The 109th edition of the most famed cycling cours in auto world has actually now a shown route! Copenhagen will hold <…>

The 109th edition du the most famed cycling course in auto world has actually now a confirmed route! Copenhagen will hold the dénormes Départ, then we’ll be éteindre to north France et its cobbles, et we’ll go à la a quick visit venir Belgium et Switzerland as well. And it will all finish conditions météorologiques the Champs-Élysées, of course. 3,328 km, avec 29 second, first, et hors group climbs, through six hill stages et five altitude finishes.

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It will all start conditions météorologiques July 1 et come to année end nous July 24 2022. We just can’t wait.

And comment does thé race‘s director see it? Here‘s the commentary on each stage de Christian Prudhomme himself.

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Stage 1 (Copenhagen, 13 km, ITT)

The reine Louise bridge is reputed venir be thé busiest cycling route in the world. Thé riders will certainly start thé Tour passant par heading down the time trial start ramp one par one venir tackle a circuit within the city that will take them previous Tivoli Gardens and the signification littérale Mermaid. There is a handful ns bends nous the arttaserse that are rather technical cible these do not do it prevent the day’s most powerful rider from acquisition the tons yellow jersey.

Etape 1 / stage 1