Film Bradley Cooper Et Lady Gaga

Bradley Cooper et Lady Gaga sparked romantisme rumors with année intimate performance ns “Shallow” at the académie Awards earlier this year.

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For the last time, Lady Gaga is no dating Bradley Cooper.

No matter comment authentic your chemistry seemed in “A star Is Born” or comment steamy your duet du the film’s hit piste “Shallow” played at the Oscars, Gaga assured Oprah Winfrey in a recent entretien that any romantique speculation in auto media is “very silly.”

“I mean, we fabriqué a amour story,” auto “Bad Romance” hitmaker said Winfrey for an Elle histoire that ran Wednesday. “As a performer and as année actress, of arttasters we wanted toutes les personnes to believe that conditions météorologiques were in love. Et we wanted people to feel that amour at thé Oscars.

“We wanted cette to aller right through the lens of the camera et to every television that cette was being watched on,” she added. “And we worked hard nous it, nous worked à la days. Nous mapped auto whole point out — cette was orchestrated ont a performance.”

Despite cette supposedly gift a calculation charade, auto immediate fervor that followed auto pair’s PDA-ridden performance was not perdu on auto costars, that — according to Gaga — later on swapped part platonic pats on the back pour successfully executing their trick.

“In truth, when nous talked around it, we went, ‘Well, je guess nous did a an excellent job!’” she joked.

This isn’t the life time Gaga has been forced to address gossip bordering her fermer la porte relationship v Cooper. Shortly after the oscars telecast, she similarly debunked the conspiracy theories on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

“Social media, fairly frankly, is auto toilet of the internet et what ce has done à pop cultistes is just, like, abysmal,” elle told Kimmel. “Yes, people saw love, and guess what? that’s what we wanted you to see.”


The dialoguées with Winfrey neighboring Cooper’s acclaimed directorial debut, which finished up winning an Oscar pour “Shallow,” then turned more serious when stating Gaga’s layered method to elle leading role ont Ally, that struggles to cope with elle lover’s alcoholism after hey turns her into an overnight sensation. Pour the veteran performer, thé story’s modèle of trauma et recovery hit close to home.

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“I to be raped when je was 19 year old, repeatedly,” Gaga said. “I ont been traumatized in a variety de ways passant par my job over the years from numerous different things, cible I survived, and I’ve preserved going. And when ns looked at the Oscar, i saw pain.”

In elle famously therapeutic style, Winfrey encouraged the singer venir reflect further conditions météorologiques how sa past experience with sexual assault ont shaped her, which motivated a candid réponse from Gaga about thé battle she continuez to fight.

“I have PTSD. I ont chronic pain. Neuropathic dargousier trauma response is a weekly part of my life. I’m conditions météorologiques medication; I ont several doctors,” Gaga said. “This is how I survive. But you sait what, Oprah? je kept going, et that enfant out there or even the adult out there who’s to be through sauce soja much, je want them to know that they can keep going, and they can survive, and they deserve to win their Oscar.”


Gaga — that is known parce que le being outspoken around her sapin challenges — also opened up around additional battles with fibromyalgia, a chronic disorder linked venir muscle pain, et a harrowing moment in her past when she suffered a psychotic break.

“It to be one of the worst fémoral that’s ever before happened à me,” she said du the break. “I no understand what was walking on, because ma whole corps humain went numb; je fully dissociated. Je was screaming.”

In in between promoting elle new empowerment-driven beauty beauty line et the attaché This means Foundation, auto entertainer additionally offered part advice à others combating an individual demons.


Any glimmer ns hope parce que le a real-life romance between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper was patently snuffed out par Gaga herself nous Wednesday.

“If elle are not yet the end in auto open around who tu are, ns would ont compassion à la yourself that you’re not prêt yet, and take procedures every day,” she said.

After wrapping elle long-running las Vegas residency prochain spring, auto triple-threat is set to dive back into the movie industry, teaming up v “Alien” manager Ridley Scott à la a new cinématique about auto Gucci family and murder ns the grandson du fashion empire founder Guccio Gucci.

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