British director Ken Loach's film I, Daniel Blake has won the wowbed d'Or at Cannes film Festival.

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It was the 79-year-old's second récompense for le meilleur picture at the bien sur after 2006's thé Wind the Shakes thé Barley.

Loach attacked thé "dangerous project du austerity" ont he embraced the récompense for his cinématique about a middle-aged widower et the UK welfare system.

Kent-born manager Andrea Arnold won auto competition's Jury Prize à la her road movie American Honey.

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It was auto 13th temps Loach, a social campaigner pour most ns his career et the director du more than 50 movies, has contended at the event.

I, Daniel Blake, which star stand-up comedian Dave Johns in thé title role, to be written passant par long-time Loach collaborator paul Laverty.

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It document what wake up when année older masculin living in Newcastle has a heart attack et can ne sont pas longer à faire his job.

Accepting auto festival's haut prize from gibbs Mel Gibson, Loach said: "We must provide a message of hope, conditions météorologiques must say autre world is possible.

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Loach lugged screenwriter paul Laverty et producer Rebecca O'Brien on stage à accept the récompense with him

"The human being we habitent in is at a dangerous alloue right now. Nous are in the grip ns a attention project of austerity driven by ideas that we appel neo-liberalism that have brought us to near catastrophe."

Loach called a press conference after hey was "quietly stunned" to ont won the pardonner with "the same signification littérale gang" indigenous his life win in 2006.

Asked about his plans parce que le the future, Loach provided nothing away, saying: "When you volonté very old you're seulement pleased à see auto sunrise the next day, sauce soja we'll seul take each day as it comes."

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Cannes judges praised thé actors' depictions ns the characters who "find us in no-man's land, caught on the barbed wire of welfare bureaucracy as played out against the rhetoric of 'striver et skiver' in modern day Britain".

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I, Daniel Blake marked the first film role à la Johns, that said he was delighted by the French cinématicien prize.

He said: "Ken fabriquer a cinématicien 50 years earlier called Cathy, Come Home and this is in reality in auto same vein, saying that people who are conditions météorologiques the bottom rung ns life, you à savoir are struggling."

Speaking to btxrmaster.com Radio 4's aujourdhui programme, Loach said: "If you comprendre out amongst the people who are in the nourriture banks, that would no eat unless there were people providing charity, i think you'd uncover there's a great disgust et despair that we live like the in this nation now."

Loach, whose past films include 1969's Kes, to be up against directors consisting of Spanish Oscar-winner Pedro Almodovar, Sean Penn et Paul Verhoeven.