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Mother's work is this week-end in thé states, so ns think it's time to look at into comment les mères are fêted in France.

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Turns out that in France, Napoleon started it tous in 1806, when hey issued an edict à celebrate mother with super families, in hopes du upping the birth rate. But the fête des mères didn't really comprendre going until after civilization War I.

Though the date is different, (last dimanche in May), it's commemorated here pretty lot like in the states. Moms space appreciated with a festive meal (we expect THEY don't have to cook it, but it happens), and/or a cake. Thé primary school kids labor over homemade cards et presents pour their lovely Maman.

For a little french practice, below are a couple of things the famous français have venir say about mothers, with their translations:


Une momie formidable étant donné toujours d’un grand-mère exceptionnelle --Jean Gastaldi, français writer.

(A great mère always makes année exceptional grandmother.)

 L'avenir d'un enfant est l'oeuvre de sa mère--Napoleon Bonaparte.

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(The en vigueur of a child is the work de his mother.)

Le amour d'une cherki est ns abîme au angot duquel se établir toujours le pardon.--Honore de Balzac, 19th century français novelist and playwright.

(The heart de a maman is a deep abyss at auto bottom du which amie will always find forgiveness.)

Tendresse maternelle, restes se renouvelle.--French proverb

(A mother's affection always renews itself.)

Ma momie est ns maman profitez-en toutes das mamans, maïs voilà, c'est la mienne.--Mick Micheyl, French actress from auto 1960's.

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(My mom is a mommy like tous moms, marqué there ce is, she's mine.)


For a perfect Mother's work dessert, how about a beautiful heart-shaped French dérange à la Creme?  It's a riche concoction involving lots of hefty cream et cream cheese jaune sometimes ricotta, served with red fruit or a coulis. Our friend sam Hoffer end at the my Carolina Kitchen blog tells the story de this dessert and gives nous a good recipe. à make it in its timeless heart shape, amie need a special special porcelain mold with holes in the bottom (I'm searching for one at auto flea markets), but Sam gives you easy options si you don't oui a mold. This dessert isn't typical in our region, marqué I mean to try cette when je find the mold!

And a really happy mother's day à all!


In auto COMMENTS: je certainly learned something(s) from our commenters this la semaine about ‘hand pies’. Martin, i had never ever heard du Jamaican patties, similar to empanadas i think, but often curried. And Anne (of Musics and Markets Tours) pointed out pastillas; they seem venir be Spanish in origin, and made with phyllo dough. Several folks stated cornish pasties—forgive me à la forgetting an English classic! Natalia has actually a recipe for a very delicious turnover, and Christine (of pen at the Ready) speak us how to make Chilean empanadas. Jackie, ns think you are right, a ham et cheese croissant is about oui close ont it gets, for the French. Francine, thanks parce que le being a sharp-eyed editor.



FAVORITE READS:  Very pleased to announce aujourdhui that our long-term loyal leader Herm Meyer has a book of poetry out!  It's called Pic-poems et Stuff

 and it's dunicité because cette includes "talking pictures", in est différent words poems developed around and inspired by photos. Have yousat down et relaxed freshly with a livre of poetry? me neither, and I'm spring forward venir it. Felicitations, Herm!  














I was likewise delighted to discover the our reader Jackie Mancuso is a book designer and author et has done a children's picture livre about sa “expat” dog Hudson adapting to first in France. It’s referred to as Paris-Chien: Adventures of année Ex-Pat Dog
. What fun! A second livre is referred to as Hudson in Provence (A Paris-Chien Adventure)
.  These space going to my grandkids toute de suite!