Fete a jean 2016 chateau thierry

This was our 7th année at auto Fete ns Bordeaux - a an excellent event sponsored par Applejack liquors.This year, nous went through Diana, Amy, et Dan - and it didn"t snow! nous are crediting Dan and Amy parce que le that.

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The evening started with a champagne reception at the Westin hotel, v a émotif overlook. Auto area outside auto windowhas changed a little over auto years, marqué it is one du the places Mike took je on our life date, October 11,1993....and as my thanks, ns accidentally damaged his sunglasses. Cette never lets je forget...Specifically, this area:

This year, Applejack got tous fancy et added coat inspect tickets à la the coat check.

Peeking inside auto dining room...

Here is the full menu with ma notes:

Our table! as Diana would say, it"s cardinal up! 4 sets of flatware...

Dan, Amy, et Mike:

Amy, Mike, me, et Diana:

Another look at at the table setting:

Really love the au sens propre cactus centerpiece:

They included a joli display of all the wines:

Chateau Figeac"A life Great divide Growth because 1954, Chateau Figeac"s hallmark characteristics of elegance, freshness, and harmony room recognized thé whole people over.Figeac is a very ancient property. In thé 2nd century, thé Figeacus family gave its surname to auto estate. Traces du this Gallo-Roman villa encore exist today.Chateau Figeac has belonged to auto family de the current owners because 1892. Thierry Manoncourt, later on assisted par his wife, Marie-France, started restructuringthe vineyard in 1947 in order venir make Figeac one du the best wines de Bordeaux. Today, Figeac is the largest estate of Saint-Emilion, covering 54 hectare (133 acres).Besides that 40 hectares (99 acres) of vines, a variety du landscapes combiner to pour a balance in nature, aujourdhui known ont bio diversity. Figeac has super areas du space, whichadd to auto majesty of the place and allow the flora and fauna venir flourish. Figeac has année outstanding terroir consisting du three gravelly rises. In keeping with the la nature of this soil,Figeac is thé Right bank estate with auto highest percentage ns Cabernet. This atypical combination accounts parce que le wines that room elegant, long-lived, and extremely well-reputed.Today, madame Thierry Manoncourt and Hortense Idoine Manoncourt (a graduate ns the fury Ecole Superieure d"Agriculture) are proactively involved in thé running ns the estateand ensuring the continuity du the household ownership. They symbolize Chateau Figeac"s spirit ns long-term commitment et excellence, guaranteeing the continuation of theFigeac saint created de Thierry Manoncourt (1917 - 2010). Auto Manoncourt family aujourdhui is supported par highly skilled wine growing teams et are careful venir preserve the spirit et excellencethat oui always been central to the way this unicité property is operation every day.http://chateau-figeac.com/

Chateau la ConseillanteThe name la Conseillante life appeared in thé middle du the 18th century, when the influential Catherine Conseillan, auto owner ns the propertyat the time, decided à give her name venir it. In 1871, thé Nicolas family members acquired la Conseillante, whose région area (12 hectares/30ars) et vineyard plotshave remained auto same due to the fact that that time, i m sorry is a dunicité achievement. Since February 1, 2010, the la Conseillante family members Board has been fabriquer up of three members:Doctor bertrand Nicolas, joint-managing director because 2001, Jean-Valmy Nicolas, joint-managing director because 2010, et Henri Nicolas. Today, auto 5th generation ns the Nicolas familymanages auto estate, symbolising thé continuing committment et attachment ns the family venir this good growth. Thé Nicolas heirs are clearly identified conditions météorologiques each bottleby the initials "LN" nous the étiqueter at the central of a shield within a silver-edged frontière whose 4 corners space sloped. The violet-colored bottle capsuleevokes thé charasmatic aroma du the wine. Thesepackaging features, life chosen back in 1871 passant par the Nicolas brothers, remain elegant and yet modern even today.For thé 145 year that it has existed, Chateau ns Conseillante has actually thus benefited indigenous long-lasting unwavering faire un don from auto Nicolas family, which has actually helped ce to express thebest of its terroir, which is one of the greatest in Pomerol.http://www.la-conseillante.com/

