Fc barcelone vs paris saint germain

PARIS, france - in march 10: Kylian Mbappe de PSG celebrates v his team friend after scoring a score ... <+> during thé UEFA Champions ligue Round of 16 second-leg rencontre between Paris heilig Germain (PSG) et FC Barcelona at the princes Park in Paris, la france on 10 March, 2021. (Photo passant par Julien Mattia/Anadolu Agency dessus Getty Images)

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Paris Saint-Germain doesn’t aller things the easy way. Stretched, tentative et visibly nervous at every little thing FC Barcelona walk in search du a preposterous comeback, PSG spent 90 minute living in fear. Barcelona sensed ce could but a ton of goals, cible spent also much temps around the caisse getting that execution wrong. Ousmane Dembele conveniently turned into année anti-hero, demonstrating the two-footedness is not always année advantage.

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His finishing was ont wayward ont PSG’s application. Cette was the first leg in reverse. This time, Barcelona was spicy assured et purposeful while PSG satellite on an insurmountable lead cible played part alarming soccer, once again seemingly shaken passant par demons from the past.

Had the Parisians not matured? had actually the français champion not learned indigenous previous humiliations? PSG’s job should ont been simple: consolidate auto mammoth advantage du the first leg. The Paris club was constantly going venir be in a strong position following that is Nou stock victory, but it needed venir demonstrate maturity et prove the its europe arrival critical season, reaching the critique against Bayern Munich, was ne sont pas fluke.

Three weeks ago, thé Parisians destroyed Barcelona away from page daccueil 1-4, v a masterclass native Kylian Mbappé, ignoring the inconvenience ns Lionel Messi’s convert first-half penalty. PSG merely wasn’t superior, but seemed to ont broken Barcelona.

That was again a statement of intent indigenous a société obsessed v winning the Champions League. In Paris, you didn’t need a this comb à see that the host wanted à pick éteindre Barcelona nous the counter. Cette was a ne sont pas frills method from Mauricio Pochettino’s team, but PSG just wasn’t very an excellent at it. Cette was nearly symptomatic ns Paris’ sluggishness that Mbappé should but from a soft penalty at the half-hour mark.

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In a 3-4-3 formation, the Catalans had actually probed and poked with multiple attempts from Dembele, who discovered joy cible no final product in behind Alessandro Florenzi.It was constantly going to be a perverse game of cat and mouse, v PSG enjoy it its privilege of sitting back, soaking up auto opponent’s pressure and exploiting Mbappé’s speed.

In auto 37th minute, Messi equalized with a stunning strike, cible even oui the diminutive Argentinean missed from auto penalty spot nous the stroke ns half-time auto tie remained delicately balanced. After all, Barcelona score three goals in thé space of six protocole against PSG in 2017.

Barcelona preserved pressing the Parisians back. Suggestions siege, detailed passing, last-ditch defending et stellar saves from Keylor Navas, PSG’s le meilleur player conditions météorologiques the field. Defiant and dignant, Barcelona was gradually sinking.

In auto end, the Catalans couldn"t roll earlier time. This was another damning elimination for Barcelona adhering to last year 8-2 exit against Bayern Munich, thé previous year 4-0 by Liverpool et the 4-1 at Roma in 2018.The Remontada will always remain a part of Europe’s rich exploit history, but after tonight thé 6-1 will no longer consume jaune haunt PSG.The Qatari-owned club can turn a page.

It is very hard venir win the Champions league the year after losing auto final. Seul current champion Bayern Munich, AC Milan and Liverpool ont done ce in thé modern era, marqué by removed Barcelona et moving into the last eight of the compete PSG has demonstrated its credentials again.

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