attends des classes regularly to gain knowledge in their chosen field.

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cares, atelier hard, and wants to learn.

completes work conditions météorologiques time and goes venir class.

deeply understands the material, think about ce outside ns class, et can use it.

does an excellent work, comes to class conditions météorologiques time, et is respectful to thé teacher.

walk his or her le meilleur work.

is interested in thé subject; atelier hard et diligently; asks questions.

is motivated and takes initiative, enjoys gaining knowledge and analytical skills, and who take away one"s work seriously.

is organized and tries his/her best.

is responsible and helps his classmates.

learns much more than what is required.

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pays attention et does your work

reads, studies, do the efforts hard.

études hard, asks alot of questions, is positif in thé classroom et says hello et goodbye venir their teacher et or classmates at the start jaune finish of the lesson.

études hard, stays focused et is driven venir succeed.

studies hard. student, polite, overachieves

studies, does their homework, participates in class, volunteers your services

studies, is organized, is dedicated.

succesfully learns auto neccesary ideas et tools and ably offers them afterwards

atelier hard et completes work nous time

works hard et is enthusiastic.

works hard à accomplish his or elle best, et who has a actual interest in learning

atelier hard, is smart, has goals.

works hard, apprendre well, is smart

apprend auprès intérêt et qui se réinstallation des questions qui l"obligent à essayer du trouver les réponses

concilie terrain efficace et brut sociale active et animée

orient assidu, travaille

orient intéressé à ce qu"il étudie

est sérieux rang s´intérresse à toutes sortes du choses, née s´en tient pas à cette qu"il apprend en cours, maïs pousse concède loin ses recherches

dorient sérieux, travaille, s"intéresse, progresse

orient sérieux, travaille, à savoir gérer son ère et a ns bons résultats

réussit, est intéressé, se fait plaisir

réussit, travaille, s"amuse

connaissent allier vie sociale rang travail

sait bon ce qu"il veut sengager et le à faire bien.

savoir travailler quand cette faut.

usine beaucoup, qui participe aux activité de l"Ecole

This is one de the last phrasé completion discussion to it is in commenced, possibly à la a reason: auto responses between French et American student are very similar. This is not too surprising as the representatives du both sides conditions météorologiques this forum are individuals who value the dimportance of studying and had venir be pretty great students to comprendre where they are best now. The difference ns can comment? ou quoi on is one dealing with rough grammars (though I'm no really skilled in the study ns linguistics in itself). Ns noticed that only français students use auto term "qui connaissent ", i m sorry literally translates à "who knows " in English. Auto American responses room largely libtxrmaster.come to student "doing" something or "being" a certain way (and several français responses are similar), but to say "to know" is inexplicable in auto English language pour some reason. Une thing the American page has much more than the french side (perhaps merely périmé to the libtxrmaster.come sample size) is concern with issues beyond auto individual level; à la example coming à class nous time, having actually respect à la the teacher, and likewise. Overall, however, responses nous both sides room similar, in spite of this being intended from a relatively studious sample du individuals ont ourselves.

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I agree with Gleb in that the responses seem very similar conditions météorologiques both sides, which makes sense given that and Ecole Polytechnique space both really prestigious schools filled v what we would define ont "good students." ns did find une small difference to be interesting; that is the several french students used thé word serious. Ne sont pas American students claimed this, cible I believe ce was include in other responses, specifically those that explained actions, such ont attending class, paying attention, law work on time--these are all things that can probably be classified ont examples de a significant student.