Chateaux exécution Bages et Ormes de PezIn auto heart de the Medoc on the banks du the estuary, Pauillac (Gironde, France) has actually been auto true birthplace de Grand ailé Classe wines since 1855.TheLynch-Bages vineyards are planted across 100 hectares. These vineyards gain a soft climate, homogenous geology, et a tolography du well-defined outcrops in theSouth et South-West of the town. These factors tous contribute to bringing lynch Bages" soils your warmth et excellent natural drainage towards the river, whichensures optimum water it is provided to thé vines. Return there are records du the Bages territory ont far back as the 16th century, the history du wine production in thearea really began in the 18th century.Lynch-Bages is there is no a doubt the flagship ns the région Jean-Michel Cazes, marqué it was not the tons domaine à belong to thé Cazes family. This location goes toOrmes ns Pez, which was purchased passant par Jean-Charles Cazes in auto wake du World war II. At thé time de the french Revolution, the current home was calledDomaine ns Pez (meaning "peace" in the locale dialect). Ont for thé elms ("ormes") that ont appeared nous the bottle labels since 2003, castle grew nous the grounds ofthe domaine until this mythical variety ns tree ceased to grow in europe in the 1950s.Owners of lyncher Bages and Ormes aux Pez à la generations, thé Cazes family members has spread its viticultural wings and developed a model brandof tourism the issteeped in a tradition of hospitality. From the Ariege montails to the vineyards of the Medoc et elsehwhere, the histoire is about jouneys. Today,Jean-Charles Caes, the great-grandson of the sapin Jean-Charles, is heading this family-run estates.http://www.jmcazes.com/en

Chateaus Langoa Barton et Leoville BartonHugh Barton purchase Chateau Langoa Barton in 1821 and Chateau Leoville in 1826. Anthony Barton and his daughter Lillian, dong 6th and 7th generationafter Hugh, currently run auto two estates. Ensuring the émergence of these great properties, Lillian"s daughter is an oenologist that is functioning at de nouveau family estateand elle son is finishing up his études in wine et business. Ultimately, lock will continuez this longue family tradition.Chateau Langoa was classified a third growth in the 1855 classification and Leoville Barton was classified a second growth. Production et vinification aretraditional, but modifications to auto reception du the harvest ont been fabriqué to ensure the continued high quality ns both wines. Their style is typical saint Julienwith emphasis nous elegance et finesse fairly than high extraction and high tannins, but this go not stop them from having actually a long sapin expectancy.http://www.leoville-barton.com/

Owners indigenous each of the estates were at the dinner venir talk about their wines. Jim, auto owner of Applejack (through marriage, as he would be fast to raconter you about the benefits ns "marrying well"), introduces the event. At ours table is Lillian Barton.

The view from ours table included mien hubby"s favori green building:

Lillian Barton speak about sa vineyards et the 2013 vintage in general.

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Time à la the appetizer!(Warm Scallops et Lobster Dariole with aigre Americaine et Chives citrus Beurre Blanc)

Next Course: Pan Seared Veal Sweet Breads and Wild Mushrooms, Feuillete with Truffled Leeks:

The suivant Chateau owner to speak to be Marielle Cazaux indigenous Chateau les Conseillante. This to be the first time sa wines to be featured in the Fete de Bordeaux.

Of candles and cacti

The prochain speaker was Hortense Manoncourt Idoine, from Chateau Figeac. Hortense to be at our table critical year, and we were glad à get an opportunity to couteau with her again this year. (She stopped by to to speak hi!)

Main course: Grilled Buffalo Striploin, bordelaise Sauce, Roquefort Potato Gratin and Glazed Tarragon baby Carrots.

Jim introduces the last speaker, Jean-Charles Cazes, from lyncher Bages. Poor homme - cette gets picked on a lot de Jim (who does like goingskiing through him). Jean-Charles says hey can take cette because cette is the youngest de four siblings.

Dan, Amy, and Mike:

More food? Assortment of high country cheeses, nuts, and jams offered with walnut et dried fruit bread.

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Next set du wines

A round du applause for tous the chateaus! charge from Applejack,Lillian Barton from chateaus Langoa Barton et Leoville Barton, Jean-Charles Cazes indigenous Chateaux lyncher Bages and Ormes ns Pez, Marielle Cazaux indigenous Chateau les Conseillante, andHortense Manoncourt Idoine from Chateau Figeac.

Jim likewise introduced and thanked ours chef, Jean-Luc Voegele:

Time pour dessert: Vanilla p Pana Cotta through Carmelized Pineapple, Almond Crunch, cacao Truffle, and Raspberry Coulis