Fête De La Musique Paris 2019

Every year, on june 21st,the Fête aux la musique is thé occasion à la a friendly and festive meetingaround music. Jazz, Rock, Classical, Rap… tous musical genre are in thespotlight.

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History ns the fête de la musique

The fête aux la musique was produced in la france in 1982 par Jack Lang, then Minister de Culture. The project was developed with the aim du promoting et democratizing the art of music. With auto slogan: “Faites ns la musique, fête du la musique” (Make music, musique festival), auto friendly and festive atmosphere du this evening normally spreads in thé minds of french people. This event has become more democratic et has also spread to Europe. Cette is now commemorated in an ext than 130 countries.

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This celebration event is a lasting one andis now année opportunity to listen to and discover an excellent music, et to comprendre togetherto celebrate with friends and family. Cette also permits you to rediscover thé citywhile revitalizing that downtown businesses. Free, it is thé celebration thatoffers artists, young amateurs as well ont professionals, a moment to be heardby the auditeur on stage or in thé street. This recadrer effervescence provides amusical civilization tour for the summer solstice, auto shortest night of the year.

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Fête de la musique in Paris: ordre du jour of must-see concerts

For this 38th edition, thé Fête aux la musique returns conditions météorologiques Friday june 21st 2019. Each city in france will celebrate the art of music. Ne sont pas less than 92 occasions are plan in et around Paris. Toutes les personnes musical genres combined, from one street to another, going indigenous jazz, rap and groove à rock, funk and electro. The concert follow one another, thé artists transport us et the an excellent boulevards of Paris pulsate to thé rhythm of musique from all over thé world. The festival will be hosted under thé pyramid du the persienne with a large free symphony concert given by the Orchestra de Paris. For this new edition, auto Demos musique education project will be presented at les Villette passant par the “Philharmonie de Paris”. This regime targets children in working-class neighborhoods jaune rural areas de offering 3 years de classical musique lessons.

If in previous years the themes ofpop, voice jaune urban musique were in thé spotlight, this year 2019, auto Fête du la musique will le respect itsgathering around: “Living musictogether“. This 38th execution promotes the sharing andvalues of openness à different cultures. In Paris, in thé Île-de-Franceregion, amie can join this friendly event with following music on auto program:

Paris first arrondissement: fermé 36h Saint-Eustache, musicians will make the church of saint Eustache ring out tous night long.Paris 4th arrondissement: auto choir’s notes: jazz et rock concert by yves Blanchard’s choirParis 5th arrondissement: irish cultural apparence solo or Pink Floyd tribute concert in the Lutetia arenas.Paris 7th arrondissement: Aubade of musique trumpet at the Legion de Honour MuseumParis 8 hours arrondissement: Lyrical apparence solo with Franco-Russian artist at the grand Palais et then conditions météorologiques Place de la Madeleine, the Northern lights Quarter, a classical musique groupParis 11th arrondissement: Japanese drumming show on Place ns la Bastille.Paris 14th arrondissement: Mazurcade, traditional song et Folk at Montsouris ParkParis 15th arrondissement: range concert, 50 years of musique on the square in front du the church of nos Dame du l’Arche d’Alliance. Parisien 19th arrondissement: open up stage pour the Place ns jeunes dur in auto 19th arrondissement as well ont many pop-rock bands nous the lawn of La Villette Park.

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For those that would like à enjoy these concerts avant June 21th, some bands will carry out a couple of days before and after the bien sur such oui the “Hymns venir Creation” bien sur at Saint-Jean-Baptiste aux Grenelle church in auto 15th arrondissement. Ventilateurs of electronic musique will be pleased à learn that the Philharmonie du Paris exhibition “Le rêver électro” will continue until august 11th 2019 in thé 19th arrondissement, avenue jeans Jaurès.

Find more events andconcerts in Île-de-France https://fetedelamusique.culture.gouv.fr

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