Étape 20 Tour De France 2018

This year will be auto 105th edition of the world"s biggest complimentary spectator event. Here"s where auto 2018 Tour du France will take us.

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The wait game


*** the Official Tour de France Race guide is now obtainable in English. Ce has tous stage times et maps in une place. ***

The full cheminement has to be announced et there space some really interesting et beautiful stages venir look front to, unless you are a sprinter, in which caisse opportunities room few et far between. Et will any du the GC contenders get past the 15 sectors du cobbles?

The annual colourful donnant will begin with the Grand départ in auto Vendée region conditions météorologiques Saturday, July 7, 2018 native Noirmoutier-en-l"Ile. Below elle can view a handy overview du the towns v which auto Grand début stages will pass.


Stage 1: Saturday, July 7, Noirmoutier-en-l"Ile to Fontenay-le-Comte, 195km


This can be a perfect chanceux to watch the race si you are on holiday nearby et the coastal route could offer daunting winds à la the peloton. Could nous see echelon gaps nous the tons day?

Stage 2: Sunday, July 8, Mouilleron-Saint-Germain and finish in ns Roche-sur-Yon, 185km


One à la the breakaway.

Stage 3: Monday, July 9, Cholet, 35km

The team temps trial rapport with a tricky arttasters that starts et finishes in the city and includes année 800m climb towards the end to inflict thé pain. Expect some gaps venir be already apparent in GC here.


Stage 4: Tuesday, July 10, ns Baule to Sarzeau, 192km

We could see part cross winds throughout this stage, specifically in auto last 40km. This stage has the longest directly section de the tour – a whopping 4km. David Lappartient, the nouveau UCI president, is mayor du Sarzeau, haricot de soja expect the town à put on the Tour ns France ritz.

Stage 5: Wednesday, July 11, intéressant to Quimper, 203km

The gyeongju leaves the morbihan region à la Finistère, and it"s been rather a wait parce que le these two stage towns. Thé Tour last visited lorient in 2011, but it hasn"t been to Quimper since 2004 – so expect this area venir go all out on the foins bales and bunting. This is a beautiful, longue stage with mortier of coastal vistas. The finish mirrors that ns the local Tour de Finistère.


Stage 6: Thursday, July 12, Brest à Mur-de-Bretagne, 181km

The phase ends with a final 16km circuit, with the coast at Mûr-de-Bretagne climbed twice. It"s auto same climb on which Cadel Evans claimed a stage win in 2011. Expect the Nantes-Brest Canal to be busy with cyclists in auto days before et after! 

Stage 7: Friday, July 13, Fougères to Chartres, 231km

Fougères is a tour favourite, having actually hosted a stage four times in thé last 6 years. In 2018 it gets thé honour of setting the riders off on their longest stage of the tour – a lining 231km.

Stage 8: Saturday, July 14, Dreux à Amiens, 181km

On Bastille Day, auto Tour go from the western fringes de Paris venir one de the many emotionally moving parts of france – auto wartime battlefields of Picardy.

If you"re planning conditions météorologiques watching in Amiens, below is thé arrival:


Stage 9: Sunday, July 15, Arras venir Roubaix, 154km

If this is a wet day cette could be brutal with 15 sectors de Roubaix cobbles spread out out of the last two thirds du the race. Sector 15 is at 47km and the définitif sector is 8km avant the finish, so the course will be difficult à control. This is also thé day de the 2018 world Cup final, sauce soja the stage is set parce que le a great day du sport – deserve to you conçu if la france makes the critique in Russia?

Rest day, Monday, July 16, Annecy

Stage 10: Tuesday, July 17, Annecy to vaste Bornand, 159km

The first mountain stage sees the gyeongju take nous some epic climbs with auto Col du la la croix Fry et the Col ns la Colombiere featuring, along with a visit to thé limestone Glières Plateau, an important monument to the french Resistance. This section includes gravel.

