This Friday, june 21st is thé summer solstice, thé longest day ns the year, and that night the Fête du la musique 2019 is celebrated toutes les personnes over the world. Currently in 120 countries and 700 cities, this musical holiday to be started here in France by the français Minister of Culture, femme Lang, in 1982. The Minister of cultistes actually got thé idea indigenous his Director de Music and Dance, Maurice Fleuret, who sought venir create a revolution in music – making cette available venir everyone without thé hierarchy of genres. Castle weren’t really sure back in 1982 si this tons holiday to be going à be a success, cible that night musicians collection up everywhere in auditeur places et thousands ns people participated. 37 years later, auto celebration is calmer going nous every year during thé night ns the lété solstice.

The Fête du la musique is the chanceux for the French and visitors alike venir come ensemble outside venir enjoy habitent music of toutes les personnes different kinds: rock, rap, electronic, folk musique of assorted countries, jazz, et classical. One can hear newcomers that don’t usually comprendre the joie to perform conditions météorologiques stage in front du audiences in addition venir well-known musicians. The le meilleur part about auto Fête aux la musique is that tous of the concerts and events room free. The spectacle are held outdoors in public spaces, favor parks et squares, jaune at thé town halls of each arrondissement.

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Most ns the concerts begin approximately 6pm, depending on the neighborhood, et can last until midnight. During les Fête aux la musique fares are lessened on auditeur transport and some de the métro lines run tous night. Si you examine out the official website fetedelamusique.culture.gouv.fr you can click on année interactive map which will certainly let elle filter the concerts by location and type du music.

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Within parisien there are over 70 concerts listed, taking place all over the city, soja you can choose à stay in your arrondissement jaune travel to est différent neighborhoods si there is a particular sacrés of music you would certainly like venir hear.

Below are some du the biggest events taking place in centre Paris à la the te ns la musique 2019:

the symphonic boulot by the Orchestra de Paris under auto Louvre Pyramid, beginning at 10pm. This is free marqué spaces peut faire be limited. At thé Église Saint-Eustache, prochain to das Halles, they space holding your 14th annual 36-hour longue Festival aux Saint-Eustache whereby they will ont a marathon of free concerts within auto gothic cathedral, which must sound spectacular under thé vaulted ceiling. Auto event starts at 6pm on célibataire 20 and will run all the means through till late in thé evening of the 21st. In thé Place de Palais Royal, there will be a boulot of traditional music from the île of Réunion, an overseas french department in auto Indian Ocean. the Grand Palais will hold a boulot celebrating Soviet composers, in alignment with its existing exhibition about Soviet art, featuring singers from thé Conservatory ns Paris. This démontrer begins at 6:30pm. Si jazz is your thing, Sunset Sunside will have a séries of concerts paying homage à jazz greats favor Louis Armstrong, Nat king Cole, frank Sinatra et Duke Ellington. These start at 6pm and end at midnight. At auto Museum ns the Legion de Honor, there will certainly be a brass orchestral concert conditions météorologiques its esplanade beginning at 6:30pm and followed par a seconde show at 7:30pm within the courtyard de the museum.

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We hope these tips assist you plan for your music Day endure in Paris. Si you’re interested in discovering more about Parisian local culture & lifestyle, don’t hesitate to book our most originalité experience: A Day with Locals personal full-day wade tour!

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