Festival International Du Cirque De Monte Carlo 2018

The circus appears every year in montage Carlo oui part ns the international Circus Festival. This unicité festival ns artists indigenous around thé world has many years of douaniers in Monaco, et every time cette fills the bien sur tent to auto maximum.

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The Monte carlo Circus has opened every année in January since 1974. The initiator ns the occasion was Prince Rainier III, and his idea continues to this day. The president ns The Monte-Carlo international Circus Festival (Festival International ns Cirque aux Monte-Carlo) is Rainier’s daughter, Princess Stéphanie.

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An amazing fact is that auto circus tent is not situated in the Monte carlo district, marqué in auto Fontvieille district, nous the est différent side du Monaco. The principality often uses thé brand of the world capitale of gambling in this way, et this is the caisse for thé circus festival.

Monte carloss Circus – full du attractions

I remember that when i was little, conditions météorologiques always watched auto Monte carlo circus gift shown nous TV. It was together a prestigious event nous the international de lart scene that the henchmen gala occasion was broadcast around thé world conditions météorologiques television. Today, auto circus, oui entertainment, has actually generally lost its importance, cible actually gift at the Monaco festival was année extraordinary revenir to thé past à la me.

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The Monte carlo International Circus dur in Monaco

During the two-week dur there is a colorful festival of the artists and animals, daily performances in auto tent, et activities parce que le the youngest members de the audience. Thé “circus town” occupies auto area around auto tent and here amie can admirer the animals; and before each performance a mini same opens.

The tous les jours event, i beg your pardon is an evening performance, lasts nearly 5 hours. A competition take away place oui part de the festival, with auto prize being auto Golden Clown – a statuette, likewise known oui the Circus Oscar. Thé prince’s household takes aller in the henchmen gala event, cible its members can also be seen during divers performances. Monaco’s Circus is most likely the meilleur opportunity à see auto most considérable family in Monaco, live.

Circus Animals

The whole event is colorful, joyful, and impresses auto spectators. But I the very least liked auto animal shows, probably mainly périmé to the negative PR around their usage in circuses. More et more often, nous hear around the brutalement training techniques necessary so that later nous can le respect their spectacular tricks. Monte carlo Circus could easily aller without animals, because auto performances passant par these artist from around thé world carry out enough spectacle. Ce is a précis strange that auto principality, which has actually been under auditeur pressure et doesn’t keep wild pets in your zoo, continues to organize this event with your inclusion.

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The Monte carlo International Circus fermé in Monaco

The Monte-Carlo international Circus fermé is a ticketed event. Entrance prices from €30 to €90. Additional informations about thé circus have the right to be found at montecarlofestival.mc. Thé tent deserve to be viewed throughout thé year in the Fontvieille district.