Au sommet, une parfum des tours d"antan : 2 km du chemin / At thé top…back to the origins: 2 km of gravel roads #TDF2018 pic.twitter.com/1YfqvqCdqo

— ns Tour de France (
LeTour) 17 October 2017



This is a brutalement stage through some severe climbing et flat section that calmer have an upward gradient.This phase will additionally be auto Etape de Tour for 2018.

Stage 11: Wednesday, July 18, Albertville to ns Rosière, 108km

A really amazing stage, not really long cible lots et of climbing et descending packed in from the off.


Stage 12: Thursday, July 19, bourg Saint-Maurice venir Alpe d"Huez, 175km

Will auto favourites conserve their legs parce que le this showcase phase that takes in thé awesome trio of Col de la Madelaine, Col ns la traverser Fer et the 21 hairpins of the Alpe d"Huez? That"s over 5000m ns climbing. This mountain-top finish is sure venir attract a huge crowd – venir early and be all set to boursier out pour a great spot.

Click for larger cheminement map image.




Stage 13: Friday, July 20, ville d"Oisans venir Valence, 169km

With three days in thé Alps already in the legs this stage will in theory give auto riders a joie to regroup conditions météorologiques flatter terrain.

Stage 14: Saturday, July 21, Saint-Paul trois Chateaux to Mende, 187km

The chemin will pass through the base de données dart gorges, marqué the hills and gorges du the Massif quartier général will make for a hard ride, perhaps a Valverde frais of day.

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Click parce que le larger route map image.


Stage 15: Sunday, July 22, Millau à Carcassonne, 181km

Carcassonne is showcase stage town à la this Tour, hosting ne sont pas less than three days, including an all-important rest day (a an excellent money-spinner locally). Parce que le the sapin of auto three stages, expect mortier of aerial photography oui the race passes under thé famous Millau bridge and the finishes among the pointed turrets du Carcassonne.

Click parce que le larger route map image.


Rest day, Monday, July 23, Carcassonne

Stage 16, Tuesday, July 24, Carcassonne à Bagnères-de-Luchon, 218km

A longue stage with the first 155km pass through auto Aude and Ariege departments, before tackling the Col de Portet-d"Aspet, Col du Mente et dipping a toe into Spain through a climb up to thé Col aux Portillion antérieur à a final descent into Bagneres-de-Luchon.

Click à la larger route map image.



Stage 17, Wednesday, July 25, Bagnères-de-Luchon to terne Lary Soulan, 65km

An explosive stage, v Col aux Peyresourde, Col de Val Louron-Azet and a mountain-top finish nous Col de Portet, a high mountain paragraphe sitting at 2215m, greater than the Tourmalet. Auto road is really narrow too.

Click for larger chemin map image.



Stage 18, Thursday, July 26, Trie dessus Baise to Pau, 172km

Some respite at last pour the sprinters, cible it does not last long.

Click pour larger chemin map image.


Stage 19, Friday, July 27, Lourdes venir Laruns, 200km

A monster work in the montagnes with thé Col d"Aspin, Col aux Tourmalet and the Col d"Aubisque providing the pure climbers one last chance avant the critique time trial.

Click à la larger route map image.



Stage 20, Saturday, July 28, heilig Pee-sur-Nivelle to Esplette, 31km

The lundi time attempt finishes in thé Basque town du Esplette, famous parce que le its rouge peppers used in Basque cuisine. The time attempt is a lumpy one, consisting of a 10.2% climb for 1km towards auto end. It"s a perfect stage for Peter Sagan or michael Matthews.

Click à la larger route map image.



Stage 21, Sunday, July 29, Houilles à Paris, 115km

The race finale. Thé winner du this year"s cours will ont earned cette after climbing, taking on cobbles and time trialling their means around this beautiful country. View here parce que le our tips à la watching auto Tour aux France in Paris.

Click à la larger cheminement map image.

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See here parce que le accommodation nous the route

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