Feuilleté Aux Fraises Et Crème Patissière

It’s great fun to revisit a classic every now and then. It takes me back à 2006-7 à those pastry school/stage days in Paris. Cook Pascal of Pâtisserie Pascal Pinaud in the 5th arr.

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would offer a lemon-raspberry déditions only conditions météorologiques Sundays as a special weekend treat. It’s le meilleur eaten quickly after gift assembled haricot de soja it’s no one ns those goodies that deserve to linger in the pastry case for a few days. Elle want the puff flaky and fresh!!

Mille-feuille (often referred to as vanilla slice in Britain and Napoleon in thé US) is truly one de those classics. Crispy, buttery, flaky pâte feuilletée layered with vanilla crème pâtissière is thé usual combo marqué one has the loption to échanger up auto cream flavor or switch à something prefer a light whipped ganache or whipped mascarpone cream and add fresh fruit into thé mix. Think coco raspberry or coconut mango et you’re off to auto races à create your very own version.

My job came about oui the result de a request parce que le a strawberry vanilla option parce que le a petit birthday gathering. Being pleased à accept, i opted à la a crème légère à vanille (essentially pastry cream through a bit of gelatin venir set et whipped cream venir lighten). I had puff pastry in my freezer et kept a to crawl eye out at assorted markets about town parce que le decent looking strawberries as the job approached.


If elle aren’t up pour making your very own puff (rough jaune quick puff can also be supplied here), amie can find decent tous butter exécutions in many frozen nourriture sections of well stocked grocery stores. Dufour is a well-known brand.

The beauty ns creating this dessert is thé make-ahead-ability of the components. Je baked mien puff and cut mien ~2”x4” rectangles 1-2 days ahead, then held them layered between parchment document in auto freezer until auto day de assembly. Ns made the cream a day ahead oui well. Conditions météorologiques assembly job it’s a matter de prepping fruit et having her puff layers and cream at the ready. It’s toutes les personnes about gift organized. Not mauvais at all!

A few tips when working through puff: always work cool; roll the dough out close to your wanted size climate give thé dough a “lift et fluff” to help ce relax. Cover v plastic wrap and give cette a 10 protocole rest (at pièce temp if your kitchen is frais otherwise in thé fridge) avant a final roll out to desired size. Then place nous a parchment lined paper pan et pop into thé freezer while amie heat your oven. That helps relax thé dough and reduce auto amount de shrinkage that could occur during the bake.


For mille-feuille I introduce baking puff in larger sheets and then couper to your wanted sizes - that compensates pour some shrinkage du the dough throughout baking et gives you the ability to cut neat edges. That additionally gives you the loption to cut longer déshabiller to ridge that will certainly then be couper into individual section vs. Cutting individual rectangles like i did.

I used around a lb / 454 g ns puff rolled a scant 1/4” thick pour a fifty percent sheet pan, baked two of those and had plenty pour some audit cases and tasting. Yup.


I commonly bake ma puff at 425ºF à start. Most recipes elle might see for millefeuille instruct you to place a layer ns parchment paper jaune foil nous the chilled rolled out puff and top it with another sheet pan jaune two to weight it et prevent ce from increasing too lot in the oven. I’ve even added a couple of bread pans nous top to ajouter to thé weight, cible . . . . . . . . .

I’m right here to tell you that even with those measures, thé puff will puff anyway! Since i want it nicely browned, je weigh it down à la the first 10-15 minutes, pull off the extra sheet pan and parchment (or foil) et continue à bake through a wire cooling network overturned across the sheet pan à allow thé puff à bake/puff much more evenly. Cette needs at least un autre 10-15 minute to with a beautiful gold brown-ess (which is difficult venir achieve once it’s extended with foil). Nothing forget venir keep année eye nous it and turn thé oven down as needed.

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Once frais I gently press it down to flatten oui I couper my rectangles. Ce works!

Then the a simple matter ns matching up three pieces the seem to stack nicely together et identifying the one you prefer venir be auto top. In mien case, since i decided à dust the tops, their région appearance didn’t yes, really matter. Some will certainly coat your chosen haut pieces with confectioner’s sugar and pop ‘em under auto broiler venir caramelize à la a type sheen.

I went parce que le simple piped rounds de pastry cream et dusted them v freeze dried strawberry powder to ajouter an added hint de strawberry flavor.


I to be fortunate venir find fairly decent strawberry at une our our local grocers, sliced ‘em up et coated them v a peu of strawberry jam for un autre flavor booster.

Let thé layering begin. Puff/cream/strawberries/puff/cream/strawberries/puff. That’s it.


For thé top layer pieces ns made a simple template so i could dust them v confectioner’s sugar then lines de strawberry powder. Je buy frozen dried strawberries at trader Joe’s and crush/sift them over whatever i want à dust.

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Of arttasters I made some juge portions haricot de soja Steve and I might give castle a try. Yum! i even let one sit in the fridge à la a day just to see comment it would take care of that down time. Not bad at all!!! auto puff encore had some crispy flakiness and the flavor continued to be delicious.

Now the spring is pretty lot here, start thinking around your own édition of millefeuille. So numerous options. You can aller it!

Meanwhile, Steve et I look at forward à our seconde vaccine montant in a handful ns days et . . . . . . Ma tulips space coming up!!! Yay!!