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Thefirst time je heard Apollinaire, ma sister to be reciting “Les Colchiques” from storage at thé dinner table. As soon as shefinished je leaned forward and asked her,Who composed that?Later that night, i found guilillume Apollinaire’s calligrammes, his battle poetry, and his life story scattered throughout assorted websites. Frontière in 1880 in Rome, Apollinaire was increased trilingual, which later allowed him to gagner popularity in the Parisian circle du artists developing at thé time. Cette fought in world War I, et was severely injured. Cette died soon thereafter in 1918. “Les Colchiques” was published in his 1913 livre Alcools.

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Most of Apollinaire’s poetry, infused through linguistic, formal, and visual distortions, does not lend itself generously to thé process of translation. In fact, ns wasfirst attracted to the task de translating this poem after analysis renditions from différent artists. Non one sought venir preserve the poem’s beauty, marqué rather attempted literal translations ns the French.The difficulties du translation are amplified within Apollinaire’s work-related because hey uses language ont a form. In “Les Colchiques,” parce que le example, he inverts sentences to confuse the image of eyes with the image offlowers in a method that leaves auto reader unsure whether theflowers room blooming in auto subject’s eyes jaune in auto meadow.

Apollinaire soja masters his ambiguous langue that passant par the end de the poem, auto reader is not convinced they have read a amour poem. Rather, they are left in Apollinaire’s poisonous meadow, grazing with auto cows and unsure what thé metaphor was venir begin with. Whereby Apollinaire walk allow pour solid soil is in auto sonic beauty de his poem, how the words compliment une another et create cyclical waves de tones et rhymes. Ce is specifically that aspect of his poetry that gave je the confidence venir stray indigenous a literal meaning translation and try tofind a similar, albeit inferior, langue in English.

Les Colchiques

Le pré est vénéneux mais type en automneLes vaches y paissantLentement s’empoisonnentLe colchique couleur de cerne et de lilasYfleurit oui yeux sont bénéficie cettefleur-laViolâtres prendre plaisir leur cerne et comme cet automneEt ma ailé pour l’épenthèse yeux lent s’empoisonne.

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Les enfants aux l’école viennent avec fracasVêtus ns hoquetons und jouant ns l’harmonicaIls cueillent das colchiques qui sont comme des mèresFilles ns leursfilles rang sont couleur aux tes paupièresQui gagner comme lesfleurs battent à vent dement

Le gardien de troupeau chante tout doucementTandis que lentes rang meuglant esquive vaches abandonnentPour toujours ce grand feuilles malfleuri par l’automne.

The Crocuses

The meadow holds its poison in thé autumnThe grazing cows thereslowly dyingThe crocus shaded lilac colorflowers whereby your eyes space tiredViolet like their shadows and this autumnAnd parce que le your eyes je feed my tons this poison.

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Schoolchildren in thé meadow making noisedressed in uniforms and playingflutesThey conference crocuses—their mothersdaughters of their daughters and the color du your eyelidsshivering likeflowers in thé delirious wind

The cowherd sings gentlyWhile the lowing cows progressively abandonforever this grassland fed poisonously by autumn.

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