Fete de la musique 2016 reims

as people around thé world commemorated World musique Day (21 June) in tous its glory, Neel Adhikari, covered the Fête aux la Musique live from Paris pour btxrmaster.com

Music is something the everyone listens venir at any kind of given mission of the day. Take personnes travelling à work conditions météorologiques a du quotidien basis — chances are the they"re hooked conditions météorologiques to a pair du headphones and are singing along.

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Naturally, si you watch musicians do soulful musique on auto busy streets of a ville such as Paris, she bound venir stop and listen.

As personnes around auto world commemorated World musique Day (21 June) in toutes les personnes its glory, Neel Adhikari, a Kolkata-based indie singer-songwriter et part du the tape Neel et the Lightbulbs, covered thé event habitent from Paris à la btxrmaster.com, et took us nous a one-of-a-kind journey through the streets de enchanting Paris.


Fête ns la Musique. Neel Adhikari

Paris is well known parce que le its musique Day celebrations, called Fête du la musique where musicians loiter about in the streets et perform to thé public, free de cost. As expected, thé streets de Paris were packed with musicians, who performed a wide variety of catégorie taking the ville over, the whole ns Wednesday.

Fête aux la music was thé brainchild of se réconcilier French culture Minister jack Lang. Cette came right into being in 1982 in parisien — auto idea de this day is venir not just serve the auditeur with free-flowing music, marqué to also allow anyone venir showcase their talent. The day is now celebrated in much more than 120 countries, and as many oui 700 cities across thé world.

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One du the numerous venues du this work was auto lawns of Hotel aux Ville wherein a dome was developed to block out tous the rue noise. The instruments were purposely kept unamplified à la people à enjoy jazz in all its joie de vivre.

Different catégorie of bands perform in thé Parisian streets, varying from african bands et its street beats to habitent jazz et concerts. India was represented de the bengale baul singer Paban esquive Baul, that Adhikari jammed with, nous the vert lawns of ns Cartoucherie.

Social media wasn"t left behind. #WorldMusicDay was trending transparent Wednesday, as people mutual their favori band posts, pictures, et songs à celebrate thé wonder that musique is.

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With Adhikari"s complet coverage of Fête de la Musique à la btxrmaster.com, throughout the day, our viewers got année exclusive peek into the Parisian world ns music.