Éruption Volcanique En Mer Auckland Nouvelle Zélande

A video has been regarded tens du thousands of times in Facebook and YouTube posts that insurance claim that cette is live footage ns a volcano eruption on nouveau Zealand"s white Island. Thé claim is false; thé footage has actually actually been taken native a simulation vidéos of année undersea volcanic eruption shown at a musée in new Zealand.

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The two-minute video, common on sur facebook here where ce has been regarded some 30,000 times, shows année underwater volcano erupting and spewing ash and smoke which engulfs an inhabited coastal area.

The misleading facebook post to be uploaded December 16, 2019 through a caption saying: "Live volcano eruption in White island of nouveau Zealand. à start, have patience, wait parce que le 8 venir 10 seconds. After auto eruption, in total darkness, wait pour about 20 seconds, à see cette clear up again???." 

The same vidéos was common repeatedly alongside comparable claims on Facebook, for example here, here and here, and conditions météorologiques Twitter, for example here and here.

On December 9, 2019, New Zealand"s White island volcano -- a popular tourist cible -- erupted, death 18 people. Here is an btxrmaster.com report conditions météorologiques the situation.

White Island, likewise known as Whakaari, is new Zealand’s most continuously actif and biggest volcano. The assurance can be seen nous Google maps satellite imagery here.

Below is a screenshot ns the misleading post:

Screenshot du misleading facebook post

The case is false; thé misleading footage to be taken native a simulation video du a volcanic eruption displayed at a musée in Auckland, new Zealand.

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A reverse d’image search et a succeeding keyword search nous Google found auto same vidéos published nous October 12, 2017 on the main YouTube channel of the Auckland War monument Museum.

The archived version of the now-removed vidéo can be seen here. The musée reuploaded the video here conditions météorologiques December 18, 2019.

The title ns the video reads: "Auckland museum Volcano Simulation - Auckland Museum".

The vidéo is captioned: “This is an educational simulation of année earthquake caused de a volcanic eruption. Cette is additionally featured in our onsite Volcanoes Gallery, elle can read much more about this gallery here: https://www.aucklandmuseum.com/visit/..."

Below is a screenshot to compare between the video in auto misleading post (L) et the clip in auto YouTube channel de Auckland museum (R):

Screenshot comparison between the video in auto misleading write-up (L) and the agrafe in the YouTube channel du Auckland musée (R)

On YouTube, visitors ont posted their own experience watching thé simulation vidéos featured at auto museum. Une visitor described auto special impacts in thé museum’s room, saying: “The pièce also shakes when auto eruption starts venir happen.”

The clip in the misleading article is part du Auckland Museum’s material à la its “volcanoes” exhibition. The musée describes auto scene in thé video in the website here:

“Sit in the lounge ns 7A Puia St, St Heliers et view a terrifying new eruption in Auckland harbour through thé home’s ranch sliders - supplemented par breaking news bulletins provided passant par the 1 nouvelles team. The loger is engulfed within protocole of the eruption starting ont it shakes et the investissements surges roar towards you.”

Brandspank, the New Zealand-based la communication agency that created the video, had earlier published auto video here conditions météorologiques October 2, 2011, nous video-sharing platform Vimeo.

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The vidéos is titled: “Auckland musée Volcanic Eruption”.

The vidéo is captioned: “This projected sequence to be designed venir simulate a home window view in a function built set of année Auckland lounge room. High end 3D technologies et particle impacts were linked with a background plate developing a realistic rendering du a catastrophic event. Thé result? Happy client, frightened children, de-valued waterfront property.”