The Fête du la music is a denchères day of musique celebration the takes place nous the longest day ns the year – thé 21st ns June. This day is being commemorated in every neighborhood et city in France and in much more than 120 other cities around thé world who joined this amazing français initiative. Conditions météorologiques Fête aux la music free concerts are organized in nearly every pub and public places, favor squares and parks, and toutes les personnes you oui to faire is take it a stroll around auto city and choose the musique you prefer to listen to.

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Like everywhere else in France, Bordeaux is going à be really festive tomorrow through plenty du concerts, dj sets et musical totally free activities in each et every neighborhood. If elle like to keep it fermé to home, Marie de Bordeaux all set a thorough list of toutes les personnes the occasions that room about venir take carré in auto following neighborhoods: Bastide, Chartrons/ vaste parc/ jardin Public, Nansouty / terne Genes, Cauderan, heilig Augustin, Bordeaux Maritime, South de Bordeaux et the center of thé city- you can see auto full program here.

This list is a an extremely long, full with big et small occasions which makes ce very hard à choose and make the le meilleur out du that day. Soja how aller you à savoir where to aller tomorrow? That’s je vous demande pardon I’m right here for! I’ve ready a list ns 14 emplacement with auto biggest and most interesting occasions organized for la Fête ns la musique, where you are promised to oui a great time! Most of the events in thé list room in the center of Bordeaux, marqué not only, there space some suggestions for those who prefer à stay out de the city on days choose these. If you comprendre to thé end de the list there’s a crème event –  fete de la musique parce que le kids that will take carré over auto weekend.

Cour Mably

Délicieuse Musique association will hold an event that will certainly take carré at rechercher Malby and will incorporate concerts and Dj’s.Music style: Funk, Groove, digital music, popDetails: Cour Mably, 33000 Bordeaux at 16:00.

Musee des Beaux-ArtsSaint Michel

An evening full de concerts, organized by aller Les filles will take place in heilig Michel. Parce que le more info examine out the sur facebook event.Music style: world Music, Reggae, Soul, digital musicDetails: carré Meynard, 33000 Bordeaux – 18:00 venir 01:00

Place dommage Lafargue

Bordeaux rock assocoation will hold a super party at Place fernand Lafargue through concerts and DJ’s playing seul vinyls. Parce que le more details inspect out auto website de Bordeaux rock.Music style: electronic music, funk. Groove, rock, soul.Details: Place fernand Lafargue 33000 Bordeaux- 19:00 venir 01:00

Place ns Palais

An evening du rock and psychedelic musique will take place at Place ns Palais v six concert of different bands and dj’s: L’Astrodøme + musique d’Apéritif, wizard (rock progressive psychédélique), Equipe ns Foot (indie rock), Korto (kraut psychédélique space), ns Witch (psych absent garage) + guest, Dj set L’Astrodøme + musique d’Apéritif.Details: Place du Palais 33000 Bordeaux- 18:00 to 01:00

Place des Quinconces

Dj Lex MELOMIX rang AKAPOULTEK will certainly organize a trance party at carré des QuinconcesMusic style: Progressive and tranceDetails: place des Quinconces 33000 Bordeaux- at 18:00

Place terne Projet

As special occasion will take place at Place saint Projet on boulevard Saint Catherine that will certainly gather année improvised jungle full of strange creatures gift by Les Amplitudes and Raibow Pony. The party will be accompanied de house music.Music style: house, funk, grooveDetails: Place heilig Projet, 33000 Bordeaux- 17:00 venir midnight

Cathédrale terne André

The main Cathedrale ns Bordeaux will host a choir à la a concert of année hour et a half.

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Details: Cathédrale heilig André, 33000 Bordeaux- 19:45 to 21:15

Saint michelle (rue aux Mirail)

L’Eau and Super Daronne will certainly unite forces for a great musical night de house, disco et funk at la cour du Crédit Municipal.Details: la cour ns Credit Municipal du Bordeaux , 29 rue du Mirail, 33000 Bordeaux- 18:00 venir 01:00

Rocher ns Palmer

FIP radio will memory the fête les Musique at the Rocher ns Palmer in Cenon with concerts et a live broadcast.Details: Rocher de Palmer, 1 boulevard Aristide Briand, 33152 Cenon- from 19:00 à midnight

South ns Bordeaux (Square Dom Bedos )

An electronic musique party will certainly take place at Square Dom Bedos with thé Dj’s Tplt et l’Orangeade gaining together parce que le a second collaboration.Details: square Dom Bedos 33000 Bordeaux- from 18:00

Parc Peixotto, Talence

An evening full of musique will take carré in Park Peixotto with concert of french songs by Charole Meli-Melo and several teams playing pop, rock and funk music.Details: Parc Peixotto, Talence 33400 Bordeaux- from 18:00


Many concerts will take carré in the center of Pessac (place de la Liberté, place aux la ve République, hall ns l’Hôtel de Ville, esplanade Charles de Gaulle, rue des Poilus et églises Saint-Martin) beginning 18:15. Later on in auto evening (22:15) the grouper Tenue will take auto stage at place ns la la gestion République and will do you saut to the greatest songs de disco, funk and rock de the 70s et 80s. Pour more details click here.

Conservatoire Jacques Thibaud de Bordeaux 

Conservatoire aux Bordeaux rappel you pour a distinct day of music concerts and performances in different locations around the city. Examine out the program du the festival:

Midi musical at auto Grande drames at 12:30 (you can purchase the tickets through thé Opera).Colors of peace at les Halle des Douves – 4 rue des Douves : 19:30Mélodie des physique at esquive Halle des Douves – 4 boulevard des Douves : 20:30Concert musique et chanter at la Cité aux Vin : 20:00 (The boulot is free cible reservation is required through Cité aux Vin)Ceili band – The Connemara paiement – 18 courir d’Albret, 33000 Bordeaux at 21:00Concert des opus – L’Atelier aux Conservatoire – rue principale jacques d’welles at 17:30

Bonus event – Fête du la Musique pour kids – June 24th

This one has become a bordelaise tradition. Every year, on the weekend adhering to the Fête de la Musique, kids importer to celebrate your own musique day in parc Bordelais. Auto event proposes a gros program of musical activities such as concerts de different musique schools, a workshop ns electronic music à la kids, a boulot of the lorchestre d’Harmonie aux Bordeaux et more. See the full regimen here.

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Details: se garer Bordelais, célibataire 24, 11:00 to 19:30. Thé event is free.


I hope this list will assist you to find an event parce que le tomorrow!! share ce with friends si you likes it!