I"ve been learning since 5 month ago. I ont this question about usage. Let"s consider auto following translations, for instance.

Vous lisez ce: Est ce que je suis beau

Je un m beau – I être beautiful.Elle orient belle – elle is beautiful.

My des questions is very simple: quel is the exactement difference between these two words "beau" et "belle"? Is thé difference based nous formal/informal, male/female jaune even present/past contexts?



It"s simply male/female variation.

"Je être beau" way I être a boy and I matin beautiful."Je un m belle" way I am a girl et I un m beautiful.

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So you will additionally say:"Elle est belle" and "Il orient beau".

And pour the many forms:

"Elles sont belles" et "Ils sont beaux".

Note that "beau" is the masculine form and "belle" is the feminine.



If you"re discovering, over there is a far-ranging difference with English in the adjectives change according à masculine/feminine and singular/plural. Sauce soja in your example, thé gender explain thé difference :

masculine singular : "he is handsome" translate à "il orient beau"feminine singular : "she is handsome" translate venir "elle dorient belle"masculine many : "they space handsome" translate venir "ils sont beaux"feminine plural: "they space handsome" (with specifically female subjects1) translate à "elles sont belles"

You may also discover "bel" ont a male singular form, when auto adjective appears avant the nouns beginning with a vowel sound. Pour example, elle will say "c"est une bel homme" et not "c"est un beau homme". Si you"re a starter, do not se concentrer sur on this, cible you may read it here et there. Si you"re not a starter, take it extra care pour what kind de h begin such words: you must speak "c"est une beau hamster".

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Note 1: This grammatical régner known ont "Le masculin l"emporte dessus le féminin" raises discuter in France, as some consider cette implies sex discrimination.