Filet de boeuf rossini en croute

If tu want luxury, think fillet steak, and if tu want à turn a 6 oz (175 g) fillet right into a man-sized portion, encase ce with a wild-mushroom stuffing in auto very thinnest possible layer ns puff pastry.

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What you"ll then oui is a delectable combination ns juicy steak, focused mushrooms and a really crisp crust. Great news, too, si you"re entertaining: this du bœuf recipe deserve to be ready several hours ahead et just popped in thé oven as soon as you"re ready for them.


This cooking recipes is indigenous Delia's Complete comment to Cook. Serves 4

Begin de making auto filling well ahead, ont it needs venir be chilled antérieur à you usage it.

Start off passant par soaking auto porcini in boil water parce que le 20 minutes et while that"s vantardise the onion and open-cap mushrooms will need à be chopped as finely as possible. Si you oui a nourriture processor amie can do this in moments; si not, use a very sharp knife et chop them minutely small.

When the porcini oui had 20 minutes, to express out all the overfill liquid, then chop castle small ont well. Now, in a milieu saucepan, melt auto butter et stir in auto onions and mushrooms to importer a an excellent buttery coating, climate season well v salt, pepper et a few gratings de fresh nutmeg.

What elle need to aller now is turn auto heat à its shortest setting and cook, uncovered, allowing the juices from thé mushrooms à evaporate slowly. This will certainly take about 35 protocole altogether – stir cette from temps to time and what you should end up with is a lovely focused mixture with non liquid left.

Spoon the mixture right into a bowl, cool et chill in auto fridge.

A couple of hours before you want venir serve the steaks, warmth the du bœuf dripping in the frying pan till it"s fumeur hot, or, oui the chef who taught me to cuisiner said, "Hot as you dare!" Now place the steaks 2 at a time in auto pan and give castle 30 seconds on each côté – je vous demande pardon you"re trying to achieve below is a dark, seared surface without cooking thé steaks – then eliminate them à a plate.

Turn auto heat éteindre under the pan, but don"t to wash it, due to the fact that you"re going venir need it again later.

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While auto steaks space cooling, couper the pastry into 4 pieces et roll each one out thinly à about a 7½ inch (19 cm) square; trim auto edges to get a practiced square and reserve the trimmings. Oui soon oui the steaks space cold, brush them v a précis brandy, season with salt et pepper, climate lightly brush the surface of each pastry square with auto beaten egg.

Reserve 1 tablespoon of the mushroom mixture pour the sauce, place about an eighth ns the staying mixture in auto middle de each square du pastry, then sommet with a steak.

Now place the very same amount du mushroom mixture on top du each steak, then lug 2 opposite corners ns pastry up à overlap in the centre, tucking in thé sides as if amie were wrapping a parcel, brush the pastry tous over with much more beaten egg and bring thé 2 staying corners up to overlap each other.

Be careful venir seal thé pastry seulement un gently because, si you wrap ce too tightly, cette tends to burst open up in auto oven. Si you like, you can use the reserved trimmings venir make leaves parce que le decoration.

Then, using a fish slice, tenderness lift the parcels on to the baking sheet, cover v a clean tea cloth et chill à la at the very least 30 minutes, jaune until you"re prêt to cook them.

When tu are, pre-heat the oven à gas affichage 7, 425°F (220°C), musique pop them in the oven conditions météorologiques a high shelf and cook for 25 minutes, which will certainly give tu medium-rare steaks. Si you desire them fine done, offer them 5 protocole more; if you desire them rare, give them 5 minute less.

While they"re cooking, pour the wine and reserved mushroom mixture into thé frying pan. Allow it tous bubble and reduce by about a 3rd – this will deglaze auto pan et you deserve to then spoon a précis of the reduction roughly each portion avant it goes to thé table.

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One word ns warning: you must have your guest seated and ready antérieur à this is served, because if the steaks wait around, they go on food preparation inside thé pastry.