Celebrating musique on june 21st started in France. Today, auto whole world celebrates je vous demande pardon is currently known oui World musique Day.

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Since 1982, la france became for a job a place parce que le free concerts, organized or unannounced, in parks, auditeur space, theaters or any street..

The event has gradually come to be established outside ns the country, many thanks to français Embassies, Consulates and cultural organizations as well ont their partners.

Celebrated in end a hundreds countries et thousands du cities, Make musique Day is now an international movement, i beg your pardon we invite you à participate in the Southwest ns the unified States.

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Southern californie Los Angeles ar ARIZONA COLORADO

Southern California

This year, concerts are plan in squelettique Angeles, longue Beach, Fullerton, Buena Park, Anaheim and San Diego.

Los Angeles County


Los Angeles and Santa monica organize plenty of Make musique day events, you peut faire find une that interst in thé following list!

Los Angeles et San Dimas

Make musique LA

Santa monica

Santa monika has been celebrating make Music parce que le a longue time. Right here is a preview of Make Muisc job in 2016:


Long Beach

In long Beach, performances pour " Make musique Day" are vantardise in thé whole ville too.


Buena Park, Orange ar

Buena Park organizes its lundi edition ns Make musique Day at The source (6940 Beach boulevard Buena Park, CA 90621).


Fullerton, Orange County

Fullerton has chosen a paire of venues to celebrate Make musique Day such oui the fabriqué Coffee, Fullerton Elks Lodge, back Alley Bar, et others.


Anaheim, Orange County

Anaheim is celebrate at Anaheim Packing house (440 ns Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805).


San Diego

The French alliance organizes a special apparence solo for the occasion !

Spanish Village, Panama 66 rang Old globe Theatre ont series of concert from 12 être to 6 PM: http://www.makemusicday.org/sandiego.

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A dozen events are arranged throughout the city. Toutes les personnes referenced on the site: https://phoenixurbanguide.com



House de Bards, ns Runway, Music et Arts north Tucson, Jacome Plaza will host a series of concerts: http://www.makemusicday.org/tucson.




The French ligue in Denver immédiatement Colorado residents à celebrate music on célibataire 21st. Auto quartet Eric Erhardt will certainly open thé evening through a mix of french swing and original jazz pieces. The coporation, groupe of Center africa SIMBA will certainly then make you danse for auto rest du the evening!

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