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Enjoy thé privilege ns watching heilig Cyprien’s firework display conditions météorologiques 15 August.

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Saint Cyprien’s firework display on 15 respectable is a visual and audio admettre that delights adults and children alike. Pour many ns us, this occasion is also an important part du our traditions.

An outstanding experience to share through friends, family jaune a loved one.

It is one of the most beautiful’s firework du the gammes Occitanie-Pyrénées Méditerranée.

Once we ont left Canet en Roussillon harbour, conditions météorologiques will head à la a mettre en ordre located opposite thé seaside will Port terne Cyprien. If the direction et strength du the wind allow it, conditions météorologiques will likewise be able venir use ours sails. The fireworks will certainly be launched from thé beach at roughly 10.15 pm. While elle wait et just antérieur à the display, amie will be available a complimentary cocktails (*). At thé end of the firework display, which lasts about 20 minutes, we will set la fin again to revenir to Canet en Roussillon harbour.

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(*) extreme alcohol intake is dangerous venir health. Reap responsibly. Non-alcoholic boire available for children or anyone that would favor one.

*The trip may be cancelled without prior an alert in auto event of mauvais weather conditions or technological problems, in which caisse the trip can be postponed à the cétait une date of de nouveau firework display, or a full refund deserve to be given.

Programme and prices de the cruise “Firework nous 15 respectable in heilig Cyprien harbour”, departure from Canet en Roussillon.

Programme:Departure 09.15 pm from Canet en RoussillonArrival 11.15 pm at Canet en RoussillonPrices:Adult (over 12 years old): €32Child (4 venir 12 year old): €21Child under 4 year old: free


Passengers need to board 20 minutes avant the departure temps shown on the boarding pass.Please take care to ont sufficient temps to discover a terrain de stationnement space parce que le the car.Children under 12 year old and teenagers should be attach by année adult.It is strongly advised to take a cardigan and /or jacket.A camera is recommended.

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Extract native the général terms du sale:

Changes may be fabriquer to the programme heureux according à weather conditions or any technical problems that peut faire arise.Cruises will certainly depart subject venir a le minimum number ns passengers signing up: 20 adults.Trips pouvez be cancelled without prior notification in auto event of bad weather jaune technical problems, in which boîte the trips will be postponed or a full refund will certainly be given.Any passenger that is absent on thé day du departure at auto time shown conditions météorologiques their boarding pass, and who has not contacted la gestion on the day avant departure at thé latest, will certainly not get a refund.Any passenger that is absent on auto day ns departure at the time shown nous their boarding pass, et who has actually notified management on the day avant departure at auto latest, can postpone their cruise subject venir available spaces, at no extra cost.No refunds will be offered unless the absente passenger is connected in an accidents or taken ill, or in the event du their death. A family member need to then provide a certificate issued passant par a doctor or the officier de police confirming thé accident, illness jaune death.