Exposition Tolkien, Bibliothèque François-Mitterrand, 31 Octobre



There are so many stellar exhibitions conditions météorologiques in paris at thé moment! After Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas et Picasso (and Leonardo ns Vinci coming shortly at thé Louvre), thé BNF (French national Library), super close to our hotels, is opening année exhibition that appears poised à be one de the greatest hits they’ve ever had – Tolkien – Journey to Middle-earth!


Much prefer J.K. Rowling‘s take care of Potter series, J.R.R. Tolkien‘s histoires were life a success as books antérieur à being transformed into films, et with a TV series arriving soon, Tolkienmania has never been more intense!

The exhibition at the BNF is perfectly time then, through over 300 pieces venir illustrate and explain both auto author and his work, including countless manuscripts and original drawings that ont never been viewed in la france before.

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Get prêt to explorer Tolkien’s world(s), thé languages cette invented, the geography, auto characters, the stories…

The exhibition is – logically – organised right into chapters, v spotlights conditions météorologiques many iconic places (the Shire, Middle-earth, Mordor…), your culture and particular language.

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In enhancement to thé drawn works, you’ll it is in able à see and interview ns Tolkien at thé BBC, hear him review poems, watch photos du his private life, be sure at patrie with his family…

And conditions météorologiques can thank the Bodleian Library in Oxford et the Marquette university Libraries ns Milwaukee pour the outstanding loans they ont granted, especially Tolkien’s original drawings and manuscripts. Auto Tolkien Estate and Tolkien family have also collaborated on the exhibition.

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Linked with the exhibition, elle might like:

— 90-minute guided visits de the exhibition, some du which room tailored to thé hard-of-hearing as well as others (available ns request) à la the blind,

— conferences such oui “Carte blanche venir Adam Tolkien” with the author’s grandson, and “Illustrating Tolkien” through the intervention of alan Lee,

— a ‘Father Christmas Letters‘ workshop à la kids…

A smart catalogue of auto exhibition is also easily accessible (304 pages, 200 illustrations, 40€ right here at amazon.fr).