet (scenario), guilillume Laurant (dialogue)Cast: Audrey Tautou, math Kassovitz

Within Jeunet"s fantastical world – a reimagining de Paris" oldest quarter, Montmartre – the eccentric adventures du his eponymous heroine open minded in a manner oui complex oui a Swiss timepiece when amelie decides à bring happiness venir deserving people de playing elaborately benevolent practical jokes on them. A cinématique that…

A Self fabriquer Hero (Un héros carrément discret)

1995France15Directed by: mathématiques KassovitzCast: hobtration Koundé, vincent Cassel, Saïd Taghmaoui

As racial et class tension run high nous a Parisian housing project in the conséquence of a riot, three jeune guys (Cassel, Koundé, Taghmaoui) discover a gun. Kassovitz"s bbtxrmaster.comering portrayal de underclass anger et police brutality is fuelled de star-making performance from the three leads, particularly Cassel in his breakout…